Kim Kardashian gets her booty stolen (Yup, I went there)


Kim Kardashian had an expensive amount of jewelry and other items stolen from her bag at JFK airport where she was flying from New York to Vegas. TMZ reports:

A source close to Kim tells TMZ that when several Delta employees asked for autographs and photos with her, items were somehow lifted from her bags. The items include $50,000 worth of diamond jewelry, a Cartier watch, and Kim’s laptop and digital camera — contents unknown!
Kim’s reps are looking into the possibility that she was set up by employees working for the airline.

It’s a pretty good chance Kim Kardashian takes pictures of her own ass while she’s in the shower, right? Don’t say “Yes” unless you really mean it. I couldn’t handle the disappointment if her camera turned out to be full of out-of-focus Macy’s Thanksgiving parade photos instead. If she’s too selfish to not photograph her spacious rear, at least have the decency to get a clearer shot of the Garfield balloon. Remember the time he ate lasagna? I peed my pants. Cat’s don’t eat people food!

Photos: Bauer-Griffin