Kim Kardashian celebrates her birthday

October 22nd, 2007 // 204 Comments

  1. Juan

    Happy Boobsday

  2. spy

    She’s perfect. That ass is amazing. They she she’s not talented, but talent isn’t necessary when a woman is that hot.

  3. roughdaddy

    i wanna see some persian pubes…

  4. Juan

    Happy Boobsday

  5. wowza


  6. MrSemprini


  7. bigpapidante

    I agree with #2 and #5, she is Asstastic!

  8. Jew Lover

    Fuck yeah, Sarah Silverman keeps looking hotter and hotter!!!!!!

    *masturbates furiously*

  9. …where’s the big-ass cake?

  10. kpol

    Does anybody know if she’s into chicks? Looking at the pics of her dancing with the woman in white almost makes me forget it’s Monday. Yum!

  11. Bella!

    she is a stunner. amazingly beautiful

  12. Jack

    She’s trying to be a very hairy Anna Nicole Smith.

  13. loooooove her

    raven haired goddess jessica rabbit

  14. Bincko

    If she didn’t manage to blow out all the candles, some dude could have whipped out his dick and peed on them. We all know she’d still eat the cake.

  15. John 3:16

    That women needs to stop eating. She will weigh 200 pounds by 40

  16. Janey

    They must have a hard time keeping wax in stock wherever these girls live.

  17. Jack, you're as nutty as anna herself

    12, she wants to be a corpse of a retarded hick?
    i don’t know what she does, but she is good enough to look at without being talented at anything.
    she is gorgeous beyond belief, from the shinning ebony locks, hypnotizing eyes, sensual lips, hour glass shape………………………………………..

  18. It's Britney Bitch

    I used to like her better when she was Paris Hiltons anonymous hot friend, now she is trying to hard

  19. tired of jealous anorexic girls

    16 -
    you’re just jealous you are not an exotic beauty, her skin looks oh so smooth to me.

  20. Patrick

    She’s a dirty whore. But her plastic surgeon and hair removal specialist are top-shelf, obviously – kudos to them. Still, if you think she’s a great beauty or a goddess, you’ve got really low-rent taste.

  21. Uncle Eccoli

    Fuck I hate that nasty gypsy bitch.

  22. wowowowowow

    those eyes
    those lips
    that butt
    that chest

  23. i dont get it. JLo has an ass at least that big, but i find her disgusting. kim shows up and wiggles that caboose and i want to play engineer! maybe for her birthday, she show us some bikini shots of that tush!

  24. Sam Hain

    Yay donka-donk-donk!

  25. David

    and Patrick, if you think she is ugly, you are a fag or an ugly anorexic chick who looks at this girl and realizes all of her hard work is wasted cause Kim is hot as hell.

  26. hi, sentence-name person!

    One person thinks she’s hot. One. Using several names, highly insecure, trying to shout down contrary opinions. A true no-personal-identity celeb-worshiper. Sad.

  27. Sam Hain

    Yay low rent taste!

  28. i know why #23

    cause kim is beautiful and doesn’t have jlos ugly ghetto accent.

  29. Patrick

    #25, like I said, low-rent taste. But you’re happy with it, so why get upset?

  30. ============

    Why do Americans still refer to Iranians as Persians?


    i just got here and i see other people have posted that shes hot as hell.
    ( to #26 )
    im pretty sure more than one person has eyes to see
    a beautiful face with big beautiful eyes, smooth skin, sexy arched brows, pouty lips, tits, waist, ass

    i think the only reason people know who she is is because she is insanely gorgeous. nothing like the plain jane wrinkled blonde chicks i see in movies ( cameron diaz, jennifer aniston) im into this girl.

  32. nyrhody

    wow is this fucking skank pig?

    Is she famous?

  33. Jennifer Lopez – Watch out!

  34. Jessica

    Horny little boys who seldom get laid (except by in a manage a trois with their right hand and internet porn) are soooooo easy to please!

  35. Anonymous

    #30, I applaud you!

  36. blakey

    29- speaking of taste, how was the jizz you just gulped.
    what is ” high rent ” skinny no curves with squint eyes and fried blonde hair?
    this looks good.

  37. felon

    The toilet paper I wiped my ass with last night reminded me of this chick. I’m gonna put it on ebay.

  38. moderator

    I think a reasonable middle ground in this debate would be to say that she’s a totally hot goddess, as empty-headed urine-soaked nigga-fixed noncontributors to society go.


    Why is she wearing those cheap 1970′s Porno fake Eye Lashes ?

  40. havoc

    Oh my God, the things I would do to her……


  41. better scientist

    I can think of a study more noble than asses. Boobs.

  42. Frick

    Kim Kardashian is 95% ass…and that includes her personality.

  43. Donald Trump

    i have high standards, im not easy to please
    angelina – not that attractive
    halle berry – a six
    women at hollywood parties are hotter than the women in hollywood
    she is too hot to be an actress
    minus her legs not being the best, she is beautiful, and more attractive than any actress.

  44. I'll take Kourtney over Kim

    I think Kourtney is cuter than Kim, plus you don’t have to worry about every brotha on the planet hitting on her cause she doesn’t have a mandinko butt like Kim

  45. Patrick

    #36, your answer to your self-posed question, “what is high rent,” reveals all that we need to know about you. Again, you’re happy with your girl Kim, with her very close resemblance to the porn girls you know so well from thousands of hours of “viewing,” so why attack somebody who’s set his sights a little higher?

  46. Auntie Kryst

    I can only focus on her breasts. I won’t dare look upon her face. See she’s not Persian/Iranian but Armenia. Those gypsys can put the evil eye on you.

  47. She would be a fantastic tit fuck if she was wearing a pretty lacy push-up bra. I like to do it with me facing the feet so she could tongue fuck my asshole, while I slide my cock in between those wonderful tits.

  48. hootie


  49. LOVE JEWS ( esp jennifer love hewitt and Scarlette Johansson) and Einstein

    she is a rare amazingly stunning beauty who is dumb and spoiled and has bad taste in men

  50. Maybe So

    Despite her camel nose and obvious plastic surgery, she is still very attractive.

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