Kim Kardashian cares about Kim Kardashian

Who’s ready for a story about how big of a bitch Kim Kardashian is? I know I am. I don’t know about you, but I love a good “Kim is a selfish behemoth” tale because they’re always so full of hope and promise and love for one’s fellow man. So, without further ado, here’s an eyewitness account from a Defamer Australia reader who got stuck in a traffic jam only to watch Kim Kardashian impede the progress of rescue workers because she was on the phone. Inspiring!:

After 5-10 minutes, I see a tow truck and a fire truck coming our way from around Fairfax, but traffic is now pretty jacked so it’s slow. The tow truck is all set to come down the emergency lane when this
giant black tinted Escalade looking thing cuts in front of it to pass the stalled traffic. Keep in mind the tow truck has flashers on. As the Escalade gets closer, I’m waving my hands to tell it to get over, but it won’t. Then I notice the chick driving is on her cell, holding it up to her ear. I walk up to her car now, hit the passenger side door and say “get over – there’s a tow truck and a fire truck behind you – there’s been a bad accident.”
At this point, she rolls down the window to reveal her KIM KARDASHIAN self […] who tells me “Don’t you touch my car.” I thought, “Are you fucking kidding me?! there’s a guy on the sidewalk with his head bleeding.” I then screamed at her “Are you fucking kidding me?! There’s a guy on the sidewalk with his head bleeding!!” to which she responds “I know, but don’t touch my car.” She finally merges into the other lane and jams it through the yellow light to make the intersection.
She said “I know?” I KNOW that I’m holding up rescue in my tinted-arse Escalade looking thing and on my cell, but the only thing I care about is not to hit my car.

Okay, all joking aside, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Kim could’ve been in the middle of a very important phone call. For all we know, the price of mustache wax just shot up. Or buttpads now require a permit. Let us not be so quick to judg – wait, I got it, O.J. wants his money back. That explains it….

Thanks to Susan who always figured Kim Kardashian, of all people, would have more respect for the Jaws of Life.

NOTE: And, get the fuck out, reader Brandon just alerted me that Kim Kardashian is claiming to be 120 lbs. on her blog. Per cheek, maybe.