Kim Kardashian is a naked role model

April 16th, 2010 // 162 Comments

Here’s Kim Kardashian posing completely free of Photoshopping in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar where she laments her giant ass then says she wants to be a role model for young girls:

On her infamous curves: “I don’t get why everyone is always going on about my butt. I’m Armenian. It’s normal. My butt is probably not as big as you might think, because I have small legs and a small waist, which makes it appear bigger.”
On the concept behind the spread: “I think the message is embrace your curves and who you are. I feel proud if young girls look up to me and say, ‘I’m curvy, and I’m proud of it now.’”

Yes, embrace your natural self says the implanted women who hawks diet pills and strikes deals with the paparazzi to not photograph her ass. That’s truly something for young girls to aspire toward provided they never have this conversation:

YOUNG GIRL: Mommy, how did Kim Kardashian get so famous?
MOMMY: She leaked a sex tape of an R&B singer peeing on her.
YOUNG GIRL: Oh. …. Where’s the camcorder?
MOMMY: In the crawlspace I stashed your sister in after asking the same question.


  1. Nero

    Just powder her with flower and then look for the wet spot.

  2. markos

    Lots of hate on this thread. Kim’s the modern day celebrity, famous for nothing. I overhead two guys talking the other day about Kim, one asked the other who she was and why she was famous. The other guy explained her dad was on the Dream Team in the OJ trial and she is famous for going to parties and having a reality show. Well, perhaps. I think Kim is famous because she’s very beautiful and has some charisma. Her sisters and mom are along for the ride. Those who say the two sisters are hotter are just haters. One has a cute little bod but a harsh looking face and crappy personality, the other is just a giant with a crude personality. The mom is overly nip tucked and psychotic.

    Kim has a beautiful face, big boobs and a curvy, nice bod and ass. Lately she seems to have undergone surgery like her mom, and her run as “beautiful” might be ending. Is she a vapid moron? Probably. Does she put on some of the stupidity for her “persona” and TV ratings? I’d think so. Is she deserving of the hate on this thread? I don’t believe so.

    Save the venom for Lindsay, Kate Gosselin, Tila Tequila, and the Republican party. Seems a little mean-spirited for a chick who has a curvy woman’s body and isn’t the 90 lb anorexics who parade around nowadays as our ideal of hot.

  3. Nero

    Lol flour.

  4. i can

    @102 are you stupid? Kim is only known for that sex tape with ray j! Please tell me if we knew who she was before that! And people arent “hating” theyre just being honest! And I think shes deserves whatever thats been said about her! She is the worst person and the biggest liar in the world and shes so deceitful her and her family! She leaked her own sex tape and her mom pimps them! KIm is a professional gold digger it’s not normal! And as for miss lohan, Lindsay is a very talented young girl its just unfortunate life got to her and she ruined herself. Too much of a good always ends in tragedy

  5. Kim, you have makeup on your face and it’s airbrushed. Stop lying to people and be real. I have seen you without makeup on your show, and you show ass hell don’t look like this. You are only right about your body, because you do have a fine ass body.

  6. bo

    Curious about her in her 30′s, this year she turns 30. What will this woman do when she isnt young enough to pull this shit off? Also curious about the trainwreck her face will be when she tries to maintain that plastic surgery.

  7. Ok. I get it. You hate Kim. But you don’t have to hate reading comprehension. Her saying shit like “I don’t know why everyone makes a big deal about my butt” or “It’s normal” and “It’s not as big as it looks” is certainly not lamenting. She thinks her ass and her curves are okay, and they are. Get over it.

  8. jared

    @107 you’re an idiot! Read the comments before u talk! People arent even talking about! Most people are saying kim is a pathological liar and is fake and deceitful and they are in fact right! She is the worst role model in the world she is every mothers nightmare! Her mom pimps her and the other two! And like some of the comment say she is a PROFESSIONAL GOLD DIGGER and unless Ur stupid you would know this photo has been some way been retouched and she is wearing face and ton of body make up body air brush if you will

  9. liarliar

    I clearly s ee eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, fake lashes, eyeshadow (white under her brow) pink gloss and the list goes on.
    come clean, kim

  10. xtina


    This CUNT hawks and is the face of the phony diet pill Quicktrim (and airbrushed to fuck in the ads). What kind of mixed message does that send? She is a terrible role-model.

    So fake, a hyppcrite. I sincerely hope “Princess Kimberely gets acid thrown on her face.

  11. kelly

    @109 and @110 you both are right but @110 please dont call that trash a princes even tho i know u dont mean it! She is the worst person/role model ever!

  12. tina

    #66 I will tell you what her sad fate is. Never finding authentic love. The family schemes, they gold dig, they slut it out for all the baubles and glitter, they have to put on face daily. She will never truly be happy. She goes to great lengths to let the viewer believe she is confident when really her actions show the exact opposite. Especially in her body. She has nothing of interest to offer from her heart.

    Cold, fake, plastic, uneducated.

    Her relationships don’t last because she has little to offer beyond the superficial.

    When her looks fade as they already are, she will be alone, empty, and loveless.

  13. oops

    Lol Kelly I said “Princess Kimberly’ cuz that’s what this Ho has on her myspace profile as her name.

    And yes, I am no longer buying Bazaar. There’s new good mags out there that wont feature this celebtards.

  14. Mike

    Wow, what vanity. This woman is not attractive for that reason alone.

    I’m not even mentioning her history of bad decisions.

  15. i feel sorry for this lady

    OMG I love these comments because they are soo honest and obviously so smart!!
    @114 LOL what exactly do you mean?



    IT is a great before and after of her DISGUSTING cellulite lumpy thighs. And you can see how much they warp her body.

    SERIOUSLY, see for yourself!!!

  17. Joe

    Maybe Mike means Nigger-fucking +herp +sex tape.

  18. xtina

    Here is that link. Before and after Kim’s photoshop. You know how this leaked? She treated a staffer like crap. As usual. And this was payback.

    If you saw how she acted behind the scenes in that one video E! Online posted (and later took down) you’d believe it. She is a troll, awful shitty person.

    A ban on her endorsement and brand needs to take root. If Kim was stock, I’d dump it. She’s on the decline in Hollywood. That’s where this desperation comes from.


    Haha, participate in the Gawker discussion to name all the ways Kim has been ‘altered’ in her pic.

    Fish, you gotta do an entry on the Kim photoshop being outed.

  20. kelly

    @113 I agree with you 100 Bazaar has lost so much respect I have canceled my subscription already! I bet you the lady that give her the article is a fat dumb cow! Not that theres anything wrong with being fat! But every big girl is seemed to think kim is repping for them! She isn’t!!!!!! she will love to be skinny thats why she takes diet pills and airbrushes her cottage cheese ass! I mean if she was so proud of being bigger why promote gross unhealthy crap like quick-trim and then photoshop your photos to seem thinner! I mean come on!! That is beyond HYPOCRacy! And oh yea about her myspace and twitter about calling herself “princess” since she doesn’t have a job she thinks its cute to call herself a princess i mean only Paris hilton can get away with that i mean after all shes an heiress and this kim girl is just dying to be like Paris she wants to do everything miss hilton did and she did but she does a lousy job at it from the sex tape to getting the perfume deal than dating Paris sloppy seconds Christian Ronaldo!! I mean Paris is worth 40 million she will never be like Paris give it a rest kim! AND OMG do not get me started with her family the worst family I mean ever!!! Money hungry pimping mother I mean I feel bad for em!!!

    ON her twitter where it says bio she has armenian princess cus i mean she cant call herself a model actor singer i mean nothing cus all she does is attend E red carpet events do her stupid joke of a reality show then more red carpet then do photo shots for unknown cheesy mags oh yea and she blogs of course her very respectable blog then she promotes her quick-trim then shes a part-time sales girl at their store so yea i see where shes coming from its less humiliating to say im a princess than to say whatever it is she actually does

  21. kelly

    @118 wait what do u mean She’s on the decline in Hollywood? lol i mean is this real?

  22. Whizzinator

    Good God, it’s fucking unbelievable that anyone actually takes this filthy, useless whore seriously. There are actually people trying to claim that the slut somehow makes a positive “role model” for women because she has a big fat ass. Well, how about her perverse, vile porn film where she lets some toy gangsta use her like a slab of pork then empties his bladder all over her while she coos and giggles like a complete idiot? That’s a fucking role model? She’s a swine, a total hosebag.

  23. kimmy

    @122 you couldn’t have said it better! I mean its completely absurd!

  24. HEY KIM,


  25. joan mastrangeli

    It’s very simple. if we want decency, stop feeding the hand that produces the indecency. stop watching – the shows; stop shopping – at stores (that objectify wome in their advertising; and stop buying products that do the same. we have the power to change things. if we don’t – beware of the lawless and immoral generation we are raising.

  26. pray

    I promise not to watch the kardashian trashy reality shows actually the whole E channel is getting on my nerves

  27. Apostate

    By far the sexiest “No Photoshop! I swear on my Armenian ass!” pic of this ‘pseudo-lebrity’ I’ve ever laid eyes on….

  28. overweight and acknowledge that their deepest fears that being fat means you are less attractive realize that they are in fact is actually the truth, that ‘large and whiney girls that decided to keep their babies they deserve all the help in the world eventhough

  29. What is happiness?

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  30. See Alice

    Who cares about KK .We need pics of the Jerseylicious girls !

  31. That’s a fucking role model? She’s a swine, a total hosebag.
    Well, how about her perverse, vile porn film where she lets some toy gangsta use her like a slab of pork then empties his bladder all over her while she coos and giggles like a complete idiot?

  32. bitch PLEASE

    @10 Ummmm…we’re not talking about YOUR WIFE..we’re talking about KIM….please keep your comments towards the ARTICLE…

  33. jess

    okay i dont give a shit what she is “famous” for, she may be a dumb ass but seriously she is not ugly…fat…or disgusting…maybe some people dont like her personality or past but to say she is gross is insane…shes fucking hot..

  34. G. Whizz

    I beg to differ. Kim is fat, ugly and whorish. Plus she likes to bathe in yellow, foamy ghetto piss. A vile twat from head to toe.

  35. jess

    Really shes fat? She may have a bigger butt but she fits in a size two or four…far from fat. I mean you can not like but to say fat really?

  36. this doesn't make sense

    how does one idolize her? this picture is clearly edited a bit, and she’s fake. how do people look up to someone who cannot tell the truth about something as simple as a picture. and how does anyone call her fat? she’s not, and frankly, those comments are coming from people who have eating disorders and are too thin or those who eat too much and are probably ten sizes bigger than her.

  37. Just Me

    People stop hating on this young lady. She has a nice body; she is making money, she is beautiful and she is doing the damm thing. She did not leak that video and if she did; she is capatlizing on the her market because ? what…we are writting about her and she is making money. Young women should be proud of what ever type of body they have and stop committing suicide over having low self esteem and boys.

  38. lans ross

    Due to the many comments it is obvious that Kim Kardashian gets a reaction……many of the comments sound like “haters”…but at the end of the day, whether many want to give her any positive comments at all, she is a very pretty girl. 95+% of men think she’s pretty and sexy, case closed.

    This season of “dancing with the stars” tv show is killin’ in the ratings because people like Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson are pretty women with hot bodies and they’re sexy….the more the haters “hate” and comment and pick up those magazines with Kim on the cover, the more the sponsors keep payin’ and the more work she gets…….so keep on talkin’.
    For all the haters who are sitting at home, broke and making such hateful comments anonymously, about Kim, people…please let it go. It’s show business and Kim is getting paid, who cares if she is air brushed…people are payin’ her so that’s why she’s in magazines and all of you are taking time out of your day to comment. Whether you know it or not, it’s you who are making her a “star”.

  39. jess

    to 136 and 137…thank you i totally agree…i mean i understand that people have an opinion and dont have to like her..i really dont care either way but that girl is FAR from ugly disgusting or fat…if people can say she is ugly and fat…i would love to see what these girls look like because they must be amazing looking to say those nasty things about her…this is the first time i have ever posted on a shocks me that people could be that mean or even care to be that mean.

  40. you

    @137 I love all these immature people keep saying people are hating? I mean how are people hating? Really? Most comments here agree on the fact that kim is trashy low class gold digging pathological liar and I mean im sure you agree! Kim isn’t fat anymore cus she obviously dieting and shes pretty but since she got some money has done some work to her and lifted her breasts! It’s really absurd that people like you would say people are hating on her! People arent hating but being honest and how is she on any cover of any mag other than those gross filthy tabloids you clearly have no clue as to what you’re talking about! Yea she might be getting few thousand dollars now cus al the fat people in the world thing oh kim is repping for the fatties and it’s their trying to break the obeseness with being super thin cus american are lazy and fat and so they want fat to be considered sexy they lady that gave kim the article on this mag is a fat cow that brought so much shame to this once respected mag! But a couple yrs. from now where will show go? Cus i mean shes almost 30

    And when u say 95% men think shes pretty you are clearly delusional because shes a 6 at best

  41. kelly

    @139 people arent saying shes disgusting and gross because shes ugly but who she is inside and she isnt fat anymore she used to be heavier but she lost some weight. ANd she is not ugly but she had some face work done which makes her look freaky and plastic! But im pretty sure people were talking about her character and not her face

  42. jess

    i know that…thats why i said i understand if you dont like her…but just because u dont like her doesnt make her fat and ugly…

  43. chris

    she is so beautiful.

  44. Vanessa

    She is obviously wearing make-up!
    Come on! This woman is the definition of FAKE!
    Wanna see natural? Take pictures of her when she just rolls out of bed…no make-up, no hair done…no poses that highlight her “best features”.
    This isn’t considered an all natural photo shoot.

  45. CLAIRE


  46. yuck

    first of all, i can’t beleive that a reputable magazine like Bazaar featured this talentless airhead.

    second, of course the photo has been photoshopped! her skin looks completely flawless and smooth. NO ONE’s skin looks like that naturally. we all saw the un-photoshopped images from her Complex shoot. Do her legs look like they did in those photos? HELL NO.

    third, this chick is nothing more than a ho who takes off her clothes and lies about not having makeup on. kim, GO AWAY. all you are is a nasty skank.

  47. muhtesem dostum beautiful

  48. Tracy

    They did a great job airbrushing Kim. Kim’s message is embrace your curves by airbrushing for photos and wearing support garmets like butt girdles lol! Thanks for the amusement!

  49. Yasmeen

    She is full of shit. Has an Armenian woman myself we don’t usually have big asses. Kourtney her sister is half her size. It is black and Latin women who are known for having big butts, not Armenian’s. on top of that Kim is fake from head to toe anyway.

  50. tony

    Kourtney has a much prettier face than Kim and a better body even after having a baby. LOL at the person who said she was a size 2 or 4…LOL so hard here.
    she is at least a size 8. My girlfriend is a size 4 and is half the size of Kim.

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