Kim Kardashian endorses Barack Obama

April 24th, 2008 // 189 Comments

Kim Kardashian is all about the Barack Obama. While her endorsement ranks right up with there Heidi Montag’s support of John McCain, Kim seems to be more aware of the issues. Haha, just kidding. She has no fucking clue. Here’s what Kim told last night at the launch of the new Girls Gone Wild magazine:

“He just seemed very firm about the change, and that’s, like, his motto,” Kardashian said, probably trying to allude to Obama’s “Change We Can Believe In” campaign slogan.

Kim Kardashian? Barack Obama? And, wow, is the comment board about to get holy freaking raped. Go easy on her, guys. *ducks under desk* Mommy.

Thanks to Ryan who owes me a new website.

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    Celebrities now a’ days make me sad. That is all.

  2. Jenna

    Celebrities now a’ days make me sad. That is all.

  3. Sara

    I bet she doesn’t know shit about his politics!!!!!!!!

  4. Fumus

    Yay for me! I submitted that…here’s what thesuperficial had to say to me…cuz I rock.

    “I’d like to thank you for the post that will undoubtedly reduce my website to rubble. Then where will people go to see chicks in bikinis and trash Heidi Montag? Where, Ryan?! WHERE?!
    But, no, seriously, thanks for writing in. This is a freaking A+ tip.

    The Superficial.”

    Yea, I’m pretty much the man, and this is pretty much my past time at work.

  5. Barack

    I appreciate the support, sweetie, but my campaign’s slogan is “Yes We Can!” not “Yes Wee-Can.”

  6. justifiable

    Unfirm ass endorses firm candidate. Figures.

  7. Miserable Bastard

    Kim’s grasp of the political process…

    Here I am. I’m ready to get poled now.
    (Security guard leans over & whispers in her ear…)
    Polled? What does that mean?
    (More whispering. Kim looks confused…)
    Ohhh, ELECTION day. Really?
    Anyway, my publicist told me I should come down here to pull on something for some black dude.

  8. On tiptoes, looking into stall while rubbing up against it

    mmmm….FRISTY naked buttsit….nummy…lick lick lick…mmmm…warm…

  9. JohnnE

    Does anyone give a fuck what she says? She is a stupid bimbo. A brunette Montag.

  10. Rachel

    Kim’s figure reminds me of my mom when she was in her 30s after having 3 kids. I never wanted to get that big so I’ve managed to maintain my ideal weight.

  11. Ed

    I don’t see anything wrong with this at all. She looks a head could be up her ass, which is the key requirement for Obama supporters.

  12. dude_on_a_wire

    It is unfortunate that she opened her mouth for something other than what is absolutely necessary.

  13. bigjoe

    #29…I almost pissed myself…ha, nig log…

  14. Doc

    Kim’s legs look like they are suffering from muscle atrophy and so does her wide ass!

  15. Lara

    What do expect? It is not like she has time for stupid things like world peace, War, economy going down the tubes, china taking over, crisis in Haiti… Come on guys give the girl a break, she has more important things to do such as getting a fake tan, hair extensions and collagen on her lips…the list goes on! Here is to you Miss Kardashian, keeping your priorities straight. By the way love the superficial, have never posted anything before…But I just could pass on this one…As for Obama? Poor guys he just lost my vote! hehehe

  16. Gia

    Poor Kim looks like she needs to hit the gym and perk up her huge loose butt by doing my favorite machine “Butt Blaster.” She also needs to tone up her legs and arms. Women start losing muscle in their late 20s and early 30s and Kim is getting close to her 30s.

  17. Ty

    Good Point # 65!

    She also obviously spends a lot of time eating and shopping for girdles!

  18. Derek

    I’d still fuck her.

  19. Bigheadmike

    Who gives a rats ass what she thinks…..

  20. Natalie

    It’s cuz she loves black cock

  21. They White Urkle

    Obama hates America and so does his wife and pastor. Someone explain how he is going to “change” anything? Anyone? Didn’t think so. All we have to choose from are 3 liberals who want open boarders.

    Other than her tits, kim is worthless. Her sister has a nice rack though!

  22. krystina

    I told a friend at work that Kim Kardashian endorsed Barack Obama, and her response was “huh? who is that?” and I couldn’t think of anything to say besides “some whore.”

  23. Mat



    I told my co workers that girdle butt endorsed Obama and they knew it was Kim Kardaskank ha! ha!

  24. #54 you ROCK!!!!!

  25. Sam_On_Ella

    Joe Francis has sooo peed on that.

  26. shanipie

    So now she is voting for Obama huh?

    Well I guess now we can not only confirm she is fat, but a Fat Idiot.

    Good going Kim…moron

  27. #58 just come in already!!

  28. oh lord


  29. Chris

    Tons of jealous chicks on this site, Kim is the hottest woman in the world.

  30. wow

    She’s so hot she’d make a dead man’s dick hard.

  31. mamadough

    you know what celebrity really needs to start endorsing a candidate? Tom Cruise.

  32. Tabitha


    Oh yes we are all jealous of Kim for the following reasons:

    Kim got famous for having a famous lawyer father that helped get OJ off for murder.

    Kim got famous for doing bad porn and exposing her huge ass.

    Kim has to wear a girdle or else it looks wide and melts into her big thighs.

    Kim has to cover her huge ass while wearing a swim suit.

    Kim does not have a college degree.

    Kim is not very bright.

    Kim has no talent.

    Yes we must be jealous of Kim lol!

    I am the same height as Kim and weigh 115 pounds. I would never ever allow myself to get as big as Kim.

  33. I love exotic brunettes like this one

    Dark eyed exotic brunettes are the hottest thing on Earth. Everytime I see a picture of Kim Kardashian she reminds me of my love for them and why they are the hottest thing on Earth. Dark eyed exotic brunettes like this one make the hottest blonde in the world look like absolute crap. If you’re a man and you don’t think Kim Kardashian is insanely hot, there’s no question you’re gay, really gay. And if you’re a man and you don’t think dark eyed exotic brunettes like this one are insanely hot, you have absolutely no friggin’ taste, and you’re gay.

  34. that's some serious hotness

    Jesus, I could keep staring at that picture for hours, and my dick would keep exploding all over my monitor.

  35. Sal

    I like dark eyed exotic brunettes that are in shape but come on dude Kim is overweight and needs to tone up. Her knees are even fat!

  36. Auntie Kryst

    It doesn’t matter what the fuck she thinks. She can’t vote.. Gypsies are thieves and they know enough to keep “off the grid”. She’s not registered to vote, and she wouldn’t want to.

  37. Michael

    Different strokes for different folks # 84 and 85 lol!

    Some guys like fat chicks like Kim. Personally Kim does nothing for me. I can’t imagine doing her doggie style while her huge loose ass shakes like jello. Give me a tight shapely ass!

  38. Brad

    I have a soft spot for fat chicks like Kim. Chicks with big asses don’t get as much attention as the chicks that have nice breasts and a tight asses. When I tell them that I hate skinny chicks their eyes widen and I know I’m going to score!

  39. she's soooo fine

    If this isn’t the hottest celebrity that has ever existed then no one is. There’s no other woman half as hot as Kim Kardashian you have ever posted about, Superfish. She is soooo fucking hot and stunning, I’m speechless, and hard. And not only is she incredibly hot, look at that face, she’s sooo beautiful and gorgeous! No other celebrity can even compare. She’s just, wow.

  40. Sam_On_Ella

    Can these even be called endorsements? Don’t you have to have some credentials, expertise, or simple brain function to endorse a presidential candidate and have it mean something? Vague, hollow references to a candidate’s, “like”, motto can not possibly be considered endorsements. Frankly, presidential endorsements by celebrities should be considered a high crime, treasonous, and, in the case of Heidi Montag, grounds for execution.

  41. Scooby


    Kim Kardaskank is back or a fat chick that sees a little of Kim in herself is back lol!

  42. Alex

    She is starting to look like a Mexican. She is naturally so much paler than that… stop tanning!!!!

  43. Kathy

    I’m 5’2″ and I use to have to keep my weight down to 102 pounds because I would gain my weight on my stomach. I got liposuction and now I do not have to keep my weight down to 102 pounds. I wanted to gain weight to see how I would look but after I got up to 114 pounds my breasts got too big and I could not imagine getting as big as Kim and she is 5’3″. I eat anything I want but in moderation and my weight stays at about 106-110. I can’t imagine weighing 160 pounds like Kim on my small frame and having my thighs rub together would just make me feel like a big fat mess.

  44. BishOP


    I’m in agreement. High profile celebrity endorsements are laughable. The problem is that many people will take them at face value and not as the bullshit PR campaign that they are. It’s a sorry state in which we find ourselves where these celebrities(if they can be called that) feel the need to claim a canidate. It makes a farce of our political system when it’s obvious that they have no fucking clue. A good majority of people in this country are lazy and stupid and would probably endorse a canidate because their favorite celebrity said they were going to vote for them. All because they don’t want to do the research.

    If these “celebrities” want to encourage young people to become involved in the political process, encourage them to register to vote and become involved in their local communities.

  45. BoboTed

    Please God, do not let her take her top off and expose those saggy, cellultite, stretch mark titties.

    I feel bad for Obama. He doesn’t need this fat pig’s support.

  46. Kim is a worthless no talent fat ass fat thigh chick

    She probably did not even register to vote. I bet she did not even vote in the last election. I bet she cannot name one issue that Obama feels strong about except for ending the war.

  47. Good for Kim.
    After seeing this ‘Hillary Gone Wild’ vid I was beginning to question her entire relationship with Joe Francis.

  48. Snooch

    What a perfect fit. Both are millionaire dipshits who wouldn’t know reality if it punched em in their clueless fucking faces.

    @25 you = cockshark

  49. MattBuck

    Kim Kardashian endorsing a black guy….unfathomable!

  50. I don’t fucking care whom KK supports for President. I want another sex tape! I think a professionally made orgy would be best!

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