Kim Kardashian celebrates her naked stuff


Playboy threw a celebratory bash for Kim Kardashian’s December cover last night in New York. It’s nice to see a bunch of people gathering together to appreciate the fine art of air-brushing. Nothing ruins a good boner more than the natural blemishes of a woman. Although that’s not really an issue with Kim Kardashian since nobody’s looking at anything but her bulbous ass anyway. Unless they’re an android. In which case you’ll probably have to kill them. But give them one final test: ask if Kim Kardashian is on her back do you flip her over to see her butt? If they answer “No,” BLAM! Congratulations, you just rid the earth of a dirty android. Or maybe a gay guy which, uh, hmm, I probably should’ve thought this test through a little more. Hey, why don’t you stand over there with the body while I hop out this window? Later!