Kim Kardashian dares women to dream


Kim Kardashian says she posed nude for Playboy because she’s a role model. It wasn’t for the money or the attention. Nope, it was for the ladies out there who need someone to look up to. NY Daily News reports:

“I did it because I’m not one of those stick-skinny girls you see. I felt like girls today need to see a normal body,” she told us at the Morgan 4 Ever launch at Underbar last week. “My mom actually pushed me to do it! I think she’s living vicariously through me a little bit.”

Kim Kardashian does have a point. If girls out there can’t find an accurate portrayal of women in Playboy, where can they find one? Hats off to you, Kim Kardashian, for emboldening your fellow females to look at porn. Seriously, I’ve been trying for years, but you might actually be onto something. Although one time I was pretty close when I edited together “Dr. Boneherfine, M.D.” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” I think my date noticed something was off when Patrick Dempsey’s face was replaced with lesbian nurses. However, deep down, she seemed to enjoy it. She was even crying at one point. Most likely tears of joy. I mean, why else would she pepper spray me in the mouth then jump out a window? Women. They’re so cute when they’re happy.