Kim Kardashian goes for cellulite removal?! GASP!

May 13th, 2008 // 162 Comments

Kim Kardashian revealed on this weekend’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she has cellulite treatment done on her planet-sized posterior. I’m just as shocked as you are. But for those of you wanting an up-close look at Kim’s ass, definitely scope out the video after the jump of her full-on butt-sanding. If this episode doesn’t win an Emmy, there is no God. Okay, maybe there is and he’s a jerk that hates fat chicks. I dunno, I’m not a priest – yet. I’m applying online to be one right now actually. Okay, here’s the final question: “Can you make shit up?” Hell yeah I can! *clicks ‘Yes’* Boom! I’m an ordained minister! Kickass! Anyone got a baby I can baptize? We’ll have to use my garden hose, but don’t worry, I’ll bless it first.

Photos: Splash News, Video: E!, RedLasso

  1. Jaffo


  2. Rick


    /sobs uncontrollably

  3. J

    She does look great in the video.

  4. Jackson

    Most fat chicks with big butts, big hips, and big thighs like Kim get cellulite. Kim is wearing her fat chick top. You know the kind that do not show a females figure and is long enough to hide a big butt and hips. But I can still see her fat thighs!

  5. Ed

    I don’t know what that tech was thinking. She’s gonna need at least 100,000 rpm for that fat ass. Too bad they cut away before the tech said “does anybody else smell urine?”

  6. Tyler Durden

    What did they do with her butt fat? I’m making soap.

  7. Mr. D

    Did you see the last few seconds. You KNOW that Armenian girl shaved the cooch for this.

  8. newlysingle girl(fuck)


  9. Reggie Bush

    I love the girl, but mostly when she’s dressed up. When she strips down and opens those legs…I dunno, man…maybe really hairy chicks weren’t meant to shave all the time, it’s just not healthy or good for the skin…most days, it looks exactly like Bruce Jenner’s face.

  10. restingonlaurels

    is it just me or did she look way hot in that video?

  11. Auntie Kryst

    This n i g g e r at least isn’t on welfare. She is however not considered human

  12. Angus

    That was a brave technician. I haven’t know a lot of Armenian girls, but they’ve all smelled like farm animals. I don’t know if it’s something in their sweat, or piss/poo remnants getting stuck in their fat hairy asscracks, or just some cultural thing (probably to try to keep the dads aways at night). But I’m pretty sure the white girl was worried that she would be another incidental victim of one of those Japanese suicide gas releases.

  13. justifiable

    #8 John Paul II or Benedict?

  14. havoc

    She looked smokin’ hot in the video….



  15. Nothing lite about it!

    Yes, she’s on the chunkier side. Yes, she takes pee in the face. Yes, she has a FAT pussy but guess what? Every hetero male would fuck her. Even some fags would.

    Seriously they need to hook that machine up to her labias. I saw in that video she did with that black dude her PUSSY WAS PHIZZAT!!!

  16. nipolian

    She’s going to clog that fucking machine if they try to remove all the fat in one procedure. They would be better off splitting it up in to about 10 visits.

  17. ph7

    She didn’t look at flabby I was expecting in the ass and stomach shot. Of course, she was lying down, so gravity played to her advantage. Still..

  18. the internet is funny!

    “Every hetero male would fuck her”

    lmao. That never has been true, and never will be, about any woman. But, nice job at protesting too much – obviously you agree she’s fat.

  19. Pete

    She’s doing this now, at age 27. Holy cow. I mean, holy COW.

  20. Considering these machines don’t work, we now know how stupid she is that she fell for this scam.

  21. Auntie Kryst

    Nice scam Keem.. While the doctor is distracted by vacuuming her ass, Keem’s sisters stole medical supplies. Keem is a thieving gypsy whore, but a clever thieving gypsy whore. Well played Shepherdess.

    @13 Meh, the other troll writes much better.

  22. bob

    I would SO hot that!

  23. Smitty

    Any chick that calls her fat is crazy jealous. Pretty sure she’s ridiculously hot and I’d rather fuck her then a bean pole with no tits or ass. I know that’s hard to hear for the girls who have spent all their free time stinking fingers down their throats but it’s the truth. Skeletor was only cool in the he-man cartoon, not so much in real life.

  24. crew

    Funniest part about filming this scene – true story – is that the tech girl muttered “what the fuck” under her breath (we edited it out) when she saw a tiny dookie lodged in Kim’s buttcrack. When she got the butt implants it completely numbed out her skin, so this happens all the time. She’s either too dumb to wipe properly every time, or she just doesn’t go deep enough into that Grand Canyon buttcrack. When we film on hot days, let’s just say you always know without looking whether Kim is nearby…

  25. Mindy`

    yeah it sucks that us normal people cant get rich quick just because our dad wasnt OJ’s lawer or our step father wasnt inthe olympics but get over it shes rich because we pay attention to her and comment about her everyday shit she does

  26. steve

    #25 – so you like to fuck chubby-mommy types, fine, good for you. No need to insult other people’s tastes. Besides, starting a sentence with “Any…” just makes you look desperate to make your point. Go ahead, unzip, enjoy yourself. It’s fine with us. Just make sure your mom doesn’t walk in. Or that she does – I don’t really know how these chubby-mommy fixations work.

  27. Maeby

    I used to work at american laser, that machine doesnt REMOVE fat it just massages it and heats it up so it becomes looser and not so dimpled looking.

  28. Doc


    Here we go again. Only 1 percent of the US population are underweight. 70 percent of the US population are 30 or more pounds overweight like Kim. The probability of you finding a lot of underweight females in the US are slim. Kim basically loves to eat too much like most fat Americans and relies on girdles and body shapers to improve her fat figure. You will have no problem finding fat chicks like Kim in the US. Have a fun filled festive time with a fat female. I doubt the fit females that eat right and exercise regularly are jealous of fat Kim.

  29. jesse

    i would eat my cereal out of that ass. and if by some of you douchebags’ standards that means eating cereal out of a fat chick’s ass, then so be it. she’s no where near as fat as your mom.

  30. mikey

    im in love…

  31. Tapeworm

    Why does that dumb cunt fat sister of hers always look like a grumpy Sasquatch?

  32. duh

    “and if by some of you douchebags’ standards that means eating cereal out of a fat chick’s ass”

    Yeah, by some of us douchebags’ standards. We’re totally fucking crazy, calling her fat. Just look at her here, as she visits a TRY TO MAKE MY FAT ASS AND SADDLEBAG THIGHS LOOK BETTER clinic. Yup, it’s all in our minds.

  33. Kurt

    Ha! Ha! Kim’s sister said Kim needs a lot of treatment for her cellulite! Her huge butt looks wide and flat in the video ha! ha!

  34. jesse

    @ Smitty


    That shit’s fucking perfect in my opinion.

    ANYone who can seriously sit here and call her fat needs to have their fucking eyes checked.

  35. Mr. Chips

    The best part of the clip is Khloe staring at that power sander going to town on her sister’s ass and wrestling with her lesbian fantasies.

  36. Jimbo

    she’s fat

  37. losers

    Puhlease, look at the video, I don’t see any fat. Lol you haters! She’s stunning and you KNOW it. Jealous uglies.

  38. Joe C

    This should shut up all the “She’s not a lardass.” or “She doesn’t have cellulite” comments. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people with very low standards. I guess she is normal in that most people in the US are fat slobs. It doesn’t make it attractive.

    She is a fat, hairy, ugly bitch. She has a revolting body and a worse personality.

  39. Will


    Big deal you are a guy that likes fat chicks. The US has plenty of fat chicks so you should have no problem finding fat chicks like Kim that use girdles and body shapers to tuck in the fat!

  40. justifiable

    #37 I think it’s more like Dexter’s fantasies. She’s one jealous bitch, I think she was imagining substituting a chainsaw.

  41. X marks the spot

    Americans intimidated by a foreign beautiful woman. Go back to watching porn with blonde boys with fake tits.

  42. Ted from LA

    Why all the hate? They should remove said lard and inject it in Bruce Jenner’s face? Have you seen that fucker lately? He is succeeding in his quest to become Mary Tyler Moore. He’s going to make it after all!

  43. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    She is fucking gorgeous and not fat, but how goddamn shallow is it possible for a person (or family in her case) to be??

  44. ph7

    #33 – because her sister gets the attention. It’s the ugly stepsister syndrome.

  45. Pete


    I get turned on by watching attractive females that know when to push themselves away from the plate. Kim is fat and gross but hey I suppose Kim reminds some guys of their fat moms and it turns them on.

  46. I’m going to crack up..

  47. UNREAL

    It is absolutely unreal the number of America bashers on here. Yet the first country any other runs to in a time of need is what? AMERICA. Why? Because clearly America is the most generous, capable, accepting and successful country in the history of this planet. Bottom line. Everyone wishes that they had the chance to live the American dream. And if you say you don’t agree, you are a fucking liar.

    The funny thing is half you people are probably foreigners who either have or currently do live here, so why don’t you just get the fuck out?

    So to all you haters, go fuck yourselves. But don’t worry, when you need help, we’ll still be here to give it to you. Ingrates.

  48. sloane

    I commend her. At least she’s doing something about it unlike Cottage Cheese Barton!

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