Kim Kardashian engagement rumors are a publicity stunt

January 4th, 2008 // 81 Comments

Kim Kardashian and her friends are creating rumors that Kim is engaged to generate publicity. Apparently Kim picked up a few tricks when she used to hang out with Paris Hilton, according to Page Six:

“Kim is trying to create attention in her life because nothing else is really going on with her,” said our source. “The whole debate over her engagement is buzz, and that’s what she wants. She’s not engaged, but her friends are telling all their celeb weekly contacts that she is.”

Kim also tried to get some press a few months ago by saying $50,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from her bag at the airport. However she never filed a police report and the authorities informed the media it was all a publicity stunt. Next thing you know we’re going to find out her ass is fake and she wears a prosthetic for the camera. God, that would suck. It’d be like when I was a kid and found out Santa Claus wasn’t real. Except I’d probably cry more and, this time, a bike won’t stop the tears. Unless it’s the kind with a squirt gun on the handlebar. Those are sweet!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Shallow

    Take out publicity and you have what KK really is…..a “stunt!”

  2. Shallow

    too late #2. Oh and you’re a fag.

  3. Spazz

    What a fucking joke.
    They need to drop Hollywood off the map, or build a wall around it.

    What a freak. “Look at me! Look at me!”

  4. Spazz

    haha, way to rearrange the posts! Nice move.

  5. DaVinci

    She has rilly big teats.

  6. ph7

    She needs to let a black man pee on her again.

    Now *THAT* wil get her some attention.

  7. ya_rly

    what next, Santa doesn’t exist?

  8. Snarf


  9. Auntie Kryst

    Wow, the Goat Shepherdess was lying? I guess that makes sense. I knew Reggie was under some sort of gypsy curse. Keem shot him the evil brown eye, a well know Armenian trick. Cher pulled that same shit on Greg Allman.

  10. Racer X

    Oh man what I do to Kim K.

    /she’s fuckin’ FIZZINE!

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  12. D. Richards (Father.)

    Lifestyle has corrupted our sense of mortality. If you’re a regular no-talented piece-of shit, like most of the world, your life is being wasted because nobody knows your name.

    Instead of working on talents, like, many people do out of sheer love for craft, shit-stains like Kim Kardashian create a faux, bullshit imagine that is then interpreted by the public as ‘talent’. It’s fucking bullshit.

    You see it everywhere nowadays. Think about it. You never see mediocre looking actors and actresses anymore, do ya’? No, you don’t, because instead of having true talent, producers use pretty people in order to profit from. There is no such thing as credibility anymore. Only wealth. Fuck that shit..

    Fuck you Armenian-gypsie Kardashian. I’m not buying your product.

  13. GoKickRocks

    I know what would be a great publicity stunt…if someone cut her head off.

  14. veggi

    What an ass…what an ass!

  15. i dont mind the admins putting her pictures on the website

  16. Chris

    Er….remind me again why she’s famous? Aside from having a fucked up last name and huge tits ‘n’ ass?

  17. Isn’t she the one who said that they WERE NOT engaged like, yesterday? or the day before? If she said they’re not, what is the deal?

  18. Ted from LA

    You’re missing the big part of the story. She was taken hostage and they super glued her hands to her waste. True story. Look at every picture.
    Damn those terrorists.

  19. squidward

    So I’m taking a piss on Kim K last night when my dog starts barking at the door. I let him in and he runs to her and starts doing her in the ass. I’m saying “down boy, down” when I notice that she is enjoying it. Since my dog has not had a good piece of monkey ass since the last time I took him to the circus, I decided to let him finish. All the sudden my dog gets what is clinically know as a Dog Knot. I call 911 only to be told that there is no help available because all emergency personnel is at some crazy ex-pop stars’ house trying to get her kids out alive. So I douse the two with a bucket of cold water and wah-lah, they separate and all is well.

  20. Dan

    GOOOOOOOOOOOD DAMN IT she’s so fucking hot any excuse is good to post pictures of her. I’m glad she creates those publicity stunts so we get to see her more often. She’s so hot!!!!! The hottest female ever posted on The Superficial, period.
    God, she’s sooo fucking hot.
    I don’t doubt her ass and boobs are fake at all though. It’s very obvious that ass and those boobs are very fake. I saw some pictures of her from a few years ago (when she was like 24 or 25) and her boobs looked much smaller and she didn’t have that ass at all.
    But she is so fucking hot it doesn’t matter.

    Dark eyed brunnettes like this are way hotter than the hottest blonde and I’m sure make all blonde chicks wanna kill themselves.

  21. Fuck The Redneck

    #10 and 13

    goddamit KKK redneck, you’re annoying. Try to find some better jokes and stop repeating yourself cause you’re not funny or better yet, get out the trailer a little and go make a redneck friend cause it seems like you live on TheSuperficial instead than in your trailer.

    And BTW she’s not gypsy.

  22. Ally

    They should come out with a video of her getting raped.

  23. Ript1&0

    Whoa whoa whoa…. Let’s slow the f down a minute here.

    All this OTHER bullshit might be fake, but Kim’s ass certainly is not. It’s wrong to even whisper such falsities. I think we have a problem here.

    You are going to need more help. Prayer – to Kim’s ass. Come with me, there’s a special correctional facility we need to visit.

  24. ph7

    She apparently has very strong appeal to a subclass of men who had hairy, dark skinned, overweight mothers.

    Beauty has its perverse niches.

  25. #23

    you’re the only one who deserves to get raped, you scum.

  26. Douchebag

    U R all just jealous! Kim is sooo hot. She’s hotter than hot, she’s…really hot. Her hotness stems from all of her hotness. You know what else is hot? Kim is hot. Urine is also hot. Urine on Kim is very hot. Kim’s hotness multiplied by google equals Kim. Face it, that’s just a fucking shitload of hot. Fuckity fuck she is hot. She’s just so fucking fuckable, damn I want to fuck her. I wish someone could bottle her hot. They would have to label the flavor hot. I would buy a bottle of shit. Damnit she’s just so fucking hot.

  27. jbird

    @7 – Are you kidding? Someon peed on her? Who? When? Where? Details, DETAILS!!!

  28. ah, another jealous bitch


    jealous much? does it hurt? she has appeal to every friggin straight male in the world, including your boyfriend.
    She isn’t overweight at all, you probably are. She isn’t hairy at all. You probably are wether a ugly fat white as butt blonde chick or a ugly white as butt blonde chick with a flat ass and curveless as a stick. You know that pretty, brunnette darker exotic chicks like her drive ALL men crazy and you don’t. Oh, and you’ll never be a brunnette, dark eyed exotic pretty chick, sorry. Your boyfriend will keep admiring her and jerking off to her and dreaming he could have a girlfriend like her instead of one like you.

    Chicks like you are so sad and pitiful. Not only ugly, plus jealous and pathetic.
    Calling a gorgeous chick with a perfect body ‘hairy’ or ‘overweight’ when she is not at all is such a truly pathetic way of trying to make yourself feel not as bad about your ugly white self. No guy will ever look at you, get over it.


    god she’s soooooooooo HOT

  30. Bravo, #29. Why is it there are so many racists in here? It’s really sad.

  31. racist?


    what’s racist about saying dark haired, dark eyed exotic looking women like Kim are hot and white ones aren’t even close?

  32. racist?


    what’s racist about saying dark haired, dark eyed exotic looking women like Kim are hot and white blonde ones aren’t even close?

  33. Douchebag

    - 30 Fuckin A right brah! Kim is the most fuckingly hot fuxom fuckpig on this or any planet. Well…Venus may have some great fucking hotties. Still Kim is the queen of hot. She’s soooo hot. I bet her skin feels like sweet soft mink. I wish I was like her waxing specialist, so I could spend all day with her. I can’t think of what else to say about her hotness?…I got it “fuck!”

  34. Ted from LA

    That’s very eloquent.

  35. moobs

    yeah, she’s hot. if you are into TRANNIES.

  36. Daniela

    Like Paris Hilton she is just a waste of space. One more whore!

  37. ack

    how pathetic. why such a media whore?

  38. hotdamn


    girl, you can call Kim a whore, you can call her ass and tits fake, whatever, but this woman is as womanly as womanly can be. There’s nothing not womanly about her. She is the definition of womanly. So don’t be so jealous.

  39. She's sooo hot

    #37: I guess every man on the planet is into trannies then. Her hotness is undeniable.

  40. Elk

    Anything excuse to post more pix of her is a good thing.

    21. Dan
    The explanation for her looking different is pretty simple. Her boobs and ass got bigger because she put on weight. And she is one of those women where “it goes to all the right places”.

  41. Elk

    37. moobs
    If you think Kim is a tranny then I guess that means you think a real women has a flat chest, narrow hips and a penis.

  42. Publicity stunt! She probably had all the men thinking there was no hope in the world ! haha. just kidding! She is a beauty ;)
    Everyone should check out my new show! Details and videos are on my website!!

  43. Donkey Punch

    I am not a fan of her huge deformed ass, but the rest of her is pretty damned amazing.

  44. lala

    hotdamn, i find it really disturbing that this plastic, brainless slut is what you consider “as womanly as womanly can be.”

    it’s even worse when she opens her mouth. i swear the bitch is incapable of putting a sentence together that doesn’t involve shopping. at 27 years old, that’s REALLY sad.

    this is exactly why real women these days have to be convinced that they aren’t “ugly” every 5 seconds. not everyone can afford 5 or 6 plastic surgery operations.

    this bimbo is as far from womanly as one can be. more like barbie gone gypsy.

  45. lala

    oh and to plastic surgeries lets also add tanning sessions, extensions, lip injections

    this is the woman you would have WITHOUT all of these things

  46. I like this picture which has been posted on

  47. D. Richards (Slut.)

    #22? Champion? I wasn’t joking, sweety-pie. I meant all of that shit. Fuck Kim Kardashian. She’s gypsy scum.

    And you. Who the fuck are you to address me? Huh?

    You think that by mentioning that I’m a ‘redneck’ in every one of your bullshit entries makes you somehow witty? Do you think you’re funny? You’re neither. And you know it.

    You’re nothing but human feces, champ. You’re my shit. Now off to bed; you’ve been a bad girl..

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