Kim Kardashian was cheated on a lot *tear*

Kim Kardashian has been hurt a lot in her past. Apparently every guy she’s dated has gone behind her back, after renting a shuttle of course, and cheated on her. Kim opens up to The Sun about her romantic pitfalls:

“I went out with a good guy in school – but it has all gone downhill since then. Every single guy since then has cheated on me – so I think all men cheat. Normally my sister catches them out. But every guy I have been out with has cheated on me and broken my heart.”

Who would be stupid enough to cheat on Kim Kardashian? Then again why does anybody, male or female, cheat? Besides it being fun, hilarious and, honestly, just a great way to meet new people. You know, after you sober up and finish puking/crying in their bathtub because you remembered your girlfriend is an expert marksman – and half ninja. Love you, honey.

Photo: Getty Images