Kim Kardashian is a naked role model

April 16th, 2010 // 162 Comments

Here’s Kim Kardashian posing completely free of Photoshopping in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar where she laments her giant ass then says she wants to be a role model for young girls:

On her infamous curves: “I don’t get why everyone is always going on about my butt. I’m Armenian. It’s normal. My butt is probably not as big as you might think, because I have small legs and a small waist, which makes it appear bigger.”
On the concept behind the spread: “I think the message is embrace your curves and who you are. I feel proud if young girls look up to me and say, ‘I’m curvy, and I’m proud of it now.’”

Yes, embrace your natural self says the implanted women who hawks diet pills and strikes deals with the paparazzi to not photograph her ass. That’s truly something for young girls to aspire toward provided they never have this conversation:

YOUNG GIRL: Mommy, how did Kim Kardashian get so famous?
MOMMY: She leaked a sex tape of an R&B singer peeing on her.
YOUNG GIRL: Oh. …. Where’s the camcorder?
MOMMY: In the crawlspace I stashed your sister in after asking the same question.


  1. man

    This lady is sucha gold digger but the thing is she really that desperate that she will fly to another country to fuck a dude she never met just because he is super rich? I mean come on!!!! WTF is wrong with american and more importantly what the fuck is wrong with Harper’s Bazaar????!!! Seriously why this women even news worthy??? Seriously??? Its like the big elephant in the room everyone knows exactly what she is but everyone is avoiding it! WTF America wake up please!

  2. poll

    Forget the guys? But I really wanna know why girls like her? And im pretty sure it’s all mostly fat girls that like kim and her family! But I really want to know why? If you are a girl and you are a kim fan please let me know why in the world are u a kim fan? Please?

  3. Rank-A-Skank


  4. Jessie

    Canceling my subscipt to Harper’s Bazaar, too bad. They were the next best mag after Vogue, but this is why they will never be Vogue.

  5. Armenian Lady

    This myth Kim promotes about Aremenians having ass is utterly false and very displeasing to the community.

  6. bo

    Kim is a female misogynist.

    Kim is obessed with Paris Hilton still it appears, or at least is still trying to one-up up her, something she has deep embedded in her. Paris has already hit it and quit it Kim, and along comes Christian and you give it up. This is not going to last and you know it. How stupid are these women and vain for the money and fame of these jackals.

    It is a disrespect for her own body. These stars have banged hundreds of women, they all have the herp.

    Kim must have already have it.

    As I have been saying all along, the whole thing reeks of insecurity. She thinks we are impressed. Not the case.

  7. kitty_kat

    Does anyone else find it annoying how she insists on pretending that her butt is real?

  8. not you!

    @54 I SO AGREE WITH YOU! I EXPECTED MORE OF Harper’s Bazaar!!!! Im so disappointed now that they are associated with this trash! Lets all cancel our subscription and write letter/emails of how disappointed we are! I thought Harper’s Bazaar was all about class and elegance but this deff proves me wrong!! What a shame!!! Vogue is one of the best around!

    @56 you nailed it!! She wants to be just like Paris too bad Paris is worth like a billion and this kim lady is professional gold digger her mom gave her and her sisters a degree in gold digging

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  10. Squishy

    She doesn’t really sound like she LAMENTS her ass, just that she is aware and a little self-conscious of it, and wants other gals with large attributes to appreciate their womanly figures. I like that the picture was mostly untouched and seriously, anyone with big tits is going to sag a tad at the best of times! Especially, in the position she is posing in!! She definitely is one of the most annoying pseudo-celebs, but this photo/caption was miss-represented. ~shrug~

  11. Beyond That

    No denying she is off the hook although the coverage could be toned done more. Bottom line – she’s a 15 while these other broads are 8-9′s…i mean we (men) would all like a plump ass like that any day of the week. She has it all..boobs,hair face, body and again that bangin ass. Be real ya’ stop hating.

  12. really

    @61 plump ass? Wait are u a black man that perhaps works at Walmart cus you sure do sound like one! Shes 15? In which planet shes at 5 or 6 Her butt is saggy and has no shape hmm face is all plastic hair are extensions so i mean unless you are talking another person you are completely mistaken

  13. Kelly


    She CLEARLY has a pale pink/nude lipstick on, fake eyelashes and some eyeliner on, a slight tinge of rose blush, foundation, bronzer, body bronzer and tanner….FUCK SHE MUST THINK WE ARE SOOOOOOOO STUPID. There may not be a hell of a lot of photoshopping going on but they still airbrushed and ‘smoothed’ out parts of her…. I can tell u now, the complete original and this pic would be VERY different!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m sick of this freak- she can’t even release beach pics of herself that AREN’T photoshopped or air brushed! That’s TWISTED!

    And people say Heidi is insecure????!!!! She AIN’T THE ONLY ONE. At least her latest pics @ Liquid aren’t fucking photoshopped!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. bing

    @63 you are so right! Who the hell does she think shes fooling? What is with her and the need to convince us her body is perfect? Well, KIM! WE KNOW IT ISNT PERFECT NOT EVEN CLOSE! WE KNOW YOU HAVE CELLULITE AND STRECHMARKS AND THAT YOUR ASS IS SAGGY AND UNSHAPELY!

    Im just utterly disappointed in Harper’s Bazaar!!!!!! Lost all my respect for them!!!

  15. gr

    Nothing but a sad fate coming her way. And she deserves it.

  16. fight

    @65 What do you mean? Im really dying to know!

  17. Oh I love all the comments here….

    By the way if she didn’t have photoshop done then she must’ve coated herself in a vat of make-up (link is to the older pic of her before & after photoshop fyi)

  18. style

    @67 THANK YOU! Who the hell is she fooling! Shes so pathetic and stupid it’s not normal and she says her pet peeves are people that lie! I swear she isn’t right in the head!

  19. Jessica, Britney and today Kim. Is it bad to same this trend. I dislike how airbrushed the stars especially female ones ever look. Might as well put a maniquinn on the cover. They dont need to countenance same impressible dolls. We every have cellulite and imperfections somewhere.

  20. steven

    Ok am I crazy here? Or is this the most absurd thing ever? Please someone tell me how is this “embracing curves” really? First of she isnt this small in real life and how is being naked and lying somewhere embracing curves??? Im pretty sure she will give her left arm to be skinny because if she was soo proud of her fat ass she wouldn’t be popping diet pills

  21. john f

    she has plastic tits a fake nose and lots of surgery
    she has make up on and it has been lit like hell and photo shopped
    so full of shit

  22. it is so nice and so sex.i like it so much and hope she will be better in future.

  23. She looking so gorgeous without dress, and Well she always looks beautiful, but looked her figure in this picture, great figure how she maintained her figure.

  24. Anonymous

    Would f*ck her in the ass until she sh*ts money.

  25. captain america

    well, SHE CAN’T HELP IT!!

  26. Cumquat

    Tons of body makeup. See that weird, shiny oval above her knee? Also, the photo itself is very hazy…it can’t be un-retouched unless they slapped a Tyra-sized can of Vaseline on the lens before the shoot.

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  28. Cumquat

    Close up of her leg and ass:

    An epileptic chicken could do a better job of photoshopping.

  29. Gigs

    Id love to slam her shit hole and spill my seed all over her ass but cmon, role model? She gargled a big black cock in a sex video for God’s sake.

  30. mememe

    I love the way her titties hang

  31. “I feel proud if young girls look up to me and say, ‘I let some loser D-list R&B wannabe fuck me on camera and then sell it.’”

    She should mate with this guy (click my name). Imagine the kids they would have:

  32. She’s awesome like always.

  33. turd da third

    it looks like roadkill to me..

  34. Hard to say she’s a role model but she’s definitely hot.

  35. e

    she should roll over and face the other way so i can recognize her.

  36. turd da third

    I think this is the best picture I have ever seen. It totally accurate too as it shows us what she really is….just a speedbump….

  37. jess

    Does it say shes not wearing makeup? I think it just says free of photoshopping…I cant believe people can ridicule her body…she is gorgeous!

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  39. sasha

    Bazaar just took a giant step down. SAD

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  42. kim needs help

    #68. Of course she isn’t right in the head. She was a pretty girl who completely transformed her face with plastic surgery. She is a narcissist and a patholigical liar. Narcissists usually have DEEP insecurity.

    Kim needs a shrink pronto. Not even joking.

    She is a TERRIBLE role model. The worst kind of woman for the younger genereation, and yes, a female misogynist, whoever said that.

  43. steve


  44. Gando

    Using this site as a window-display to help her finding fresh meat (read:Cristiano Ronaldo). . . I think i start to know her.

  45. Darth

    And i was thinking all the time that she had her eyes on me! Not rich enough for you right?! *Throws piggy bank on the floor*.

  46. Landon "Reaper" Armstrong

    Kim-girl, there’s nothing wrong with your curves. You look smashing!

    Also, “I’m curvy, and I’m proud of it now.” Oh wait…I’m a guy.

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