Kim Kardashian slices foot, proves you can never start fake reality drama too soon

ABC announced this morning that Kim Kardashian would compete on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. Apparently, Kim was so excited she decided to walk on broken glass. (Ha ha! Gypsies.) After a quick trip to the ER, Kim called Good Morning America to say she’ll still be dancing thus allaying the fears of five, maybe six, people. Us Magazine reports:

She said she used her foot to push away a broken “mirrored, Venetian little desk” and cut herself “pretty badly” in her New York City hotel room.
“If you saw my room, it looked like a murder scene!” Kardashian said.

Let this be a lesson, folks: Never use a mirror to try and see if your younger siblings are stuck in your ass cheeks again. It might sound good on paper, but it only ends in bloodshed.

The More You Know….