Kim Kardashian dares women to dream

November 16th, 2007 // 137 Comments

Kim Kardashian says she posed nude for Playboy because she’s a role model. It wasn’t for the money or the attention. Nope, it was for the ladies out there who need someone to look up to. NY Daily News reports:

“I did it because I’m not one of those stick-skinny girls you see. I felt like girls today need to see a normal body,” she told us at the Morgan 4 Ever launch at Underbar last week. “My mom actually pushed me to do it! I think she’s living vicariously through me a little bit.”

Kim Kardashian does have a point. If girls out there can’t find an accurate portrayal of women in Playboy, where can they find one? Hats off to you, Kim Kardashian, for emboldening your fellow females to look at porn. Seriously, I’ve been trying for years, but you might actually be onto something. Although one time I was pretty close when I edited together “Dr. Boneherfine, M.D.” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” I think my date noticed something was off when Patrick Dempsey’s face was replaced with lesbian nurses. However, deep down, she seemed to enjoy it. She was even crying at one point. Most likely tears of joy. I mean, why else would she pepper spray me in the mouth then jump out a window? Women. They’re so cute when they’re happy.


  1. Dan

    Kim Kardashian’s body is *not normal*–in a good way; don’t get me wrong. I’d like to curl up in her buttcrack and live there for a while. Y’know, just ’til I get back on my feet. She wouldn’t even know I’m there. But then Ray-J’d com barging in all unannounced all the time and evenutally I wouldn’t be able to put up with it after a while.

  2. Twinkie

    Nice flip-flops.


  3. she’s such a good liar. by saying those. like she’s innocent.

  4. PostmortemG

    “Kardashian is a useless slut. Her family is dysfunctional and exhibits classic signs of sexual abuse. I can’t believe KK and her deluded mother think this is a good thing, but it shows you how pathological and diseased their brains are. How about if we paid attention to some nice young girl who said no to dope/being a whore/being useless and yes to an education?”

    Excellent. =D

    #93 – yes, Spanish [ And Spanish looking ] girls are indeed hotness, but so are girls of the European variety [ Czech, Russian, etc. ]. Many of those girls are *INSANELY* beautiful, and I’d take one of them in a heart-beat over the endless stream of soulless J-Lo xerox copies. In fact, a lot of Euro-females look more Spanish than Spanish girls…

    Back to KK – I’m sure her butt spills over the toilet seat whenever she uses it, and she probably can’t wipe all of it, either. It’s too big. =D Something tells me this one’s temporary fame will end sooner than expected…

  5. MD


    - no one looks more Spanish than Spanish girls, you idiot. Maybe you wish you were Spanish or looked Spanish, but sorry, you are not and you don’t, go kill yourself.
    BTW, Spanish girls are European, so go learn a little geography.
    If Kim Kardashian looks Spanish (and I mean like chicks from Spain look) it’s because they’re 2 very similar ethnics groups. Armenians are half Southern-European and half Arab, and Spanish people are Southern-European and also have Arab blood since the Arabs lived in Spain for over 800 years and mixed with the already very dark Southern-European Spaniards, so they end up looking very similar.

    If people from South America are referred to as ‘Spanish’, it’s thanks to the true Spanish people aka Spaniards who went there in the Middle Age and conquered it, mixing with the natives from there (who are Indians like in North America), making them speak Spanish and later inmigrating there and making a huge influence of Spain in South America. The true latin people are Spaniards, Italians and the Portuguese, and if the people from South America are referred to as ‘latin’ these days it’s because of the same reason, thanks to the true latin/Spanish people who moved there aka Spaniards, because the natives from South America are 0% latin and 0% Spanish, they are Native Americans.

    These days there are many many people from South America who look 0% Native American and look absolutely Spanish (as in Spaniard). That’s the case of Eva Longoria for example, whose ancestry is clearly from Spain, and of MANY MANY more South American people who look absolutely like Spaniards.
    There are also a lot of South American people these days who look completely Native American and 0% Spanish/Spaniard (like this dude:, and there’s a lot of mixed people as well. Anyway, most people from South America and from Spain look really similar.

    Some geography/history lessons for y’all.

    And BTW, Kim Kardashian looks Spanish as in Spanish from Spain.
    And sorry, but Russian, Czech, etc chicks got nothing on Spanish chicks by FAR (they wish!) (wether they are the original ones from Spain or from South America).
    Honey, there’s a reason why Spanish women are considered the hottest thing on Earth, and that’s because they are (the Spaniard and the South American ones). And also there’s a reason why men from Russia, Czech Republic etc prefer and die for Spanish women (from Spain and South America) over the ones from their own countries. And there’s a reason why men from Spain and South America prefer and die for their own women from their own countries.

  6. Mama Pinkus

    Role model? Thanks but no thanks Ms. Kardashian; if I want a role model it won’t be a an overly-made up gal who is known for nothing but her big ass and a sex tape.

  7. GG1000

    Yo, dumb@ss, most women don’t read Playboy, so it’s kind of hard for pictures in there to serve as a “role model” to girls/women, OK? And exactly what type of “role” does posing nude in Playboy “model?” Teaching our girls how to whore themselves out. God, can we not have one honest person say “I did it for the money, of course. Got any more questions?”

  8. david

    Actually, She is half Armenian-Iranian and half White American

  9. Spanish and Hispanis Men Definitely Love Women of Other Races Too

    #105 said:
    “And there’s a reason why men from Spain and South America prefer and die for their own women from their own countries.”

    I’m Asian and I get hit on by Spanish and Latin men all the time. They’ve asked others to translate to English to me how beautiful they think I am and that they love every part of me: face, hair, figure, and on and on. Even my hip and ass. Whenever there is a Hispanic guy around, I’m almost willing to bet that I can make him do practically anything to my benefit.

    And you know what the main reason is? Most Hispanic women (I don’t know about Spanish) get enlarged tremendously once they hit their thirties. And unlike white or black women who at least grow their hips as well to still make them look womanly, Hispanic women mostly gain weight in their waist and the waist then turns into a beer belly, and make them look like a fat man. With still a pretty face, I must admit.

    I agree 100% that Latin women are the sexiest and the most beautiful on earth, but only up to their twenties. With a few exceptions, they go downhill really fast after that.

  10. allie

    did it for the females to have someone to look up to?
    sorry sweetheart, playboy’s for men.
    ur in it for attention, money, and fame.

  11. Very hot ! Her nude profile and some of her nice nude photos were found on a nudist date site named . I was curious why she was there . Is she a nudist ? Anyone can advise ?

  12. me

    #26…..Sir Mix A lot was making fun of white valley girls who do not seem to get that it’s ok for women to be curvy. If a woman wants to give birth….not having narrow hips is a good thing. Go outside the U.S. and you will notice the concept of beauty varies. Not everyone has been brainwashed by the media.

    Why do all those super models have to be tall…thin with broad shoulders and narrow hips? Their bodies help create an illusion. The clothes have to look as though they are hanging off a hanger. That is the idea behind it.
    Again…we are brainwashed into believing that women are supposed to have boyish figures past the age of 16 or whatever. Models only represent about 10 percent of the female population.

  13. me

    26…the girl also used the word “like” in every other sentence. I find it interesting how you left those parts out.

  14. me

    Killing Us Softly 3 Advertising’s Image of Women

  15. SodaPops

    I can’t believe you morons are going GAGA over this bitch with all her plastic surgery. Nothing is real on this chick accept maybe her crusty ass feet. As for Latinas being the hottest women on earth. Please. Come down here and see all the fat, 2 feet tall, orange haired women around here and then say that one again. And what type of LAtinas are you talking about? Being Spanish is not a race, they’re either white, black, asian, or some mixture of those, so what Spanish women are you fucktards talking about? There are beautiful women in all cultures.

  16. Well kim, I happily didn’t need your advice but I got, as fast as I could, the PLAYBOY and helped myself a couple of times. I must say: YOU DID A PRETTY GOOD JOB!!

  17. jacket

    Hot! Wanna chat?

  18. jacket

    She is so pretty! Can’t believe it! But I prefer her ablums on the millionaire singles club, it’s much hotter. Just because of these hot pics, her personal is very active too. I remembered her blog is there.

  19. Anal Phlegm Munch

    Fat bitch. Put down the fork.

  20. CS

    Asstronomical. I would hit that continuously without restraint for hours :^P~

  21. danaman

    what w phucking pig this fat assed chic is…look close and fast people , in ten years she is 50 lbs fatter and 2 inchs shorter..why ohh why do we look at these people? ok ok ok im the retard here.

  22. FACE

    If I saw her in the grocery store I would be forced to bust a nut in the produce section – all those melons with her ass – argh!

  23. Cokeasian

    Hugh Hefner reminds me of the Geico lizard. Also I had to laugh when hearing that Kim Kardashian quote – can you imagine Paris Hilton or Britney Spears using the word “vicariously” correctly in a sentence?! Me neither. :-D This girl’s alright.

  24. MeanJean

    KK is an idiot. As a regular reader of Play Boy (yes, LOTS of women read it) I know most of their centerfolds are extremely curvy like her. That’s pretty funny that she thinks she’s bringing something new to the magazine.

  25. me

    White Culture: Sexism, Racism and Violence -Intro
    Wednesday, 09 May 2007
    “Despite the firing of Don Imus, corporate media continue to attempt to divert attention from long-established institutional sexism, in order to depict Black youth culture as the vector of the disease. The American reality is one of pervasive celebration of violence, in general, and violence against women, in particular – a white cultural invention. Black rappers, who are owned and controlled by white corporations, did not create this culture of violence and misogyny, but are made the scapegoats for a much deeper national social crisis – a landscape in which “The Godfather” and “Goodfellas” are revered as “classic” films. ”

  26. naomi

    She has a beautiful face. Her body is normal, a lot of men go gaga for it as you can see.
    Armenian are some of the most beautiful women on the earth, their features, bone structure, hair is all PERFECT.
    I wouldn’t hate on her women, many men are attracted to her because she’s not one of the dime a dozen blonde blue eyed thin chicks, (which are fake many times) hm. Her body is in her genes, travel to Armenia before you make conclusions or the eastern part of Europe.. Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, etc. they are not tall and thin like the eastern european models like from Russia, Poland, Romania.

  27. AdamVermouth

    Why does every person that has never worked a day in there LIFE & hangs out with the human duck (Paris Hilton) become famous?
    We all know she leaked her own sex tape,so people would stop thinking
    J-Ray was gay & so she could be another pointless celebrity.
    Who wants to see her fat,hairy,Mafia,Muzza arse in Playboy anyway?
    Did i mention her family are Mafia.

  28. Diamond

    All u biotches need to quit hatting just because you dont look like her… i swear sum people just need to get a life n stop trying …2 live hers ……. PLEASE DONT CONFUSE HATE WITH JEALOUSY

  29. Diamond

    All u biotches need to quit hatting just because you dont look like her… i swear sum people just need to get a life n stop trying …2 live hers ……. DONT CONFUSE HATE WITH JEALOUSY

  30. I think Kim is the hottest person in the world. her body is well proportioned and she has a beautiful face and personality to go with it. What more could a guy ever ask for. I Gotta say I would Marry her if she gave me the oppurtunity.

  31. lol you cant blame everyting entirely onto Kim, have you seen or heard her mom lately? With parents like that who needs perverted uncles? Have you seen the episode where Kim’s lil sister rides the pole like shes a bonified stripper? I mean that was the most shocking thing to me of all. The lil 12 year old girl could do tricks on the pole I will never be able to achieve even if I got stretched out like an average anorexic female gymnast.

    Celeb parents are no good at playing rolemodels for their kids. Kim’s mother is in the same hot-mess ranks as Paris’s or Britney’s mother. My hats off to these disturbing parents. Because of these crazy celeb mommies, we have days’ worth of reading about their crazy kids.

  32. Jackson

    Kim has a huge loose cellulite ass and has to wear a girdle with butt pads ha! ha!

    Kim has to cover her huge butt when she wears a swim suit ha! ha!

  33. Jay

    So uh….”normal body” may not have been the best thing to say but i understand what she means. She wanted to show girls that A “stick thin” body isn’t what girls have to wish that they had. I THINK Kim meant that she wanted to show girls that no matter what shape or size you are that you ARE normal. I know women who are NATURALLY thin, emphasis on the NATURAL, so “normal” def wasnt the right word to use. If your naturally the size that you are than its normal. Next thing you know, young girls are gona try to get to Kim’s size cause she said “natural”. Females tend to misunderstand, thus creating anorexia, or intentional overeating…

  34. Ok so Kim is highly attractive. No, she doesn’t have a normal body. I myself am a rather young girl who has a “better than average” body/face. But I see her as a beautiful woman who is slutty uses her body to get ahead. I’m looked down upon for being the same way but I dont care. So in that case, I’d say she’s a role model, but just for people like me & herself. I actually look up to playboy models & pornstars in a fucked sort up sort of way. I don’t particulary like Kim but she’s hot & she can use her body however she wants. So can I.

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