Kim Kardashian dares women to dream

November 16th, 2007 // 137 Comments

Kim Kardashian says she posed nude for Playboy because she’s a role model. It wasn’t for the money or the attention. Nope, it was for the ladies out there who need someone to look up to. NY Daily News reports:

“I did it because I’m not one of those stick-skinny girls you see. I felt like girls today need to see a normal body,” she told us at the Morgan 4 Ever launch at Underbar last week. “My mom actually pushed me to do it! I think she’s living vicariously through me a little bit.”

Kim Kardashian does have a point. If girls out there can’t find an accurate portrayal of women in Playboy, where can they find one? Hats off to you, Kim Kardashian, for emboldening your fellow females to look at porn. Seriously, I’ve been trying for years, but you might actually be onto something. Although one time I was pretty close when I edited together “Dr. Boneherfine, M.D.” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” I think my date noticed something was off when Patrick Dempsey’s face was replaced with lesbian nurses. However, deep down, she seemed to enjoy it. She was even crying at one point. Most likely tears of joy. I mean, why else would she pepper spray me in the mouth then jump out a window? Women. They’re so cute when they’re happy.


  1. scooby

    you can really see the perfection in the craftsmanship of her ass in photos 3 and 4. wow. clear proof of intelligent design. take that you fucking evolutionists. there is a GOD!

  2. I’m confused..

  3. Erica

    On behalf of women everywhere, I’d like to thank Kim Kardashian for her realistic, oiled-up, airbrushed and blow-up doll figure. That’s definitely what girls look like in real life.

  4. RichPort

    #38 – She’s only a few well placed depleted uranium laden smart bombs away from donning a hijab and martyring herself at the opening of the next Prada flagship store.

  5. RichPort

    #48 – I’d love to spread that butter all over my crotch, then bust a nut on her ass. Then when I pee on her, it’ll be peenut butter.


  6. XFILE102

    USELESS PIECE OF TRASH OF A WOMAN. I am so sick of seeing sleezoid women who’s celebrity is based on their level of slut-dom. She contributes nothing to society. She views herself as a role model huh? Yeah, I think that women out there are really looking for a woman to stand up and show them how to take a dick from a has-been rapper and them swallow his load on camera. Then sell the video and assist with it’s marketing to maximize profits.And then act like your are so repulsed by it and had nothing to do with it, and you didn’t even realize it existed. Have you WATCHED THIS THING?? It is a step-by-step, play-by-play GUIDED FUCKING TOUR through their “adventure” (Fucking), where they actually talk to the viewer at home!! What the fuck. “Look! We are hanging at the beach, and now we are in a restaurant. Next we are going to fuck and let you watch. Please send us money for this shit” WTF??!!! I am not saying she is not pretty in the face and doesnt have a nice rack, but be honest with yourself about who you are!! You are a a slut who will fuck for attention and money (READ: WHORE), with a pretty face. But don’t play like you are Mother-Fucking Theresa who is a positive Role Model to big girls out there. You know who is a positive Big-Girl role model? Rachel Ray. “Look at me, I am thick, and I FUCKING LOVE FOOD. And I fuck my boyfriend like crazy, because big girls get busy too. I am famous, and I love to have fun and not fear my fat” Please stop with Kim.. Some one please grab Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lindsay Lohan, and Brtiney Spears in a room, put explosive collars on them, and give them weapons and blow. Then Put them on a Pay-per-View event where we can all watch them fight, scratch, kick, and punch each other and then one by one set their collars off, so we can watch their heads explode LIVE. Watching ropes of arterial spray in joy realizing we have just increased the intelligence quotient of the planet by almost 50 points.

  7. TS

    I always think it’s sort of ironic whenever you hear a woman who posed in playboy suggest that there is some nobility in it. No matter how you slice it, there’s nothing noble about getting naked so someone can take pictures of you for the masturbatory purposes of millions of men. Let’s be honest, that’s what it’s for. Hey, I am one of them, I’m just saying…

    And #39, I would have to disagree with you, I think her face is pretty good. I would suggest that she’s a butter-ass, not a butter face. That ass is going to be HUGE when she’s 40+ and there aint a damn thing outside of surgery she can do about it. No wonder she likes black dudes (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    Has anyone seen her TV show? I have not but my wife says she and her family are about as dumb as they come. FRIST!!! is it too early?

  8. Eye-Dish Lass

    Fake lips, boobs and it’s not difficult to have a big ass in your 20s. SUCH complete B.S……like she’s doing it for “us.” Barf. I feel for her though because her mother reminds me of one of those desperate (truly, truly desperate, as in – no food for the family desperate) mothers in a 3rd world country that HAS to whore her daughter for money. Mrs. Kardashian – you should be ASHAMED of yourself. You sicken me. Seeing you meet w/Hugh Hefner WITH your daughter?! HOW does a MOTHER do that? Seriously. How?

  9. @52 FRIST screw it, just poor another round of drinks and let start the weekend early..

  10. TS

    Jimbo, brilliant minds think alike.

  11. nipolian

    TS – masturbatory purposes………That’s funny.

  12. TS

    Damn, 56, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? I understand where you’re coming from, these are a bunch of dumb bitches but it sounds like you’ve got some pent-up anger. Do like I do and smoke a lot of chronic. I would say have some tequila, but I think a good 2003 Alexander Valley cabernet would suit you better right about now.

  13. charm

    Flavio: women do not read playboy to see what men like in a girl. Women do not read playboy period, which makes Kardashian’s comment so absurd, because no one will even see the photos except a few disgusting men.

    She also shouldn’t flatter herself, no one sees her as a role model.

  14. RCA


    Ray-J did not do you justice. I would like to submit my resume and application for a lead role in your next adult vacation sex-pose. I am a team player, a go-getter, and GUARANTEED not to let all that DONK go to waste.

    People….until I passed out…DO YOU HEAR ME…


  15. A

    i want to eat her ass. If i was with her she would never have to cook, i would eat her ass and pussy all day long and be completely full and satisfied

  16. TS

    Hey, I just call ‘em like I see ‘em.

  17. nipolian

    I agree that she shouldn’t be a role model but Playboy’s annual revenue is $331.14 Million. I’d say it reaches a little more than a few disgusting men.

  18. ph7

    All the Bounty is to wipe that Booty

  19. TS

    #63, I would not consider all Playboy readers “disgusting men.” What are you, Mormon?

  20. gotmilk?

    22, she’s hardly a celebrity.

    63, i agree with you that she should not flatter herself & she’s not doing me any favors. however, you are wrong. women do read playboy.

  21. my comment

    Love the way she’s in a trance in the salami section.

    btw: She doesn’t have butt implants. She just has a BIG ASS.

  22. I’m already drunk..

  23. She’s really dumb. And slutty.

    But goshdammit she has my ideal body for a woman.

  24. jt

    i’m sorry, i just passed out thinking about her on her video. did kim just say she has a “normal body?”

  25. dude

    Normal body? You fuckin’ kidding me? Horse-faced and collagen injections, fake tits, and pubic hair completely shaved/waxed/electro/airbrushed completely out of existence is NOT a normal body.

    Stupid stupid stupid–but who’s worse? Kim Kardashian or the stupid bitches that actually *do* look to her as role model and think she’s the way a woman is “supposed” to look.

    Except for that ass. God damn I love that fat round juicy ass of hers.

  26. kitty_kat

    Whoa! That is possibly one of the dumbest things I have ever read.

  27. redsonja1313

    and here is where men and women differ……………… I so don’t get why men like that ass so much, it seems very disproprionate to her body. *shrugs*

  28. RENEE Z...

    A normal body?!! What she’s got isn’t natural and it certainly isn’t the average girls figure. What we got to see was a photoshopped chick who’s had butt and breast implants…I wouldn’t really call that normal. But yeah, she’s not exactly a skinny twig either.

  29. Dick in a box

    Other than fucking for all to see……

    Who is she?

  30. Auntie Kryst

    The fucking goat shepherdess is a role model? Complete self deluded bullshit. That chick actually does make me want to read the articles in Playboy for a change.

  31. Lady Zombie

    Why is this woman famous?! For having a gargantuan ass?!

  32. Miguelito

    Look! The freak shops and pushes a shopping cart around just like normal people! I’m surprised she doesn’t get pelted with kumquats by an angry mob.

  33. tic tac

    her butt is too big for her body. it looks disproportional!

  34. Ooba Gooba

    #56, XFILE102:

    Can I have your autograph? That was fucking priceless.

  35. I can’t even hate, she’s adorable!

  36. LL

    I think she’s pretty beautiful, but yeah, she’s a skank. Just say you did it for the money and the attention, you dumb bitch, and leave it at that. I’d have more respect for you (ie, any respect at all) if you did.

  37. cleonova

    What #56 said. (Except for the cat fight–I’d change the exploding heads for a simple JUST GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY, please.)

  38. Ript1&0

    YES YES YES!!!!!!! I love you Kim!!! You are beautiful girl, keep rockin that giant booty everywhere you go 24/7, the guys love it!!!

  39. Ted from LA

    Kim Lardashian looks great. Why all the hate? If I didn’t have a bathroom nearby, I’d pee on her. What says respect and love more than that?

    fuck those Victoria’s Secret models, Kim Kardashian looks WAAAAAAAY hotter fully casual clothed food shopping at the grocery store than they do ultra glamed-up and semi-naked looking their best and trying their hardest at their best looking day of their year at their super fashion show. Fuck, the difference is that Kim Kardashian is actually HOT, while those stick assless curveless flat-butted bimbos are not, and only manage to look attractive all glamed-up baring it all trying their hardest to look ‘hot’ at their fashion show. Flat butts, lack of curves and sticks ain’t the thing. Adriana Lima is cute but no near 1/8 as hot as Kim Kardashian, the others are just butter faced curveless flat-butted bimbo sticks that only manage to look sexy half naked, with gallons of makeup on after being 12 hours on the makeup artist’s chair trying their hardest and wearing the sluttiest outfits Victoria’s Secret could find so attention will be drawn off from their butterfaces, their lack of curves and their flat asses.

    Fuck how can Kim Kardashian be so hot? There’s no one near half as hot in Hollywood right now and there hasn’t been anyone in a long long time (the only one that comes close is Angelina Jolie).
    This girl is just a goddess, god’s gift to men and to bi-sexual/lesbian women.
    What a fucking amazingly perfect body, what an ass, what a pair of boobs, what a face, what a fucking hot girl.
    Kim’s hot, Victoria’s Secret flat-ass bimbos are NOT.

  41. ganana

    I think she’s cute and seems to be a nice gal. Her mother is an ageing, grasping hanger on that needs to be ditched. How can a mother want her daughter to strip for vile Hugh Hefner. I think he’s morphing into a lizard.

  42. ganana

    And WTF is a butterface?

  43. MD

    Brunnettes like this kick every blonde’s ass any day.
    I know she’s Armenian, but she looks very Spanish, and Spanish looking chicks are the hottest thing on Earth. I guess they’re two very similar ethnic groups.

  44. Moobs

    #90 is an idiot

    if you’re really that stupid in “real life” i feel sorry for your parents.

  45. jacknasty

    she looks 40. Fake boobs, fake hair, fake ass and a pound of make-up….what an inspiration

  46. KamUK

    Isn’t she SWEET thinking of normal women, what a darling – UGH! I suppose the paps just happened to catch her in the supermarket too, they weren’t summoned by her publicists to tell them Kim K. is shopping come and photograph her.
    These people are just so facile.

  47. Sizzurp

    Her ass is retarded looking, don’t get me wrong I like a big booty, but Jesus, no seriously, I think Jesus is under those stretchy pants.

  48. L.Linus

    #90, you are less than a half-wit, which makes you a quarter-wit. #56, damn, I bet you smoked a cigarette after that rant. Most of it was sooo true, and becoming famous for lip-syc, showing your tits, showing you pussy, piss on someone and getting drunk and making a fool of yourself. This stuff is sooo crazy that the world is just about over. Where the hell is real talent anymore?

  49. Aprhodite

    I would like to see some hot men here with certain unmentionable parts shown. Why not! We see women all the time.

  50. Get over yourselves.

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