Kim Kardashian is a naked role model

April 16th, 2010 // 162 Comments

Here’s Kim Kardashian posing completely free of Photoshopping in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar where she laments her giant ass then says she wants to be a role model for young girls:

On her infamous curves: “I don’t get why everyone is always going on about my butt. I’m Armenian. It’s normal. My butt is probably not as big as you might think, because I have small legs and a small waist, which makes it appear bigger.”
On the concept behind the spread: “I think the message is embrace your curves and who you are. I feel proud if young girls look up to me and say, ‘I’m curvy, and I’m proud of it now.’”

Yes, embrace your natural self says the implanted women who hawks diet pills and strikes deals with the paparazzi to not photograph her ass. That’s truly something for young girls to aspire toward provided they never have this conversation:

YOUNG GIRL: Mommy, how did Kim Kardashian get so famous?
MOMMY: She leaked a sex tape of an R&B singer peeing on her.
YOUNG GIRL: Oh. …. Where’s the camcorder?
MOMMY: In the crawlspace I stashed your sister in after asking the same question.


  1. taintstick

    This bitch is getting old

    • rallystet

      dirty dirty kim) u’ll never wash your dirt – its all your sex tape – i’ve heard second part of ray j sex tape is out – experiencing money shortage – are u kim?


      hot b#tch

  2. Que

    Que no modeling rolls.

  3. Hannah

    She’s totally wearing make up. I don’t know about photoshopped, it looks like it might be. I kind of just want this bitch to disappear.

  4. somerandomguy

    It puts the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again

  5. chupacabra

    looks like a normal chic to me.

  6. sarah

    fredricka bimble, size 14, great big fat person…lol…

    —She’s wearing make up, even false eyelashes!…but not body make up to cover her big saggy tits and fat ass!

  7. charly


  8. juck

    I wish she would flaunt that perfect ass

  9. Suge Knight

    This makes me want to Pee on her…is that wrong?

  10. DragonKatt

    @6 her tits aren’t saggy, that’s what happens when someone with tits lays sideways…especially big ones. Just because Heidi’s don’t move when she jumps in the air doesn’t mean Kim’s are saggy.

    If you wanna see saggy tits…Take a woman who has naturally large breasts. After she has a kid and breast feeds, take a look at them (after the kid has moved on and she is no longer producing milk)

    Those tits aren’t saggy. Boobs are fat in skin with sacks meant to be filled. They aren’t meant to be stationary.

  11. Hennifer Lopez

    No makeup and not photoshopped?!?!

    Come on Kim, do you think we are idiots?

  12. JEOY

    OMG AHAHHAHHAHA! I mean she must be the dumbest person ever or she must think we are blind and stupid! THis is sooo photoshoped and she is wearing so much make up!!! WOW!!!! Dumb should be her last name or deceitful and BTW kim you arent a role model in anyway im pretty sure porn stars can never be considered as “role models”

  13. xylus

    Why are Armenians eating lasagna?

  14. girlPLEASE

    isnt Bazar soppose to be a respectful mag! Whats with these trashy people being figured in like this low class person and the jersey shore cast! I mean come on!

  15. bitch


  16. benny

    I feel proud if young girls look up to me and say, ” I let men pee on me and video tape it I’m proud of it now.’”

  17. Sea Shepard

    looks like a beached whale

  18. REally

    This picture looks as natural as Heidi Montag

  19. havoc


    Fuck she’s hot….


  20. chopper


  21. Milka--whaaatt?

    A. yeah she’s totally wearing a shit ton of makeup in this pic…
    B. He PISSED on her in that video!?!?!? I only saw clips of it here and there… never knew he peed on her… how is she not reminded of this EVERY single day??

  22. therush

    She is bangin’. Hot.

  23. dude

    Great fucking comments. Spot on.

    Dear KK:

    you’re famous because your father helped free a known murderer and some african american guys used you as a human toilet.

    What would aliens say about our race based on these observations?

    They’d say you’re a whore. Then they’d take Khloe and reunited her with the rest of the wookies.

  24. dude

    Great fucking comments. Spot on.

    Dear KK:

    you’re famous because your father helped free a known murderer and some african american guys used you as a human toilet.

    What would aliens say about our race based on these observations?

    They’d say you’re a whore. Then they’d take Khloe and reunite her with the rest of the wookies.

  25. NL

    No makeup my ass.

    Nice ass tho.

  26. bitch

    @24 she isn’t known for her father whats so ever!!! This human rubbish is strictly known for the sex tape and ray j pissing on her

  27. bjb

    Fish needs to actually read the shit he regurgitates on this site. Nowhere does it state that she is without makeup, only that the photo hasn’t been shopped at all. Also, as much as he claims to love breasts he doesn’t seem to know the difference between real and fake. This dirty whore has always had huge tits – ever since she was like 13 she was stacked. On the flip side, Fish seems obsessed with Adrian Curry’s tits – yet she proudly brags that they were one of the first things she bought herself when she started to make some cash.

  28. name

    Theres no way her thigh is that smooth and pretty sure she has dimples and cellulite of course shit is photoshoped

  29. Rev Rick White

    Whomever wrote that she is free of make-up is an idiot.

  30. mfbinc

    Mike “Mannix” Conner is armenian and he doesn’t have a big,curvy, ass!!!

  31. it's all about Rough

    Maybe she’s marketing herself for David Lynch’s next film noir? Ever think of that, huh…

  32. WhatExitYouFrom?

    she better watch out, some Japaneese guy will put a harpoon in her ass. At least she could star on Whale Wars

  33. Where’s all the T&A??? Why the fuck should we care about her body if we don’t even really get to see it? FUCK…

  34. SOS

    OK ray J really pissed on her??
    By the way why does she never look as thin as she does on the quick trim commercial?
    I can tell as soon as she comes on the screen is pinched…

  35. jared

    @34 yes he did!! I recommend everyone to watch her sleazy sex tape specially those who like her for whatever reason! And as far as the quick trim commercial two words for you! Photoshop worshiper!! Her and her sisters literally live on photoshop!

  36. nastyjay

    my GOD look at that titty DADDY LIKEY

  37. mitch

    @34 no he didn’t. She sucks his dick, he eats her out, they fuck all while she leaves her bra on. No pee. At all. Not even a cumshot :(

  38. what a dumbass

    I’d hit it… with a 2×4 until it stopped breathing.

    Kim whoretrashian is not and will never be a role model. She’s a slutty leg spread attention whore with tit & ass implants. She’s a liar, a self centered narcissist and a sexual deviant. And UGLY. I always laugh when I read all the idiots posting about “how beautiful & hot” she is. WRONG. There are literally tens of thousands of much more attractive women than this mud skank. Time to idolize a woman who doesn’t have STD’s and has functioning neurons…

  39. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Curvy equals FAT. Get over it.

  40. it's all about Rough

    Leave her alone Reggie @ 38

  41. elephantman

    She will do anything to make money, i bet you could talk to her and she wouldnt understand a word you said, on the other hand, I bet she takes it up the butt pretty good, so it may not be a bad compromise! I’d stick my dick in for sure! Besides she has lots of money, she’s not bad on the eyes either. Like I would have a chance! But if I did~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It would be ON!!!!!~~~~~~~

    Oh and by the WAY F#%K FIRST! BITCHES

    Elephantman, suckit!

  42. tickingtimebomb

    I usually hold my tongue when it comes to my hatred for this dumb broad, but she’s seriously starting to piss me off (Probably because she’s single now and twice as desperate)
    a) she doesn’t DO anything…and comment 37 explaining her ‘porno’ proves this. She’s a false advertisement…looks fun, but then you get the chance and it’s an extremely boring lay.
    b) she is curvy and there’s nothing wrong with that, but she’s not healthy. She loves fried foods which are the foods that make cellulite more noticeable, but whatever, it’s not like she can’t just buy her way to a cottage cheese free ass. You can tell she doesn’t work out by the awkward doughy-ness of her stomach. I don’t even get it…she doesn’t look like a real person, she looks like a freak. A lazy fat freak.
    c) her make-up covered rat face makes me want to vomit and when she talks her supersized lips look like they’re gonna fall off her face like a melting wax statue. But at least the distraction of that is enough to make your ears avoid the sound of her whiny voice as she complains about having to do real work like a real fucking person.

  43. she looks AMAZING!!!!

  44. tina

    UGH, this chick is nauesating.

    1. Little girls do not look up to you.
    2. You have the body of a pregnant woman.
    3. No photoshop, my ass.
    4. Everyone knows you have had hoards of work done.
    5. Stop being so into yourself and move on from talking about your butt. Is it the only relevancy you have?
    6. We know these positions discreetly hide your implants.

    Give it up. You and your family are social climbing trash. Once again Kim proves Fake.

  45. BI

    OMG i died!! @40 lmao hahhahhaha reggie is over this lazy trashy cunt!!! Im sorry but this photo has been retouched! Why is she sooo faking just be real about being who you are kim cus u arent fooling us

  46. tina

    Sending love from #44 to #42. <3

  47. She didn’t just let *anyone* pee on her… she let a (gasp!) BLACK MAN (criminal record status: unknown) pee on her.

  48. Tek

    The pee jokes are pretty tired… especially when you know there was none of that in the video.

  49. tina

    That bent leg postion hides all the cellulite because she is stretching her thigh. I mean come on Kim, we are not RETARDED!

    We have no proof there was no editing. All they have to do is say that to promote the feature.

  50. man

    Reggie Bush who? Kim Kardashian appears to be over Reggie, as she was caught snuggling up in Madrid to Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The hookup makes two things clear: Kim Kardashian loves rich, young athletes and Cristiano Ronaldo loves American celebutantes.

    Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays Euro football for Real Madrid, and is tied to a contract that earns him $132 million over six years. These stats add up to make Ronaldo the highest-paid soccer player in the world (reportedly ahead of Becks). His money, jetsetting and good looks are clearly a magnet to Kim Kardashian — never mind that at 25, he’s four years younger than she is.

    Ronaldo and Kardashian are said to have met up recently when he was in Los Angeles, and then Kim attended a Real Madrid game on Saturday night. Whether she was Ronaldo’s guest is not clear, but they made later arrangements for lunch. During the Madrid rendezvous on Thursday, Kardashian and Ronaldo were spotted acting “very affectionate” and “kissing” at Madrid’s posh La Dorado restaurant, according to witnesses. Kim and Cristiano left in separate cars to avoid paparazzi speculation, but it didn’t work. Reporters saw them both heading to Ronaldo’s mansion closeby, where Kim spent the next several hours.

    Ronaldo dated Paris Hilton last year during one of her splits from Doug Reinhardt, so it’s clear he loves the splash of American women. But here’s where the Kim Kardashian-Cristiano Ronaldo connection wouldn’t work: while Kim Kardashian comes from a very, uh, social family, Ronaldo may not be able to keep up with the Kardashians because he doesn’t touch alcohol. His father passed away five years ago, reportedly from alcoholism, and in the wake of the tragedy, Cristiano has vowed to keep his head straight for his career and his health.

    (Editor’s Note: Dear Kim Kardashian: I have been there. Please step away from the beautiful European man. No matter your power or feminine wiles, he will destroy you.)

    This lady is sucha gold digger but the thing is she really that desperate that she will fly to another country to fuck a dude she never met just because he is super rich? I mean come on!!!! WTF is wrong with american and more importantly what the fuck is wrong with Harper’s Bazaar????!!! Seriously why this women even news worthy??? Seriously??? Its like the big elephant in the room everyone knows exactly what she is but everyone is avoiding it! WTF America wake up please!

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