Kim Kardashian cares about Kim Kardashian

September 19th, 2008 // 96 Comments

Who’s ready for a story about how big of a bitch Kim Kardashian is? I know I am. I don’t know about you, but I love a good “Kim is a selfish behemoth” tale because they’re always so full of hope and promise and love for one’s fellow man. So, without further ado, here’s an eyewitness account from a Defamer Australia reader who got stuck in a traffic jam only to watch Kim Kardashian impede the progress of rescue workers because she was on the phone. Inspiring!:

After 5-10 minutes, I see a tow truck and a fire truck coming our way from around Fairfax, but traffic is now pretty jacked so it’s slow. The tow truck is all set to come down the emergency lane when this
giant black tinted Escalade looking thing cuts in front of it to pass the stalled traffic. Keep in mind the tow truck has flashers on. As the Escalade gets closer, I’m waving my hands to tell it to get over, but it won’t. Then I notice the chick driving is on her cell, holding it up to her ear. I walk up to her car now, hit the passenger side door and say “get over – there’s a tow truck and a fire truck behind you – there’s been a bad accident.”
At this point, she rolls down the window to reveal her KIM KARDASHIAN self [...] who tells me “Don’t you touch my car.” I thought, “Are you fucking kidding me?! there’s a guy on the sidewalk with his head bleeding.” I then screamed at her “Are you fucking kidding me?! There’s a guy on the sidewalk with his head bleeding!!” to which she responds “I know, but don’t touch my car.” She finally merges into the other lane and jams it through the yellow light to make the intersection.
She said “I know?” I KNOW that I’m holding up rescue in my tinted-arse Escalade looking thing and on my cell, but the only thing I care about is not to hit my car.

Okay, all joking aside, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Kim could’ve been in the middle of a very important phone call. For all we know, the price of mustache wax just shot up. Or buttpads now require a permit. Let us not be so quick to judg – wait, I got it, O.J. wants his money back. That explains it….

Thanks to Susan who always figured Kim Kardashian, of all people, would have more respect for the Jaws of Life.

NOTE: And, get the fuck out, reader Brandon just alerted me that Kim Kardashian is claiming to be 120 lbs. on her blog. Per cheek, maybe.


  1. UglyPeopleSafaris.


  2. Randal

    Even under the street of a traffic jam, you keep your cool and wear it well too. It’s very important that the first person you take care of is yourself and Kim, you’re doing a wonderful job.

    Looking forward to watching you win Dancing with the Stars.


  3. veggi

    She’s just worried all the time about rear-end collisions. For some reason she gets into a lot of them.

  4. Slut

    As the old saying goes……If the buttpad fits….

  5. Lola



  6. takesonetoknowone

    Fat assed whore.

  7. Jesse

    “I know, but don’t touch my car” isn’t nearly as bad as “I know, but I only fuck nyggers who piss on me like the monkeys they are and the toilet I am.”

  8. Shes wearing way too much clothes. Those Jacki O glasses are so annoying!

    note: to paps, please photograph from the rear!

  9. rough daddy, get your own material

  10. Cynthia

    Fat, selfish, driving an Escalade, doesn’t care about other people in trouble…

    So obviously Kim’s a Republican.

  11. dbone

    that’s hilarious! if she’s 120 lbs she’s gotta be like 4’2″. ha ha ha!!!!!

  12. angie

    like hell she weighs 120. i’m 5ft 1 1/2 in. and 118, with a small frame as well.

    although i’m not curvy at all, by her logic she should be look like she weighs just as much as me, but carry it in different places…but the size of her arms, legs, and waist aren’t small enough (because the weight should only be in her bust and butt) to support her theory. similar to how the elastic that nasa has built for her workout pants isn’t strong enough to support her ass.

  13. AirMail

    Let’s see: Dad helped O.J. get away with murder, and she does not care about someone bleeding to death… That apple did not fall far from the tree.

  14. The guy obviously wasn’t black or the situation may have gone like this:

    Kim* Don’t touch my……..hey there’s brothers in Australia?

    Guy* Move over there’s a tow truck…….Why is your ass in the backseat?

    Kim*Do you have to pee?

    Guy* Huh? Not really…….

    Kim* You’ll need to eventually, hop in.

  15. jo

    why is she famous again? Oh yeah because of her padded spongy butt….

  16. Kim Kardashian

    WHATEVER! That guy was a total douche! He was near MY CAR!
    Hello people, use common sense!
    I’m more important than some idiot getting hurt!

    Anyways, screw him, but vote for me on, “Dancing With The Stars!



    ^ Your dirty, smelly, armo pussy smells like a camels asshole that has been baking in the hot desert of your homeland.

  18. RIP Kimmie

    i really hope this bitch fucking makes an ass out herself on the show. i want her to fall or break a butt implant. never in my life have i despised anyone harder than this hoe. seriously. her family is cool, its this bitch thats needs to die and fucking hard at that. next time somebody should shove a fuckin flare in her goddamn mouth. and to think this bitch had VIP treatment to the ER over her crusty ass toe. then cry about it like its life threatening. and toni braxton has a fuckin heart problem, you dont hear her cry at all about it. somebody anybody please kill kim kardashian and save the fucking world of her lying, fake ass bullshit.

  19. fukin nasty fat ass bitch = kk

    She has a huge fat ass, disproportionate to the rest of her body size. At least from the waist up. From the waist down she is fat, flabby and has sasquatch feet that are more like hooves than human feet.

    She has no talent, can’t play an instrument, can’t hold a note singing.

    So her 15 minutes, 14 of which are used, are due to being a mudshark on a feeding frenzy and letting a nasty nig piss on her.

    This fucking slut needs to go back to the gutter where she belongs; she’s disgusting.

  20. Kim Kardashian

    @17 you wish you could fuck me! Shut the hell up and go touch yourself in some dirty corner like you always do!


  21. CJ

    first one out on Dancing With The Stars…which is on thin ice for shoving Kim down the throats of the viewers!!!

  22. Anonymous

    This skank does not deserve to live. Oh, and neither does Randal.

  23. britney's weave

    @11, dammit dbone, you took my comment!!! lol

    i hate this whore.

    ^ that one will never get old.

  24. Remy

    So, what “star” will be her dance partner? They can’t possibly expect people to look at her as though she is a star. By what virtue is she a star? Being a human urinal cake? Having a huge fat flabby nasty stinking hairy ass? Having nasty hairy ugly troll ski feet? Being a mudshark?

    Who the fuck is this urine drinking lard ass nigga lover and why would anyone think of her as a star?

  25. Jon

    “Kim Kardashian is claiming to be 120 lbs. on her blog. Per cheek, maybe.”

    You hit the nail on the head that time! Good one!

    I swear this self-important self righteous dickhead fatass tub-o-lard bigfoot can’t even spell star. She’s a dud, just like the rest of the family.

    Apparently the evolutionary process has stalled out and the Kardashiaskanks aren’t quite as evolved as most humans. They belong in the circus.

  26. KK never runs outta gas

    She looks like a fukin marsupial carrying an offspring in the pouch. And a complete survival outfit, tent and camping gear and a 5 gallon spare can of petrol fuel in her ass cheeks. Worthless piece of human garbage.

  27. First her ass weighs 120 lbs. Second, she isn’t any different than the rest of the asshole in LA. Third, does she swallow?

  28. kingofbeer

    Fat fucking whore…..

  29. macman

    C ee U N ext T uesday

  30. Val

    Good God I hate her. I think its hilarious she will lie like that about her weight. Being 5′ 2″ makes her short, not “small framed” as she put it. I’ll fucking believe the bitch if I see it with my own eyes.
    Granted if I see her with my own eyes I may kill her before she hits the scale.

  31. #29, oh yes, she is

  32. Jake

    She probably has a fancy European scale that reads in metric. 120kg = 252lbs. That’s more like it.

  33. isitin

    I wouldn’t fuck this ugly ass thing with your dick.

  34. Sophia

    what a lying cunt. She should at least make her lies beliveable. It’s not possible to wear 27 jeans if you’re 39 in the hips.

  35. Ted from LA

    Yes. Piss.

  36. TheJoker07

    I think she’s hot as hell but no way is she 120lbs. More like 150-160lbs. I’m in no way calling her fat. Her nice goddess booty and boobs must weight a lot.

  37. Tori

    Vapid, useless cunt.

  38. diebitchdie

    Wow!! What a rotten bitch!! We can only hope Karma works it’s way to her skank-ass!!!

  39. my comment

    She shops at H&M?

    I guess that explains the cheapo, see-thru purple Barney top and leggings.

  40. LOL

    Dude. I’m 5’6 and don’t have less than half the body fat this bitch does and I weigh 125 pounds. She must be mentally retarded if she thinks people would actually believe this.

  41. max

    you are white becouse you don’t have nice ass! jealous!

  42. Dee

    I weigh 145 and am thinner then her, she is AT LEAST 160, unless she’s only 5 ft tall.

    Dumb bitch, hopefully someday someone will do the same thing to her When are we going to stop promoting these assholes?

  43. KK

    I am 120 lbs! You bitches are just jealous because I have Reggie. Just wait, I will post a video on my blog that shows my size.

  44. Not that I ever thought much of this broad, but now I have a total lack of respect for her. Im a healthcare worker going into nursing, and that’s some dirty stuff. Makes me wonder if that crying scene on “The Kardashian’s,” was even real. She’s crying about a sex tape leaking, while all the while if a person like me sees a man on the ground bleeding I’ll be crying or full of adrenaline. What a you know what! Btw #7 that wasn’t cool at all. Be a leader, not a follower.

  45. Squishy

    Selfish cunt!

  46. Also note:

    Talking on a cel phone while driving (and not using-hands free) is now illegal in California.

    Why oh why the fuck do the CHP always bust some housewife but never the celebrities who are ALWAYS FUCKING ON THEIR CEL PHONES.


  47. 43# KK
    It wasn’t Reggie you were Rogering at Dave’s the other night!

  48. Where are you, Karma?

    Kim Kardashian: growing more and more useless by the day. Maybe Reggie Bush was waiting at home with a full bladder?

  49. (=???=)

    This cumslut ditchpig need to be tied to the back of her Escalade and dragged until her butt implants are the only things left.

  50. ramona putz

    Looks like her ass isn’t the only ugly thing about her.
    Good-for-nothing spawn of a camel jockey who defended a murderer.
    How many dirty little corners have you been touched in you worthless slut & wasteful bitch of the planet’s resources?!

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