Kim Kardashian endorses Barack Obama

April 24th, 2008 // 189 Comments

Kim Kardashian is all about the Barack Obama. While her endorsement ranks right up with there Heidi Montag’s support of John McCain, Kim seems to be more aware of the issues. Haha, just kidding. She has no fucking clue. Here’s what Kim told last night at the launch of the new Girls Gone Wild magazine:

“He just seemed very firm about the change, and that’s, like, his motto,” Kardashian said, probably trying to allude to Obama’s “Change We Can Believe In” campaign slogan.

Kim Kardashian? Barack Obama? And, wow, is the comment board about to get holy freaking raped. Go easy on her, guys. *ducks under desk* Mommy.

Thanks to Ryan who owes me a new website.

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  1. She’s not registered to vote, and she wouldn’t want to. I viewed more photos at — a place for all girls to find true love, meet handsome black and white men online

  2. Oh my god, you guys, that's so mean

    Her tits showed up early, but by the time her ass got there the party was in full swing.

  3. Vince Lombardi

    And with that endorsement, the Nation’s first viable Black candidate’s campaign plummeted to Earth in a fireball reminiscent of the Tungunska Blast of 1927.

  4. boo

    Are these three the spawn of the same father? They look nothing alike (aside from hair and skin color)

    Also, must every photo shoot of her include the over the shoulder pose? Yeah, we get it, you got a big ass.

  5. mike b

    Kim likes black dudes. Just like my fucking sister.

  6. latest political pole

    who’s that hot tranny in the middle voting for?

  7. James

    Kim Kardashian likes the black guy. Imagine that.

  8. CJ

    Does she understand she’ll have to be able to read to vote?

  9. CJ

    Does she understand she’ll have to be able to read to vote?

  10. BoboTed

    @103- stick to football Vince, the Tunguska blast was in 1908.

  11. BoboTed

    Obama’s net worth is just over $1 million. That means he is one of the poorest major politicians in recent memory.

  12. PrehistoricGlamazonHuntress

    My little dog has little shits that can give more informed political endorsements than mouth-breathing-borderline-retarded skanks Kim Kardashian and Heidi Montag.

  13. blueice

    She absolutely endorses Obama cos she perfer the black guy….. It’s said she is dating a black billionaire on M I L L I O N A I R E LOVER.C O M where the rich & celebrity gathre!


    The Clinton machine is going to screw Obama harder than this fat chick screws Reggie Bush. With every day, they rub the shine off his pretty face till all he’s got is this nobody, Kim Krudashian, supporting him. If black folk let the Clinton’s take the nomination from him, then they ARE on a plantation (just saying) and deserve what they get. Stand up for the brother! Kim does.

  15. Shabam

    Between this and Heidi Montag… I think this is proof that Hillary really is the best candidate.

  16. Shabam

    Between this and Heidi Montag… I think this is proof that Hillary really is the best candidate.

  17. Good point Bobo Ted # 103 –
    but sorry, now – wait -
    we wait a minute here -
    just get text from Mr. ‘Fuzzy’ Thurston. He say:
    ‘Tell Bobo if he just wants to get ‘picky’ with Coach – by the way – 9/11 was inside job.’
    Not sure what he mean here. Could be talking in Green Bay.
    (And of course Mr. Fuzzy was just offensive tackle.)
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor: Knee – Sounds like Mr Fuzzy getting text from Mr J.Ventura and sadly lamenting on the sorry state of today’s society.
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : Oh.
    Thanks ‘Frank’….And how are wife and kids ?

  18. Randal's Rectum

    With a bright shining star like Kim out there, it does not suprise me she would chose a candidate with similar tastes as her own. Careful Kim. Those bevy of beautys surrounding you could steal some of the thunder you have so richly deserve! With that said, it is refreshing to see bright, beautiful, intellectual young hollywood coming to the call of Obama. It has made this simple man’s choice clear:

    McCain ’08!

  19. Li'l Anal Andy

    I wish someone would either piss or shit all over me!

  20. Anal Fistula

    “change is, like, his motto”

    now that’s profound.

  21. # 118 – #120. Great points all !
    So…Inside job ?
    Having any problems with’ free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel structure’ lately?
    ” Urban Moving Systems?”
    ‘The stand down of NORAD’ – that type of thing ?
    ‘Frank’ from 16th floor watch a lot of movie and still have a few questions. He thought I help to clean things up here.


    # 92 – WOW, your right she is looking like a mexican – a MEXICAN BEAUTY that is.


    #93 – what are u going on about? she doesn’t weigh 160, come on…look @ that tiny waist, thin arms & that’s just the shape of her knees – they’re not fat, anybody’s knees would do that when standing in heels. she just gives the appearance of having more weight on her because of her breasts.

  24. So Mexico. You seem like real intellectual !
    Inside job ?
    Need place to stay ?
    Pearly Gate to Hong Kong ( China) ? (Kowloon) ?
    Americans shoot you at border – we say – come stay at ChungKing Mansions !
    We get you outsource contract work from ‘Binkwad Enterprises’
    Oh. Did I mention – Inside Job ?
    (SHHHH… We teach you about ‘secret shopper’ shhhh…)

  25. mimang

    sure kim is pretty much stupid about everything. but is she really THAT fat? just coz she has meat in her doesnt make her obese. come on, most american girls are heavier. fugly hypocrites.

  26. Mo

    What? Pee girl endorsing Obama? She sure did take her time jumping on the bandwagon!

  27. Quinn

    It’s Kim and Rikki Lake!!

    Too much thigh and breast in those pics.
    I’m suddenly craving KFC

  28. Luna

    I’m really not too happy with her endorsement of Obama. I’m feeling some major distain right now. I wish she kept her mouth shut.

  29. Scott

    Who is Paris Hilton endorsing? Is there a candidate that is in favor of having sex with several people on tape, going to jail for being a dirty whore, acting like a jackass with the IQ of a carrot on TV, and is also pro herpes?

    Hmmm…what would Perez Hilton do? I mean…other than blow random truckers at rest stops and jerk off a labrador?

  30. cool

    Kim Kardashian is very hot now. Every time I sigh in a dating site called M e e t i n g W e a l t h y dot com. There are many men talk about her. It is said she is dating friends there.

  31. Thanks alot Kim, now he definitely has no shot….. what’s next? Gonna endorse Jesus and make millions question their faith? Gonna endorse air and force millions to stop breathing in protest? Bitch.

  32. Jaffo

    In a related story, Paris Hilton held a press conference to endorse Mayor McCheese, then added ‘Kim Kardashian smells like feet!’…

  33. Fat bitches suck

    What a shock. Fatass Kim is down with the brown – stop the presses.

    @101 you get the same result at

  34. Fat bitches suck

    @122 Nah , her mustache isn’t thick enough to be a mexican … maybe if she was picking lettuce , wearing a maids uniform, or crawling under a border fence I would see the resemblence …

  35. Young

    She is cute and sexy. She is also my favorite. I saw her profile on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

  36. Fat bitches suck

    @135 Really ? Wow … thanks for the link ! I’ll have to check it out … you stupid fucking bag of shit …

  37. Grunion

    That photo of her and Francis might be the douchiest pic of all time.

  38. Margarita

    134–It is tough being Mexican American. We have to prove how much American we are and to the Mexicans we have to prove how Mexican we are and it can be exhausting.

    Anyway Kim is still fat.

  39. Doc


    Americans are the fattest people in the world to the point where Americans cannot even be honest with themselves and others about being fat. Kim is fat and looks like she is 45 pounds overweight; now that’s fat since the average American is 30 pounds or more overweight.

  40. Einstein



  41. Jack LaLane


    If you compare Kim with an obese person then yes Kim is not that fat. If you compare Kim with a fit person then Kim is definitely fat.

  42. Carol

    I have a figure like Kim and I know I am fat, but some men find my curves sexy. I get a lot of attention when I wear a girdle too. I do not cover my butt when wearing a swim suit because most Americans are fat like me. When people make negative comments about Kim; I do not take it personally because Kim has major character flaws and this is part of the reason why I believe people post negative comments about Kim. Jennifer Lopez has a big butt, but there are less negative comments about JLo because she has better character than Kim and JLo has talent too. JLo worked hard at her success by dancing, choreography, and singing whereas Kim got famous for bad judgment and doing bad porn and having a famous lawyer father help get the murderer OJ Simpson off. Kim attends parties where she knows the paps will be at and enjoys having them take pictures of her girdle butt. We all know she wears one and there is nothing special about that. Most female Americans wear girdles because most Americans are fat like Kim and I.

  43. Joe Francis

    @ #5

    Damn, I knew I shouldn’t hvae read the paper before fondling them.

    WHAT?!? Of course I read the paper! And no, I wasn’t just doing silly putty transfers on the comics page!

  44. Tammy


    Those girls need some serious support!

  45. JimmyBachaFungool

    That’s a great picture of Kim, her cute little sister and Chyna from WWE!

  46. cami

    FUCK!! You cant deny it Kim is fuckin beautiful. I don’t care what anyways says. SHe shouldn’t be considered fat under anyones standards. I wish I looked like that.

  47. cami

    KIM IS NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH and at #134 (fat bitches suck) FUCK YOU!!! That lettuce that the Mexicans pick is probably the one you eat to stay thin you skinny bitch.

  48. Over 40 Hottie

    Americans quit being fat and in denial! Kim looks like see is around 40-45 pounds overweight. She is cute but fat. I think it is beautiful to see a young, middle aged, or old person with a nice fit toned body. I see them all the time at the gym. We are all going to get old someday, so why not maintain a healthy and toned body. I admire my fit and toned body daily when I get out of the shower and am proud that I have the determination and discipline to maintain my fit and toned body.

  49. JimmyBachaFungool

    #83, I am endorsing you for President..I concur with every letter, space and punctuation you had in the post. She is and dark eyed exotic chicks are without question that hottest ever. You put my thoughts and desires of the last 30 years into one concise paragraph and I thank you for it.

    And I would let Kim shit in my mouth.

  50. Adrine


    Everytime I see Kim, I see my mom because she is cute too, and has the same figure as Kim after having 3 kids. She use to be a petite 5′ 3″ and weighed 110 pounds before she had kids, but now my mom is fat like Kim. My mom also loves to eat like Kim and wears girdles too. I never wanted to get as big as my mom, so I eat in moderation.

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