Kim Kardashian defends Lindsay Lohan

Not counting every time they show up when she calls, Kim Kardashian hates those pesky paparazzi. She’s especially displeased with their hounding of Lindsay Lohan this weekend after she got into an argument with Samantha Ronson that resulted in a window getting smashed. People reports:

“It’s so sad that there’s such an invasion of privacy, with camera people, cops and paparazzi outside their home,” Kardashian, 28, told PEOPLE Monday.
“I mean, when have you not thrown something when you’re mad?,” says Kardashian. “Everyone has to admit that at one time in their life, they’ve gotten so mad that they’ve thrown something, but maybe not necessarily breaking a window.”
Can’t people have an argument without everyone watching?,” asks Kardashian.

Jesus, if being in a position that causes Kim Kardashian to rush to your aid doesn’t sober Lindsay up, I don’t know what will. Actually, that’s not entirely true, I do know: DEATH. Maybe. Don’t quote me on that.

Photos: Splash News