Kim Kardashian goes for cellulite removal?! GASP!

May 13th, 2008 // 162 Comments

Kim Kardashian revealed on this weekend’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she has cellulite treatment done on her planet-sized posterior. I’m just as shocked as you are. But for those of you wanting an up-close look at Kim’s ass, definitely scope out the video after the jump of her full-on butt-sanding. If this episode doesn’t win an Emmy, there is no God. Okay, maybe there is and he’s a jerk that hates fat chicks. I dunno, I’m not a priest – yet. I’m applying online to be one right now actually. Okay, here’s the final question: “Can you make shit up?” Hell yeah I can! *clicks ‘Yes’* Boom! I’m an ordained minister! Kickass! Anyone got a baby I can baptize? We’ll have to use my garden hose, but don’t worry, I’ll bless it first.

Photos: Splash News, Video: E!, RedLasso

  1. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    @49 – wanker Americans are truly a pathetic breed, I have been there several times and want to live there? Never in a million years, even the most unsophisticated low life Europeans make low life Americans look classy.

  2. britney's weave

    hate her, love that outfit.


    And furthermore, this site is mainly about Amreican celebrity. Why the fuck do you even pay attention if you hate America so much? The answer is because you have nothing better. YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER. You hate us because you can’t be us. Don’t deny it. It’s alright, the sooner you come to terms, the better.

    So go to hell you smelly, hairy, yellow toothed fuckfaces.

  4. coffeebean

    @51-I think you got something backwards because your comment makes absolutely no sense what so ever. And if you don’t like it here, why do you continue to visit? You and your comment are a perfect example of why Americans are superior to the rest of the world. Thanks for making that clear, you fucking Euro-Douchebag.

  5. will

    OK she does have a pretty face, but she is FAT. And she is full of shit; that is NOT a body that “works out all the time”, as she puts it.

  6. Vet

    wow… (in a confused, dismayed, disgusted tone. also brows are frowed and my upper lip is curled) :(


    Whatever, dude. When your country is overrun by muslims because your pansy-ass leaders won’t keep them in check, I bet your sorry ass is on the first plane to New York. The fucked up part is that we’ll le you come over and stay.

    Do us a favor and never come back.

  8. Paulie

    Kim isn’t fat at all. She has curves in all the right places just as a woman should have.

  9. jack

    @58-Should all women have n i g g e r pee dribbling down their chins as well?

  10. lambman

    I like that her sister said “vagine” just like Borat

  11. Mike

    Honestly, every negative comment about Kim on this site is probably from a jealous woman. Every “guy” claiming to find her unattractive probably has other motives than honesty.

  12. mrah

    Ha, whatever guys, she’s gorgeous and has an amazing body

  13. naomi

    Europe has beautiful women too, remember…. Keria… Monica Bellucci, Laetitia Casta. I Love Eruope much more because we’re less prudish and more open minded.

  14. !

    less prudish = more whorish

  15. WAT

    i’ve concluded that the majority of you are faggots

  16. Melly

    I only wish my ass looked that good!!! I am a 38 year old mother of three. I’ve kept myself fairly thin (size 6), but my ass does not look that pretty. Go girl!!! That is a nice ass! Don’t let them get you down!

  17. Ger

    53 “You hate us because you can’t be us”? LMFAO, ROFLCOPTER! Who the FUCK would want to be like YOU? Thanks for the laugh, American scum.

  18. SMD=suck my dick...LEGIT!

    she is so bangin. idfk what you homos are talking about. FAT? damn she’s got a great body! and don’t make fun of people with cellulite. it’s common in skinny girls too.

  19. missywissy

    I think it’s cute that a lot of people here are calling her “fat”. The truth is, she is heavier than a slimmer than average person. She’s really not that fat. Everybody’s talking like she looks like Rosanne Barr or something. I think she is a pretty girl, but yet it’s a shame how she became well known. I know I don’t admire her. However, I wouldn’t mind looking like her. I’m assuming all the people that are calling her fat are the same kind of people that think all the advertisements we see in magazines are of “real” people or think the chicks in playboy aren’t really airbrushed.

  20. Are there any bigger fame whores than this family?

  21. Khunt

    Yeah we sure are an advanced country. Have you insipid degenerates watched TV recently? And by the way, Europeans don’t want immigrants in their country. The elite Money Master NWO FORCES them so they can interbreed with parent race to sow the seed of dissention.
    Gotta carve em all up and they won’t know who they are and won’t unify. Look at this nation of douches. First off. we have a melato Harvard elitist with a foul mouth stupid cunt for a wife running it when she should shut the fuck up. Yeah we really need a bitch like that in the WHITE house. It will then be the Black House.
    Who is Obama? Ahhh he is gonna make a change for us. How? When did he demonstrate leadership before? We now know a little more about his religious/philosophical roots since we know where he went to church. I can’t believe this asshole might be the president. We are rotting from the inside out as a nation.
    I wish I lived in Europe.

    Kim is NOT fat. I am sure 90% or heterosexual men would agree. Not the celebrity struck queers that haunt this site. Men don’t hang out at places like this.

  22. Anglo-American

    I really feel bad for all the Europeans who are stooping to such a level to dis America- it really shows you to be quite trashy. I LOVE most of the countries in Europe; there are so many great things about them (besides Japan, all the other countries in the world are mainly third-world pieces of shit). But I can tell the reason why many Americans would find it laughable that you think you could look down your noses at the US: compared to America, you are a bunch of poor people. No other country has a standard of living as high as this one’s (which, of course, is why Americans can become overweight so easily, so…that’s one drawback, I guess…however, I clearly remember seeing more than a fair share of fatties in the UK, pretty sure it’s a problem there too). I’m not saying the sentiment is correct; there’s more to life/culture than money, but, unless you like or respect poor people (as if), I can understand why other Americans would sniff at your attempts to act like you’re better than them.

  23. Sasha

    Hahahaa at all the jealous chicks saying her body isn’t perfect. Her face… ehhhh.. it’s nice. But that woman has the body of a goddess!

  24. Arioch

    Hm. she’s fat eh? Right. This chick isn’t thirty pounds over weight and she isnt obese or flabby.

    Stop getting uptight about anonymous tools who want to compare all Americans to the rest of the world based on a forum meant for rubbish. Anyone coming on here to debate meaningful topics is a spineless douche who cannot hack it out in a real forum for such things.

  25. Elk

    This is awesome she is in her underwear, on video, clearly fucking hot and we still have tons of women saying “she’s fat”, “she wears body shapers”.

    Yeah we know you’re so much fitter/hotter then Kim and only reason you don’t have your own TV show is because you’re too good for reality TV.LMAO

    61. Mike:
    “Every “guy” claiming to find her unattractive probably has other motives than honesty.”

    The “guys”that find her unattractive are women. You can see it form the posts. A women will post something bad about her then a “guy” will post almost word for word what she said with the only difference being the post starts with “I’m a guy”.

  26. thin girl

    honestly, i’m a thin girl who would be REALLY, REALLY happy to have Kim’s body. different weights look good on different bodies and frames. if i gained weight it really wouldn’t go where it does on her. i’d much rather be a total hourglass with a little more soft, cellulite than have the skinny girl frame that i was born with. for me to look good, i need to keep super fit. my body needs to be tight, not just skinny. for her to look good, it seems like she can be more forgiving with her work out routine and diet.
    also, i’m not sure whether it is important to mention in order to give my opinion some kind of validity (it seems like a lot of people on this site demand that people be themselves hot- or at least by popular standards- to be taken seriously…) but i’m a bikini model. this mean i’m way too tuned into bodies because, well, it’s my livelihood. therefore, i tend to look at bodies with more of an objective point of view (as in, what makes money, what most people want to see) and i STILL prefer a body like kim’s. in real life, i don’t think your body is that important. it won’t get you love and it won’t get you respect any more than a ugly person would. when your body becomes cash, though, it’s a different ball game.

  27. King Wang


    We are not talking “google” material, in fact, unlike Jenny McCarthy (who gives me “autism” every time I see playboy, like her kid), this gal isn’t even bottom level jack material to one of our guys who have been in Iraq for 4 years and not gotten any..

    I thought we built a fence to keep these wetbacks out?

    Damn, with thighs like that, she damn sure didn’t swim, she just “saddlebagged” her floaty way over………………..

    Tell Castro and his President Brother we want more Borats, and less fat chicks coming over on Plantane leaves……….

  28. momo

    Thin Girl:
    blow me

  29. Chumpleteer

    And for all you non-Americans…………

    The next time I fight for America, remind me to make sure it is your third-world France-like shithole, so while I am there, I can shit on your land…literally, and have sex with your mother, sisters, and rape your father too……

    After all, you don’t make a pimple on MY American ass, and the UK can suck my “wanker”, since we beat you fuckers twice already, and you STILL had the balls to come back and beg us for help against Germany TWO MORE times.

    Except Australia, we stand firm with our boys down under.

    Everyone else can kiss my white, non-immigrant, American “Kill you fucktards, ALL of you” ass.

    We rule the world, and we kill more people and make more pornography and money in the first ten minutes of the day than your funky, second rate “Little Russia’s” do in a week.

    After all, unlike you, I am more than happy to nuke your skank asses right back where you cavemen come from, camels and all. (That, and we can actually afford the nukes, don’t gotta buy ‘em from terrorists like YOU)

    So………for you loudmouth punks who ain’t America (or acting like one, since you are speaking MY english………..BITCHES) I say:

    Step the fuck up, and come get some. You won’t win, but I will enjoy killing you all the same, sometimes, dumbfucks like you have to learn the hard………AMERICAN way.

  30. hot mess

    i was totally under the impression that kim kardashian’s ass could bring about world peace if given the chance, but chumpleteer here just dashed my dreams. sigh.

    i think we should all enjoy the sight of kim’s ample charms while we can…girls like this are always one chicken wing away from lard ass and you never know which chicken wing it will be….carpe diem people!

  31. hot mess

    —from young black and famous:
    Gotta love my hometown. At the Hornets vs. Bulls basketball game last night in New Orleans, YBF snitches report that Reggie Bush’s main chick Kim Kardashian caught an earful from an alleged jumpoff of his. While the couple sat courtside, a long black haired tanned woman (who actually happened to be seated right behind them the whole time) stormed up to the two and lit into Reggie’s ass about his new relationship with the “Tush”. Of course, Reggie put on his *confused* face which apparently pissed the woman off even more. So she proceeded to yell at Kim-loudly so the entire crowd within earshot could hear-that she is still gettin’ it poppin’ with Reggie and has been for the last 2 years. And that she had just sexed it up with Reggie that Saturday. Damn! Kim mouthed a classy “F*ck you” to the jump off with an extremely angry look on her face. Clearly Kim doesn’t know that news about much of Reggie’s “side activities” has been around the N.O. for a while now.

    Reggie was spotted outside after the game texting away…solo. Apparently Kim had left his ass there high and dry. But I’m sure we’ll see a convenient photo op soon to let everybody know the publicity stunt that is their relationship is still going strong.

  32. Annie

    When I look at Kardashian I do not see a fat girl, but somebody ridiculously pretty and curvy. She’s like alien pretty :)

  33. Embarassed

    Wow chumpleteer you sure know who you are (chump haha)! You really are not even responding to. The only reason why this country used to be (aint any more we and that means us the poor, we are in debt monstrously and it will only get worse ) so great is….(trumpets blow and tall thin models open the cheesy giant curtains)…because we the white immigrants were able to escape mother europe at a time when shop travel was slow and we ate up a giant landscape filled with natural resources and that includes forest products and oil.
    Well the free buffet is long closed now retards. Oil is going and the monstrous forests are mostly long gone. Where are we gonna get the energy to drive this irrational (mathematically illogical) economy/moron farm – overflowing with superfluous humanity? Anwer: NOWHERE!

    At least we have a large overclass now that will ride out the starvation and they have all the money to invest in a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their greedy offspring. The rest of us will starve and live like peasents. The ones that are able to live where we will be able to grow their own food.

    I know most of you are not willing to believe in the reality of the past – history – feel free to like read books and stuff and you will find out man’s passage through the ages has not been a joy ride. Oh! And for the most part, poor folks have had little say since time immemorial. Those days are going to return

    Have a nice day Wish on a falling star (falling piece of space debris and nothing more just like the cosmos is to us not to mention mother earth – debris) for a God to come and make things magically better. We have been waiting all this time for him to show his face.

  34. Becca

    72. The UK is the fattest country in the world. The US isn’t. THE UK IS! Though, the US and the Uk are pretty damn close.

  35. English Bob

    Hey Chumpeteer, what an idiot you are. HaHa, have you read what you wrote??? English is your language is it? Mmmmmm, i think you’ll find that English is err, well English, you fucking moron. Surely the language of REAL Americans is Red Indian, Cherokee, Apache etc etc. It’s foolio’s like you that give Americans a bad name (Hence the whole world hates you).. I tell you what, why don’t you take your ignorant, uneducated white ass down to your nearest school for a good old fashioned shooting. Cretin.

  36. Meat Lover

    Sooo meaty…

  37. IKE

    Hey Chumpleteer, ROCK ON BROTHER!!!!
    Keep it coming. I’m a bit tired of these pompous turds from England /UK. England, Scotland and Ireland all were once Kingdoms, so I’m sure English Bob and the others are simply hoping we’ll become as relevant as they are today. Mere shadows of their former greatness.

    To think, I stopped by just to comment on Kim K’s ass. Low and behold I walk into a political squabble. :) Comment boards are soooo much fun!!

  38. What-ever

    omygosh, big freaking deal, at least she is honest unlike other stupid celebrity,
    who the heck is she anyways?no really?

  39. What-ever

    omygosh, big freaking deal, at least she is honest unlike other stupid celebrity,
    who the heck is she anyways?no really?

  40. dude_on_a_wire

    @71 – Are you delusional?

    “Men don’t hang out at places like this.”

    So I guess all of the snatch flashes and boob pics are for women only? Go to Europe – I lived there – Yes, you can get up late and have beer for breakfast, that part is good… but the fact that Euros aren’t stressed out and enjoy the finer things in life is simply a brushed up take that should really be stated as – most Euros have no desire to be as ambitious as Americans and really don’t mind hearing their neighbors, through the walls, flush their toilet 20 times a day, because the alternative would mean they would be forced to seek higher education in order to improve, what we would call, a lower socio-economic lifestyle.

    Enjoy – take a handful of converters and a window unit so you can still enjoy air-conditioning. Oh, and ice – Most Euros have never seen it – you might want to seek a patent in your host country. good luck

    p.s. – btw – love your racial commentary… the Euros will make you the mayor of about any city with those credentials.

  41. Realist

    You’re all dumb. Kim is hot! Though she is a BIT chubby. At her best, she’s amazing. Velashape DOES work. And she does need it. But when she’s her thinnest, she still looks hot as hell in clothes.

  42. #44 – Bruce Jenner is starting to look like that Nazi dude that open up the box in the first Raiders of the Lost Ark .

  43. havoc

    Just checking back in.

    Yep, she’s still smokingmotherfuckinghot. Did all the homos get tired of posting on the Doogie Howser thread?

    “hate her, love her outfit!”


    #93….Holy shit, you’re right!


  44. pigkeepr31

    Let’s face it. There is no man out there that would turn her down if she came on to them and no woman who would not hang out with her if she asked you to do lunch. And further more, I’m pretty sure that no one blogging right now has the perfect body. The girl is not fat, she has meat on her bones. She could probably stand to lose a few pounds, but most everyone could.

  45. sadie

    Yo, someone said some racist sick shit, i think it was “auntie somethingorother” what a hatefull fuck head, why you gotta be racist you white trash piece of sheeeiiiiiite, go eat another red hot dog bitch face.

    Oh yes, and kim is way pretty with a way decent ass that would probably look small on her amazonian big sister, she’s SHORT you stupid dickheads. Goooooooood!

  46. I like Kim. She’s human. Not sure about the Chloe-bot. I just want to know how to get one. Well, either one. If I get the Chloe-bot, I’ll have to get a bigger apartment. Or, a house, maybe… With a picket fence and one of those mirror balls in the garden. And, a gnome. A proper gnome, not those Travelocity gnomes. Should I get a swing or a hammock? That’s a toughie. Maybe I’ll settle for a gazebo. I like gazebos. I like saying “Gazebo”. Very Hemingway-ish. Or Tennessee Williams-ish. I could call all of my friends and say, “Come over for dinner and we’ll eat in the gazebo.” Yeah, sweet. And, Chloe-bot could serve lemonade and those little egg-salad sandwiches. *sigh* Wup, phone… dang, rents due. Write you a check, Ma?

  47. Corlyss

    I think she’s beautiful, and it’s wonderful that she can afford these treatments for herself.

    BUT SPIT OUT THE FUCKING GUM. You look like trash when you’re chewing on it like a fucking farm animal.

    So, do hot/famous people not get taught that when you speak to someone of importance (i.e. in a place of business, any business) it’s polite to spit out your gum before entering the building? Or is her breath just that bad?

  48. Harmonov

    Best. Video. Ever.

  49. Jo

    @ 88…

    Ireland isn’t in the UK, and you missed out Wales – please stop trying to make out that you are halfway intelligent if you can’t even get your facts right.

    Anyway, I think she’s hot as fuck. If you think she is fat, you have obviously been fucking a lampost by accident. Protip: If it’s made of metal, it’s not a woman. (:

  50. FACE

    Evert straight man WOULD bang her and that ass. Every man who wouldnt is gay or impotent.

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