Kim Kardashian commits blasphemy. Skips Super Bowl.

February 1st, 2009 // 90 Comments

Kim Kardashian might have hosted the 6th Annual Leather & Laces Celebration in Tampa to kick off Super Bowl weekend, but she’s not even watching the game tonight! Despite dating Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints, Kim is bailing on America and filming her upcoming workout video instead. People reports:

While the reality star didn’t originally plan on missing the game, a scheduling snafu forced her to make a tough decision. “When we first chose Feb. 1, we didn’t know it was the Super Bowl,” she says. “And after we realized it, I thought that this [video] was an important thing for me to do.”
And important for her target audience: curvier girls.
“For young girls to see exercise videos that have only skinny girls…well, that’s something they can’t attain,” says Kardashian. “I want this to be something that can be realistic for most girls.”

Of course, it all makes sense now:

Loves to make videos? Check.
Moustache? Waxed, so check.
Hates football? Check.

I should’ve known all along… Kim Kardashian is a terrorist! Or a woman if you want to split hairs here.

Photos: Getty

  1. Freddo

    Fat, talentless, useless, noisy waste of space.

  2. NastyBedazzler

    I’m kind of skipping the Superbowl so I can’t really trash talk here. To my credit, I’ll be having sex instead.

  3. Aerialgreen

    What’s a superbowl? is it on the McValue Menu?

    J/K! ~ 1st commercial brake:

    1) Jason Statham interpreting his transporter character for an Audi commercial, it’s…. nice? it’s not a show stopper and drags forever.

    2) Dorito’s magic ball, vandalism = free Doritos, crotch humor = unemployment….. so to sum up, we’re on recession and vandalism is acceptable given you are out of job (specially if you wrote this add).

  4. jim

    Also waste of air.

  5. It's Me Fuckers

    I think she is hot. I’d swing to the Lesbian side to curl up with my face between her thighs.

  6. Guest

    The Superbowl is for
    asshole americans
    and nobody BUT americans
    actually care about it.

  7. Elle

    In most of the pics her head is tilted down slightly which makes her nose look very long, and for this I think her sister is cuter. It is really sad that her only claim to fame is that gross sex tape and plastic surgeries. She’s attractive but is this really the best she could come up with?

  8. dave

    God, so many ways of hitting that ass…

  9. Rick

    What’s the difference between Kim Lardassian and a urinal at a KFC? Lardassian has been pissed on by more negroes

  10. Savalas

    Nothing like getting sloppy seconds after your girlfriend fucked some guy on camera.

    Actually, I wouldn’t know. Maybe it’s great.

  11. Air Mail

    Fish, find another girl man. I know Kim has a ‘car accident, can’t turn away’ appeal, but let it go dude.

  12. Aerialgreen

    2nd quarter somewhat amusing adds…

    1) Dell fake nerds watch Danica Patrick shower with The Office german chick. Not funny at all.

    2) Max Diet Cola, the diet soda for real men, hahahahaha! talk about a highway to bankruptcy.

    3) Jack Black & Cera Year One movie… gee Michael, this movie sure is worth giving the finger to your Arrested Development peers and show fans. Asshole.

    4) Vin diesel, Mark Walbergh and my main man MRod on Fast & Furious or “how we were wrong thinking we were above this summer shit”.

  13. kate

    hahahahahaha, a sexy woman want to find a young man to date. She put her profile and blogs on ****seekingsugarmomma. c om****. I really want to ask whether she found her soulmate there. She puts so many hot pics there.

  14. Truth Doctor

    comment #6 is obviously very jealous of America

  15. Brandon

    That’s something they can’t attain? Why would I want to do a workout that a fatass shows me how to do? That’s like asking a hobo for advice on job interviews.

  16. Aerialgreen

    Half time superbowl add nauseum…

    1) Put your 3D glasses on! cartoons + jocks on spandex grinding their junk on your 50 plus inch HDTV…. a not unlikely combo to be featured daily in most fratboy houses across the country.

    2) Nextel making you believe it’s 1999 were you could pull your cellphone everywhere and anytime during an airplane flight and on an airport.

    4) NBC’s Heroes have a character that is a cheerleader so why not playing that along a superbowl add promoting the show, oh, and Gary Busick shows up without funny results.

  17. Dave

    White girls that can’t fuck always date black dudes. I seen her sex tape and she has to be the worst fuck around. Black guys don’t care though, they just like to make fun of them.

  18. amanda

    is it just me or is her head disproportionatly big for her body?

  19. kylie

    She’s got a fantastic body!

  20. TheJoker07

    mmm…the things I’ll do that girl.

  21. Aerialgreen

    Best add of the straight superbowl *drum roll* it’s Pepsubber! ~ featuring SNL’s Will Forte and his McGrubber character, Kristen Wigg AND the guy who played McGuiver!

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  23. i prefer it is a fake news as well as some magazines said she kept dating some young, handsome from different nations..she joined the interracial fun seeking site InterracialRomancing.c o m in the past weeks. Good luck, Woman!

  24. bomchickawow

    who does this bitch think she is? worthless human being… shitty sex tape, dancing with the stars, and now this bullshit

  25. fraulein

    Whatevssss, Kim is gorgeous! She has such a lovely face. <3

  26. Aerialgreen

    Pittsburg wins, Arizona loses – now, $10 says one of the Steelers will be doning a superbowl ring AND a fat juicy cock on the ass, and most likely a Cardinal’s.

  27. ……………………………………OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!

  28. sexybigbeauty

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  29. Kim is Cute,but she could start her own Porn Compagny and be the First in to do the Movies ! its teh best she can do i think !
    and she can try other colors of mans too !

  30. ~*Adrienne*~

    Adrienne is definitely the prettiest of them all…*cough* cough*

  31. no

    Kim is gorgeous but her boyfriend looks like a complete douchebag. I could be wrong, he may be the most charming and witty person you could meet but…nah.

  32. spf.

    ppl got big heads (physically)

    but shes also got a long horse face.

  33. GG1000

    I love how his purpose in the photos is to be a backdrop for her tits.

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  35. gshdadaf

    I see Reggie Bush is posing there with his urinal. I wonder . . . if sooner or later, the urinal will give birth to a litter of ugly stupid mindless little niglets . . .

    I hope not. I think the stupid urinal should get its tubes tied before it shits out a bunch of stinking shitskins, or . . . perhaps if the urinal gets pregnant, a roto-rooter guy can chop out the niglets . . .

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  37. Tallkiss? Go kiss my ass!!!

  38. James

    Tallkiss? Go kiss my ass!!!

  39. meee

    ok, being someone who has been frequently mistaken for anorxeic…i think this is good. if all you assfucks think real women REALLY look like supermodels then you’re fucking stupid. they’re supermodels for a reason…they have a rare look & specific body type.

    plus most of you guys are SO FUCKING UGLY you could never get a girl like kim or even any of her sisters for that matter you computer-fucking assholes, so stop fucking criticizing her. have fun working at applebee’s.

    p.s. bring me some honey roasted chicken, faggot!

  40. lolskates

    god she likes the nikkahs doesnt she

  41. clx

    I’d hit it.

  42. MrBlonde

    As we say in Spain, her ass is the size of a bullring!!

    But yes, I’d hit it. Now. Before she becomes an awful 40-year-old big-ass mama.

  43. hotbbw09

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  44. Rob

    this fat bitch is going to do a workout video? it should be easy, all she has to do is look at the camera and say: “put down that drumstick and talk a walk lardass”!!

  45. Kim

    Me me me, it’s all about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (but I better hide that by dangling a lure for dumb knee-jerk types…wait, I know…”I’m trying to rescue young girls from the media’s unrealistic and unhealthy skinny-girl ideal. Real women have curves!” ….hahaha…that’ll work…suckers…)

  46. Ashley Villegas


  47. erika

    ok, she has a gorgeous face. but OMFG I can count the giant celulite holes in her! (check pic number 5)

    shame on you kim!

    no mirror in your bathroom???

  48. Jeebs

    The only reason you racist little fuckers hate Kim is because you feel insecure next to the black dick. You realize that when white women find out a dick can be bigger than 6 inches, they will never come back. If Kim only dated white men, and had a sex with a white man, none of you would call her a whore. Get over it: black men fuck your chicks in ways you could NEVER do!

  49. supersex

    doesn’t she go anywhere without her ugly ass sister.

  50. Melvin

    FUCK the haters, she is HAWT!!!
    Well, yeah, probably a duchebag, too, but who gives a shit?

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