Kim Kardashian gets catty about Paris Hilton

April 22nd, 2008 // 138 Comments

Kim Kardashian made a trip to Mexico with her boyfriend Reggie Bush and her sisters. While there Kim tried to finagle a promotional deal with Ed Hardy. The condition? No more clothes for a certain big-footed herp-ulon. Page Six reports:

She managed to wrangle Ed Hardy clothes and bathing suits for everyone on the trip under one condition. “She called paparazzi and tipped them off and she’ll be wearing Ed Hardy clothes,” said our insider. “But she tried to get them to promise that they wouldn’t give any more clothes to Paris.”

Okay, yeah, that’s some catty shit. But over Ed Hardy clothes? I don’t think depriving Paris of T-shirts with holsters and roses worn by the likes of Hulk Hogan and Tara Reid is going to knock the winds out of her sails. But I’m curious, how the hell did Kim Kardashian fly to Mexico? I thought the Spruce Goose was only a fairy tale for fat kids. You know, because they’d never get to go to Disney Land the porky little urchins. Keep dreaming, kids!


  1. john's girl

    I didn’t know Ed Hardy made cow-sized dresses…

  2. steve

    There once was a whore named Kim,
    Who let others pee on her on a whim
    She said with dismay;
    “I shave three times a day
    But can’t keep my fat ass trimmed!”

  3. He looks like a smaller version of 50 cent. So I guess that makes him about a quarter.

  4. Pat

    I think it is great that Ed Hardy makes dresses for over sized women. Kim would be a great model wearing the special clothes for big women.

  5. abart

    Jesus – Reggie Bush is only 6-0. She’s a midget!

  6. Yikes!


    Kim’s hips are getter bigger which mean her loose cellulite butt is getting bigger!


  7. veggi

    I think she is so beautiful. I love her and you guys be totally just jealous. She be hot h8ters!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Grunion

    I hope Reggie scored cause he sure as fuck doesn’t on the football field anymore.

  9. JJ

    Kim sure does date ugly men. Since one ugly wanna be thug African American has already used Kim for porn and then dumped her; I suppose she has a soft spot for ugly men.

  10. havoc


    I would rail the shit outta that….


  11. DD's

    She wears tranny ass-padded panties.

  12. Rick

    Kim could give one of her Ed Hardy dresses to Paris, which would be enough material for her to make an entire Ed Hardy wardrobe.

  13. boo

    God, it just pisses me off when people with money expect to score free stuff because of who they are. Especially when they are nothing but low class, porno making, peed on spawn of a piece of shit lawyer who covered up the evidence of a wife murdering fuck.

  14. What a thug loser

    What’s wrong with Reggie Bush? The guy is a multimillionaire, yet he dresses like some thug loser from the ‘hood. Kim K is a fat loser, too. Obviously she has serious self-esteem problems, hanging around with black loser boyfriends. What a loser couple.

  15. tickled

    Kim Kardashian gets fatty is a more apt title.

  16. Ralph

    It is nice to see a pic of Kim without us having to see her girdle butt or seeing her cover her huge jiggly butt with a wrap.

  17. Govt Cheese

    @ 14 – Thug Loser: What is your problem? He is wearing a t-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap. Lots of white guys wear that and they are not called losers. Basically if one does not dress like a “white” guy that makes him a thug?

    Stupid moron!

  18. Rump Her Steel Skin

    Hopefully her no green card ass has been deported – maybe there is a god.
    Quick, build the fence.
    No real loss if Reggie kept his thug ass down there also.
    America is a better place with these two lost south of the border…

  19. Pizza


    Yeah and a lot of white guys want to look like thugs too. This thug style got popular from prison.

  20. LL

    I love how a portion of our popular culture now revolves around adult women with the maturity of 12-year-old girls. Maybe it’s my age, but I’m beginning to think that making promiscuous women feel too ashamed to show their faces in public is a good thing. At the very least, we wouldn’t have to hear nearly so much about skanks like this bitch, Paris Hilton, Nicole Monkeyface, Britney, etc., much less see them on talk shows bragging about how slutty they are.

  21. topping

    19 it’s called a wigger.

  22. Ted from LA

    She got a big ass. Hee hee. Me witty. I creative and impotent on this site.

  23. agree

    She looks alwasy beautful. It seems she is single now. I saw her profile on a milllionaire dating site ——”W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m****** last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

  24. Gosh

    Gosh Kim’s hips are bigger and wider!

    I bet Kim went on a shopping spree and bought a surplus of girdles in a bigger size before she went on her trip.

  25. tickled

    Let me try!!!
    Nice $5 gas station hat ya whore!!

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Mesa so smart too!!!!!

  26. Kim makes me feel good about myself because I am fat like Kim. I wear girdles too to make my loose butt look perky. Everytime I see Kim I think of R. Crumb because he was obsessed with fat big butt women and he is my favorite.

  27. Jade

    I keep seeing Kim on this site..

    Who the hell is she and why is she famous???

  28. joyboy

    I hate Reggie Bush.

  29. Al Goldstein

    If Kim got pregnant, Reggie would dodge child support payments the same way he dodges hits on the field.

  30. RJ


    Kim made bad porn flick with a wanna be thug.
    Her father is famous for helping OJ get off for murder.
    Kim wears a girdle to make her huge butt look perky, but it also makes her big butt look unnatural.
    Kim has to cover her huge loose cellulite butt when wearing a swim suit.
    Kim has no talent and spends her days eating, fussing with herself, shopping, and attending parties.

  31. Auntie Kryst

    I’m going to skip calling Keem a dirty thieving gypsy skank.. Instead I’ll ask if those fucking wicker cowboy hats are new to the douchefucker uniform?

  32. Jade


    So what you’re saying is Kim is a giant ass.. right?

  33. Lipper

    I want to spend my days fussing with myself, shopping and attending parties.

    … mmm to dream!

  34. Spazz

    #13 wins, brilliant.

  35. Humanitarian

    33–How sad and lazy.

    There are so many interesting things to learn about and many things to do that keep a person fit and healthy.

    There are so many needy people that need help.

  36. tickled

    OH come on Auntie!!

    Keem is a dirty thieving gypsy skank.

    It needs to be said.

  37. Kardashian Pee Target

    This fat Arabic KummDumpster loves the chocolate pipe I guess.

    My dog has less fur than her.

  38. Bubble Butt


    Correction, Kim has a giant LOOSE ass. Her ass is nothing without her girdle. If Kim had a big tight bubble butt then I would be impressed. She would still be fat, but I would be impressed.

  39. EuroNeckPain

    I never heard of Reggie Bush; is he related to the current president ?
    Conceived in a local brothel visited after some right-wing zero-tolerance patriotic speech ?

  40. Wil


    Kim likes the chocolate pipe as well as plenty of chocolate from the looks of her huge hips! She is only 5’3″ and must look like a wide load in person!

  41. Still a loser thug

    #17 — Wow! Reggie’s wearing his best white t-shirt! What a class act. And his baggy, low-slung jeans look smashing too. Effing loser. And white guys who dress like this are double losers — first for dressing like morons, and second for taking style tips from black thugs.

  42. annoyed.

    I feel like the comments about Kim’s huge ass are getting, to say the least, a little tired.

    And honestly, while Kim is admittedly not skinny, she is not a “fat porker” as you all keep saying. Rosie O’Donnell is fat. Oprah is (on again off again) fat. Kim is not fat.

  43. dude

    I feel like the comments about how Kim isn’t fat but rosie o’Donnell is are getting a little tired. And stupid. And pointless.

  44. @ 14 I love how whites what everyone to dress and act white. you’re a f—ing c u n t. he has a white t-shirt on and jeans. how does that make him a thug or a loser? and people wonder why people hate whites **eyes**.

  45. @ 14 I love how whites what everyone to dress and act white. you’re a f—ing c u n t. he has a white t-shirt on and jeans. how does that make him a thug or a loser? and people wonder why people hate whites **eyes**.

  46. Annaki

    Hey! New Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!!! Really worth seeing!

  47. Kismet


    Because a white t-shirt with low baggy pants was originated by punks and thugs.

  48. JohnnE

    How is the fuck is Reggie dressing like a thug?? He is fucking gorgeous and so is she, even if she is vacuous and talentless.

  49. Oveta

    nobody hates white folk

  50. Fitted Pants for Me


    I bet you are sensitive to the comment because you wear white t-shirts with baggy low pants; just like the thugs!

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