Kim Kardashian endorses Barack Obama

April 24th, 2008 // 189 Comments

Kim Kardashian is all about the Barack Obama. While her endorsement ranks right up with there Heidi Montag’s support of John McCain, Kim seems to be more aware of the issues. Haha, just kidding. She has no fucking clue. Here’s what Kim told last night at the launch of the new Girls Gone Wild magazine:

“He just seemed very firm about the change, and that’s, like, his motto,” Kardashian said, probably trying to allude to Obama’s “Change We Can Believe In” campaign slogan.

Kim Kardashian? Barack Obama? And, wow, is the comment board about to get holy freaking raped. Go easy on her, guys. *ducks under desk* Mommy.

Thanks to Ryan who owes me a new website.

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  1. Jim

    Kim looks like she is not wearing a girdle because her ass does not look perky. Kim is not amusing unless she is wearing her girdle. There is no point in looking at Kim unless she has her girdle because it makes her ass look freaky and I find freak shows amusing.

  2. Tess

    Kim has a choice to either be cute and fat or cute and petite because she is only 5’3″. But I think Kim loves eating to much to ever make the transistion to petite.

  3. Kimberly

    Uh, yeah, I kinda got that she was endorsing him since she wore that “Obama is my Homeboy” t-shirt.

    Well, clearly, she got the message that everyone hears from Obama. “Change”. That’s all he says, not much more. I think she’s got it!

  4. ABC

    153>>>>>Speaking of change, Kim sure does need to change into being less fat!

  5. Linda

    When I see fat chicks like Kim; I laugh to myself thinking ha! ha! ha! Your problem is obvious ha! ha! ha! You eat too much!!!! ha! ha! ha!
    I feel superior!!!!

  6. Fat bitches suck

    @147 Nope. You know how there are ‘Dolphin free’ labels on tuna fish ? I make sure my lettuce is ‘Mexican free’. Sure … it cost’s a little more … but knowing I won’t be getting e-coli from some wetback’s fecal covered hands is well worth the $$$.

    Now you’d better go hide before I call Immigration !

  7. No Longer in Denial

    I want to thank everyone that posted comments that Kim is fat. I am the same height as Kim and have the same shape. I would wear girdles and convinced myself that I was not fat just curvy. But then I took a good look at myself without my girdle and realized I need to lose weight and get healthy. I have already lost 5 pounds by joining Weight Watchers. Since I am short like Kim, losing 5 pounds was very noticeable and people did notice. I also paid for a personal trainer for 3 days just to show me how to use the exercise equipment correctly at the gym. I was one of the people posting comments that Kim is not fat because we have the same shape and I was in denial.

  8. Fat bitches suck

    Kim is getting fat because she eats too much chocolate – if you get my drift. Someone should do a study …. It certainly appears that “chocolate” contains more calories than vanilla – hence Kim’s rapidly expanding buttocks … and the fact that a lot of others who prefer “chocolate” are , how should I put it … fat bitches ?

  9. You're Jealous!

    You people are jealous of Kim because she has the stamina to eat 3,000 calories a day! So what if Kim has to wear a girdle to make her big butt look perky or else it looks flat like in this pic. She is still hot because I say so!

  10. Prudence

    I’m the same height as Kim and weighed less than she does now when I was pregnant lol!

  11. rktekt04

    A+ Kim seems to have the same convincing argument for her support of Obama that all other Obama supporters do. Like, he’s totally about change, and like, he seems totally set on that, and like, I just think he’s smart, and like….

    Awesome, you could probably win an argument with a 3rd grader with that kind of quality.

    And yes, I am in fact stating Obama supporters are as smart as Kim.

  12. The World is Ending

    AWSOME! Lets all jump on that comunist bandwagon. Barack Obama is a terrorist!

  13. Coconut

    ok people im not exactly a fan of kim and definatley agree that she needs to not talk about stuff she has no idea about, but lay off on the fat remarks man. i bet you that over half you bitches who commented on her body wish you could have a body like that. for real, maybe shes not some stick but at least she has a great womenly body that she is proud of. get the fuck over yourselves and grow some fuckin confidence.

  14. tracyjean

    I too back Obama. However my “back” is lot smaller so who cares?

  15. Fat bitches suck

    @ 163

    I’ll make a deal with you :

    I’ll stop telling the truth about that fat-assed publicity hound … when you learn to spell.

  16. Jaffo

    *sigh* I miss Mandy…
    Also, Kim is still fat. That is all.

  17. cami

    At FAT BITCHES SUCK. You know what I’m going to stop posting because its clear that your a bitch thats full of hate. Its because of skinny twits like you that people dont’ eat. Maybe if you tried eating you wouldn’t be so stuck up.Why don’t you stop making all these posts and get a LIFE.


    I hope you choke on your “Mexican free” lettuce:)

  18. DHS

    Too bad the superdelegates will hand Hillary the election, and World War 4ever will continue….

  19. Fat bitches suck

    @ 167

    Stop “making all these posts” ??? Here in America we would say – “stop posting” … and isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black ( have someone explain that to you at the welfare office ) ? Stop shoving chalupas down your gullet and shut your bloated c*cksucker … then maybe you wouldn’t be so damn disgustingly FAT. When you are climbing under the border fence, and you cut yourself on the barbed wire … do you bleed taco sauce gordo ? Adios, el tubbo de shitto !

  20. Smart Ass

    Once you go black we don’t want you back.

  21. George Washington

    I thought she had to have a green card to register to vote…..

  22. Kim, there’s a little article of clothing you may want to invest in… called Spanx…

  23. Perkins


    People turn anorexic or bullimic because they have mental problems, not because someone called them fat. Kim will never get anorexic or bullimic because she loves eating too much. Kim is nothing without her body shapers.

  24. Nautilus

    Kim represents the typical fat American woman; fat and relies on body shapers instead of exercising and maintaining a healthy weight to look attractive.

  25. i'm awesome

    @ # 138

    My favorite thing is how all of your ethnic angst is manifested in a quote from “Selena”… seriously, way to base your life on a Jennifer Lopez movie. YAY AMERICA!

    p.s. Good job, Kim. Now your big ass and Heidi Montag’s gargantuan hands can participate in the ceremonial republican fisting assault on the democratic ass… get it, ass… donkey… right? man, I’m hilarious.

    p.p.s. I am now finished with my post and on my way to go eat some Mexican Free lettuce for lunch. Thank you, Fat Bitches Suck, for your infinite wisdom.

  26. Margarita



    You win the I know the words to the movie Selena award!

    You know it was a touching and sad movie and this is why you know a lot of the lines in the movie Selena!

    Actually those were the only lines I remembered because it is very true about Mexican Americans.

    I suspect you are Mexican American too because why else would you remember those lines in a Selena movie lol!

  27. monkynutz1

    Just like every other Barack supporter, I bet she can’t tell you one thing that Obama wants to change. They’re like Lemmings, chanting “Change! Change! Change!, but they don’t know what that means.


    #158 – “It certainly appears…”, YEA RIGHT, seams like you know a lot about “chocolate”.

  29. edgar suit

    she supports Obama and her daddy defended OJ……thats got to mean something

  30. lol

    #32, haha Tara Reid endorsing Ulysses S. Grant

  31. Go Away Fatty!

    Kim is a fat mess and will eventually fade away.

  32. Mike

    HOLY SHIT she’s the hottest woman I’ve ever seen on this website

  33. she's yummy


  34. cami

    Fat Bitches suck. HAHAHA!! you make me laugh. “Chalupas” “bleed taco sauce gordo” and “Adios, el tubbo de shitto”. HAHAHAHA!! “Here in America” ,seriously is that the best you could come up with. god, your fucking ridiculous. Seriously, I feel bad for you now. Ridiculous and Ignorant. Why don’t you go get some formal education and then come back and say something smart.


  35. nick

    kim endorses the black dude? wow what a shock.

  36. Nikky Raney

    116. Shabam – April 24, 2008 9:49 PM

    Between this and Heidi Montag… I think this is proof that Hillary really is the best candidate.

    agreed completely

  37. Nikky Raney

    116. Shabam – April 24, 2008 9:49 PM

    Between this and Heidi Montag… I think this is proof that Hillary really is the best candidate.

    agreed completely

  38. This site is soo much crap and gossup

  39. I love My Kimmies Butt it’s real I know I touch from time to time.

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