Kim Kardashian goes for cellulite removal?! GASP!

May 13th, 2008 // 162 Comments

Kim Kardashian revealed on this weekend’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she has cellulite treatment done on her planet-sized posterior. I’m just as shocked as you are. But for those of you wanting an up-close look at Kim’s ass, definitely scope out the video after the jump of her full-on butt-sanding. If this episode doesn’t win an Emmy, there is no God. Okay, maybe there is and he’s a jerk that hates fat chicks. I dunno, I’m not a priest – yet. I’m applying online to be one right now actually. Okay, here’s the final question: “Can you make shit up?” Hell yeah I can! *clicks ‘Yes’* Boom! I’m an ordained minister! Kickass! Anyone got a baby I can baptize? We’ll have to use my garden hose, but don’t worry, I’ll bless it first.

Photos: Splash News, Video: E!, RedLasso

  1. If she stopped marketing her ass, what else would she do?

    Hopefully a record deal. *crossing fingers*

  2. bootlips

    She’s fat. We have become so politically correct that we pretend that fat is attractive. Next thing we’ll be lying about wishing we all had gross nappy hair and flaring nostrils like the porch monkeys.

  3. Black Jack

    Black men around the world are crying as we speak.

  4. Ted Mosby

    I guess what Paris said about her ass made her do something about it.

  5. OMG! She’s SOO gorgeous, I totally HATE her right now!! ARGGHHH, why do I have to be so fat at the moment? *sniffle* *sob* No wonder girls like me have self esteem issues! But I must say, she’s a huge motivation for me to lose some weight and get hot.

  6. whatever

    Stop the video at 1:15. If you randomly saw that image somewhere, without knowing it was some stupid celebrity with a fetish for urine, would you not think that was disgusting? That’s right, because it is. FAT ASS.

  7. kim, you know how this called?
    The “being a star”-syndrom.
    When you are doing this kind of SHIT-STUFF,

  8. andie

    I’m a woman, and I think she’s very pretty. If I could have curves like that, I would. But if I weighed as much as her, I wouldn’t look like that. I’d be hideous. As it is I stay very thin because when I gain, I look more like Britney than Kim. My arms, legs, and belly get bigger, but not my hips or bust.
    I’ll never have boobs like that. *sniff*
    Some women are just naturally curvy and beautiful. I think Kim has a really beautiful face. I’ve never seen her show or whatever she has on TV. I’ve heard she does porn, but I’ve never seen it.
    I’m just giving my opinion of the pictures and video that are posted here.

  9. eastcoastgirl

    @ #44

    You are so right. Jenner is in desperate need of a neck lift . I thought he was gonna start gobbling like a turkey. LOL.

  10. andie

    Holy crap you’re right! That’s creepy.

  11. Doc


    You need to exercise regularly to tone up with weights and do at least 20 minutes of walking twice a week. Don’t fool yourself; Kim uses body shapers and girdles to improve her figure and minimize her fat. Kim also has breast implants. She also has to cover her huge butt when wearing a swim suit. Women that gain the majority of their weight on the hips, butt, and thighs tend to gain more weight than women that gain it on their stomach because it is more noticeable right away. You can also get lipo suction on your stomach so that you can start gaining your weight on your breasts instead of your stomach. Good luck and try not to envy overweight people.

  12. Pete


    Or they are not into loose fat ass women with big hips and thighs!

  13. Stew


    I agree. Fat is fat no matter where it is at and Kim looks like she is 40 pounds overweight. I suppose guys that had good times with fat chicks can relate to Kim. I have a hard body and I expect my girlfriend to maintain a nice body too. I do not want my girlfriend having to rely on girdles and body shapers like Kim to improve her figure.

  14. Sandy


    Everytime I see fat chicks with their flab hanging out I think to myself that they should wear some girdles and body shapers to minimize their flab like Kim and to wear a girdle so their butts do not jiggle a lot too and to make it look firm.

  15. Warehouse Supervisor


    I don’t know what men you have talked with but the guys in my warehouse would never do a fat chick like Kim unless they were drunk and desperate. I live in Newport Beach CA and there are fine chicks here that roller blade and bike ride or walk their dog wearing little tight outfits and showing off their tight firm bodies. Kim could never do this because her girdle and body shapers would show through the skimpy clothes. When I go to the mall I see a lot of fat chicks like Kim so you might want to check out your local mall for fat chicks like Kim.

  16. Liz

    There seems to be a lot of talk about girdles and body shapers. I love my girdles and body shapers because I love to eat like Kim. The only embarassing part is having a new boyfriend see my real nude body for the first time without my body shaper and girdle. This is why I make sure a man bonds with me before having sex. I also make sure the room is dark the first tiime we have sex too.

  17. pistola

    oh god. kim is pretty. put her next to 500 other women her age, and i bet she is prettier than almost all of them. she is REALLY curvy and YES she has a big ass/hips/thighs- it is VERY COMMON for women (even in their 20s) to have som cellulite. BIG FUCKING DEAL.

  18. Lord Of Bacon

    I see dozens of chicks way hotter than this hairy ass midget gypsy every day in the gym. thats right Kim, the gym. also another effective way to keep off the cellulite. Early 20′s and fat? stop eating for fucks sake.

  19. Sasha

    She’s not in her early 20′s. She’s pushing 30, you idiot. The very fact that she looks good enough to be hotter than the celebs that ARE in their early 20′s says a lot. Her mind, that’s another story.

  20. Dr. Drew


    It is very common for Americans to be fat like Kim because Americans over eat like Kim and it is a huge health problem. Being overweight like Kim is unhealthy and can lead to health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. If a woman gains more than 10 pounds like Kim then they have a good chance of getting cellulite if it runs in the family. If you put Kim next to obese people then Kim does not look that fat but if you put Kim next to women who are in shape then Kim would look like a fat short female. Quit making excuses for fat people and start practicing a healthy life style.

  21. Frank


    Kim is famous for doing porn and having a famous lawyer father that got a murderer off. She is also famous for wearing girdles and body shapers that make her huge loose butt look freaky. If Kim did not have this background then she would just be another fat American female that depends on girdles and body shapers. She is also in a reality show that requires no talent. Basically Kim is a worthless no talent fat media whore.

  22. Sasha

    122, Yes, that is true. But she is hot.

  23. Ken


    lol! You say it is true but she is hot makes no sense at all. One either is hot for taking care of their bodies and not getting fat or one is cute for a fat chick which would be Kim’s case.

  24. Grossed Out!

    I watched the video while eating lunch and almost puked. Her fat wide flat ass and the cellulite procedure was gross!

  25. TammieJ

    Khloe’s bag is hotter than a jalapenos coochie….lol

  26. she's soooooooooooooo fucking hot

    Oh Jesus, she’s soooooooooooooo hot, she’s the hottest woman in the world.

  27. Chubs

    Kim is an inspiration for all us fat chicks. Get a good girdle and strutt your stuff!

  28. She's soooooooo fat and worthless

    Oh Jesus when is this worthless no talent fat media whore going to go away?

  29. damn

    God she’s sooooooo hot. I need to put my dick in her.

  30. Yikes!

    Yikes the gross guys that go on this site fantasizing about a fat chick that is not shit without her girdle and airbrushing! I suspect these guys are fat as well and gross looking.

  31. Missi

    I’m sick of this girl making us women who don’t have curves and bodies like that feel bad about ourselves. Each person is born a different way, I wish I had curves like that and a butt and body like that but I don’t, and this girl makes me feel terrible about it, everybody is different and needs to accept what god gave them.

  32. lb

    She might not be fat in the unhealthy sense, she just looks better clothed, extremely made-up, and/or airbrushed to oblivion. She’s not a natural beauty and it’s not really that surprising if you consider how she always has the entire ass-thigh area covered up in swimsuit pics. At least she knows how to hide her physical flaws rather than deny them like SOME cellulite-inflicted individuals.

  33. my dick just exploded

    Good god, seeing this incredibly hot as fuck lady in her panties caused me a rock hard erection, seeing her laying only with her panties on with half her ass out made my dick explode all over my monitor. That stunning face helped a lot too. This woman is perfect. She’s the hottest. No celebrity is close to half as hot as she is. Good god, cellulite? I thought it was a bad thing, but after seeing this I think it actually may be hot. If it’s on a chick as hot as Kim, who cares, with a body like that, a face like that and hotness like that?

  34. lb

    missi, just consider the many advantages of not looking that way. For example: I don’t have her hourglass figure but that means I have proportionately long enough legs that I don’t have to wear high heels 24/7, I can wear shorts, I don’t have to wear tops that resemble a tent. In general, I can be much more low maintenance since I don’t feel the need to embody the culturally mandated made-for-sex look every waking hour of every day. Believe it or not, sexiness existed before high heels and cellulite treatments.

  35. Mike

    She’s the hottest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

  36. Tera


    You poor female. You must suffer from low self esteem to want to look like fat Kim. If you really want to look like Kim then just eat a lot all the time. After you get the fat you want then you can rely on girdles and body shapers to try to hide your fat like Kim. Only a few guys on this site think Kim is hot because they probably had some fun times with fat chicks like Kim. Most Americans are fat like Kim so you are the minority. Also being fat like Kim is unhealthy. Do you really want to be fat like Kim and have to cover your huge wide butt when wearing a swim suit or have to get cellulite removal procedures that do not work. I have fat friends like Kim that would call me anorexic but I am healthy and fit. I just laugh and tell them I wish I had curves like them but secretly I’m relieved that I am not fat like them or Kim.

  37. Kim is Hot!


    You are right on! I go to clubs all the time and pick up on the fat chicks with the huge butts because they do not get a lot of attention like the tight chicks at bars. My first experience was with a fat chick like Kim. She had cellulite but I had the best sex ever so I have a soft spot for fat chicks like Kim.

  38. Tina

    The thing that bothers me the most about fat people like Kim is when I’m on an airplane and their big butts take up some of my seating space!

  39. #134

    Dude I am totally with you. I love fat chicks like Kim too but they must have a huge behind like Kim too. If you think Kim’s big loose cellulite ass is hot then you will enjoy this site!

  40. if she doesn't give you a boner, you're gay

    I’d suck a fart out of this beauty’s ass.

  41. John

    I’d eat her pussy and ass all night long. I bet her pussy tastes like cotton candy. She’s the hottest woman alive!

  42. idl3mind

    for rendering soap

  43. Sasha

    134, Because she is clearly not wearing any kind of girdle in these pictures and her body looks fantastic. That’s why she is hot. And you can stop pretending you are man now, “Ken.” Unlike you bitter haters, I am a confident woman and I don’t feel like I have to hate on Kim Kardashian to make myself feel good.

  44. Elk

    137. Tera
    “I have fat friends like Kim that would call me anorexic but I am healthy and fit.”

    Hahahaha. Oh man I hope you’re joking because if you’re not you must be one screwed up chick.

  45. Leslie


    I have the same problem. It seems like fat people are confused about what is skinny and what is in shape. Fat people are telling me things like I must have a tape worm. When I try to tell them that I eat right and exercise regularly they just ignore me and continue with the put downs. Perhaps the put downs make them feel better about being fat.

  46. Chip

    The people that find Kim hot are either like me and have a huge butt fetish or chicks that are fat and can relate to Kim. When people put down Kim, I suspect the fat chicks take it personally and try to stick up for her or the guys that are into fat chicks take it personally too. I can understand how some people might find her fat and gross, but I have a huge butt fetish and think Kim is hot.

  47. RJ

    In the video posted all we see is Kim standing. They never show her walking with her butt exposed because it would look huge, wide and jiggle a lot and not look firm. We only see her lying on her stomach with her big wide flat ass getting cellulite removed. She is also wearing panties that do not bind and push out the fat rolls. When she wears clothes the fat gathers and she has to wear her girdles and body shapers to push in her fat.

  48. Micheal

    I laughed when Kim’s sister said that Kim will need a lot of treatments for her cellulite and also oooh Kim your thigh is so meaty lol! The bottom of her fat ass looks like it is melting into her legs. Her butt is not perky but wide and flat. I think big butts only look good if they are perky like a bubble butt.

  49. Will


    I agree with # 148. Kim is a worthless no talent media whore that got famous for doing porn and getting dumped and having a famous lawyer father get a murderer off. I believe the people here are posting their opinion and the motive is not to feel better about themselves by putting Kim down, but to state what they believe are facts. When Kim is lying on her stomach, her huge wide loose butt does not look perky, it looks flat. No wonder she always wears girdles, body shapers, and covers her huge loose cellulite ass when wearing a swim suit.

  50. Seeing Kim lying on her stomach confirms that her fat big butt is nothing without her girdle. Her butt looks fat, huge, wide, and flat. Check out JLo Jenny From the Block music video if you want to see what a nice firm big butt looks like. They show JLo lying on her stomach wearing a bikini and her big ass looks perky and nothing like big flat Kim’s butt. JLo big butt looks perky probably because she is a dancer and has gotten a lot of exercise throughout her life time.

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