Kim Kardashian goes for cellulite removal?! GASP!

May 13th, 2008 // 162 Comments

Kim Kardashian revealed on this weekend’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she has cellulite treatment done on her planet-sized posterior. I’m just as shocked as you are. But for those of you wanting an up-close look at Kim’s ass, definitely scope out the video after the jump of her full-on butt-sanding. If this episode doesn’t win an Emmy, there is no God. Okay, maybe there is and he’s a jerk that hates fat chicks. I dunno, I’m not a priest – yet. I’m applying online to be one right now actually. Okay, here’s the final question: “Can you make shit up?” Hell yeah I can! *clicks ‘Yes’* Boom! I’m an ordained minister! Kickass! Anyone got a baby I can baptize? We’ll have to use my garden hose, but don’t worry, I’ll bless it first.

Photos: Splash News, Video: E!, RedLasso

  1. Poor Kim

    I feel sorry for Kim. She is not very bright, has no talent, did bad porn and got dumped, and learned bad eating habits from her big butt mom. Now Kim is fat and has a loose butt and she has to wear a girdle and cover her huge butt when wearing a swim suit. She also has to get cellulite removal procedures that are a farce. If Kim loses weight then her fat butt is going to sag more. Poor short fat chick.

  2. I saw the video of Kim. Her big fat butt is wide, flat, and boring. If you want to see big perky bubble butts then go to this site:

  3. I'm in love with her

    She’s the queen of boners. Sooooooooooo hot. Yum.

  4. Ray

    Kim is the hottest fat chick in LA! I love how she let’s guys use her and does porn! I love easy chicks! I jerk off to Kim and fatasize that I tell her that her big ass looks hot and she eats it all up and I tell her she is so hot and I do her doggie style and I slap her huge ass and watch it jiggle and I lick her cellulilte too! It’s all good! Fat chicks feel bad about themselves and are easy lays!

  5. Jenny

    She’s stunning, and what a body! I hate her because I know my boyfriend would drool over her if he saw her and she’s absolutely gorgeous, I hope he doesn’t get to see her. It’s obvious a lot of women on this site do hate her too, a lot more than me and not in a good way lol, some people take their jealousy too far! Come on, it’s undeniable she’s stunning and completely hot and that her body is amazing even with cellulite, all guys love her, learn to love what god gave you and don’t be so hateful on other people just because they’re a lot more beautiful than you and way hotter and way more succesful than you are!

  6. Poor Jenny


    You say all guys love Kim lol! It seems like the creepy guys love her. She did porn with creepy Ray and then he dumped her. Your boyfriend sounds like a creep too. Different strokes for different folks and the creepy guys like fat chicks with big wide loose butts like Kim. The fit chicks are not jealous of Kim but happy they are not fat like Kim, but I suspect the fat chicks are sensitive when people put Kim down. I suspect you are fat like Kim and have cellulite too, and so you relate to Kim and feel compeled to defend her. You sure did pick a fat worthless no talent media whore to defend.

  7. Elk

    146. Leslie
    “When I try to tell them that I eat right and exercise regularly they just ignore me and continue with the put downs. ”

    That’s great, what’s your height and weight?

  8. Nothing

    What I want to know is what brand of sunglasses she is wearing, I love them!

  9. Grandma Tsunade

    I’m just glad that not every man on here thinks ample hips, thighs and rear ends mean a woman is a fat pig. Put another 30 pounds on her and she might approaching chubby, but not yet.

    The shallow obsession with feminine thinness is why so many girls and women hate themselves. The saddest part is, the media has managed to make MEN think that being underweight is normal, too. THIS is fat: .

    Fat is fat, curvy is curvy, bony is bony. A healthy balance of fitness and self-esteem based your body frame is the best kind of beauty. Not an unrealistic ideal that a lot of women could never live up to. I say the men who think women like Kim are fat should go live on a big island with all the skinny women so they could shudder in horror as they discover there are 500 men to every woman. They might wanna come back to the mainland (and to reality) pretty quick.

  10. A

    I think she looks great. More women should not be afraid of their bodies. It is not cool to look like a stick-figured twelve-year old boy! Those frail women…you can snap them in half on your knee!

  11. EJ

    Dude, you guys need to get you fucking eyes checked! I’d bang Kim Kardashian any day! And she is most DEFINTELY NOT fat. AT ALL. Period.

    Curvy with a nice ass and a nice pair of boobs. She’s so perfect in everyway, except the cellulite. D:

  12. EJ

    Dude, you guys need to get you fucking eyes checked! I’d bang Kim Kardashian any day! And she is most DEFINTELY NOT fat. AT ALL. Period.

    Curvy with a nice ass and a nice pair of boobs. She’s so perfect in everyway, except the cellulite. D:

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