Kim Kardashian gets catty about Paris Hilton

Kim Kardashian made a trip to Mexico with her boyfriend Reggie Bush and her sisters. While there Kim tried to finagle a promotional deal with Ed Hardy. The condition? No more clothes for a certain big-footed herp-ulon. Page Six reports:

She managed to wrangle Ed Hardy clothes and bathing suits for everyone on the trip under one condition. “She called paparazzi and tipped them off and she’ll be wearing Ed Hardy clothes,” said our insider. “But she tried to get them to promise that they wouldn’t give any more clothes to Paris.”

Okay, yeah, that’s some catty shit. But over Ed Hardy clothes? I don’t think depriving Paris of T-shirts with holsters and roses worn by the likes of Hulk Hogan and Tara Reid is going to knock the winds out of her sails. But I’m curious, how the hell did Kim Kardashian fly to Mexico? I thought the Spruce Goose was only a fairy tale for fat kids. You know, because they’d never get to go to Disney Land the porky little urchins. Keep dreaming, kids!