Kim Kardashian brings her butt places

October 26th, 2007 // 97 Comments

Kim Kardashian attended the LA premiere of Somebody Help Me at the Chinese Theater last night. Fortunately for us she brought her spacious ass. And that’s all that really matters. If someone told me Kim Kardashian could talk, I’d ask, “Why? Did her butt fall off and she’s trying to tell me where to find it?” Because that’s about the only good that could come from her talking. Or maybe if there was a blackout and I needed Kim to describe what her ass looked like, I guess she could do that too. I’m all about inspiring women to dream and achieve and whatever.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. Awesome. Love the badonkadonk.

  2. FIRST!


  3. dan

    can we officially name this website the Kim Kardashian worship blog? because that’s all it has become and that’s all i want it to be. i love you Kim. please continue dressing skimpily and going to any place there might be a photographer.

  4. PunkA

    I love this place. It is here we can ridicule and torment the talentless that drag down our society. I mean if KK wanted to prove her real worth to society, she’d do porn fulltime. Instead, she continues to dress horribly and get paid to do so.

  5. PunkA

    In photo #8 and #9, is that her borhter in drag with her at the movie? Dude is scary.

  6. Whinemaker

    My great-granny used to have a bunch of dishtowels made from exactly the same material as her dress … who knew?! I could have scavenged them and prolly sold ‘em to the arbiters of high fashion and good taste for lots ‘n lots o’ money…

  7. I banged her in the ass once.

    It threw me against a wall.

  8. MindRiot

    Anyone notice that her and her posse ALWAYS wear basically the same stuff or dress alike? Another professional party goer, yay.

  9. liz

    Honestly? I think this ass is disgusting and fat. Just like her.

  10. kirsten dunst

    another worthless worthless celebrity. i hate america.

  11. me

    Yeah my aunt had a rug like that in her bathroom.

  12. Grace

    Who the hell is this person? Is she like The Hills girls who’re only famous because they’re rich and on reality TV?

  13. Gack69

    PunkA, I was just going to ask who the tranny is with her.

  14. fudgie

    It it me or does she resemble Chyna Doll??

  15. toadmunch

    bet you $50 she STINKS, if you know what I mean. Fat rear, no doubt.

  16. Actually, it was an open house for her butt. She’ s now accepting renters.

  17. Fai

    The pit stain on her galpal is hot.

    If you’re prone to underarm sweat, keep your goddamn arms down like the nasty orangutan that you are.

  18. mrs.t

    Agree with everyone who noted that the “sister” is a pre-op tranny.

    And Kim better work that ass for everything she can get. By age 30 it will be dragging on the floor. She’ll need a P.A.C. -Professional Ass Carrier.

  19. Harry

    Everytime I see another E Channel created celeb like this brings me closer to understanding why Al Qaeda hates us.

  20. AmazonWomanSex

    IN pictures 8 & 9 who is that Amazon Woman putting the moves on my sugar baby? She scares me worse than an overdose of heroin.

  21. Faye

    I have always wondered, who is this woman??? What is she famous for??? She shows up to places and her picture is taken. Is she the ethnic Paris Hilton or something?

    Then I see she gets a TV show. Who is this woman and why should I give a fuck about her family?

  22. Auntie Kryst

    I see the goat sheppardess has an assistant from the village over. She strong like bull.

  23. Riotboy

    Kim K. > All


  24. Ript1&0

    YAY for Kim! Thankfully I’ve never heard her speak either. And as long as I continue to never watch TV, I can continue to worship her giant ass and not picture how dumb she must be.

    I think the Amazon chick is her sister. But it could be anyone, really. When you have an ass like that you get all kinds of unwelcome advances… believe me.

  25. No no no

    I read that these pictures are from a movie premiere she attended. Was she the lucky 10th caller?

  26. opie

    What has she ever done and why is everyone so inFATuated with her?…she is FUGLY and VAPID

  27. mrs.t

    She should leave the Coogi-wearing to Cliff Huxtable and Anthony Munoz.

  28. Kayla

    doesn’t anyone else on here remember when she used to be ugly?

  29. nipolian

    Dig the boots. Dig the tits. Hate the ass.

  30. BunnyButt

    5 & 21, I’m pretty sure that’s Texas Tranny with kim. Am I right, TT?

  31. It is amazing how the glamorous life goes on in some parts of LA – but just a few miles away it is like a living hell

  32. BunnyButt

    Mmmm, on the other hand, TT would know to dress better. Looks like they’re doing a Britney thing – shirts with no pants.

  33. BunnyButt

    Auntie, sounds like you’ve been watching ‘Rome’.

  34. Auntie Kryst

    @34 How’d you know? Too funny, good observation. Seriously whenever I look at this chick I just picture her in a peasant skirt with a babushka peddling for change as her gypsy kin steal wallets.

  35. shnoobz

    who’s the huge guy?

  36. allyrising

    That is one huge bitch!

    #18 – Good catch.

  37. Pilatunes

    God, would this talentless bitch just disappear once and for all.

    Oh wait, the chewing gum biz would crash. (If you notice, she’s always chewing gum. I think she has halitosis.)

    And I never really thought having a fat ass was such a virtue.


  38. scooter

    Amazon girl forgot her anti-perspirant that day.

  39. this is the hottest girl right now hands down…

  40. Soy

    she wanted to look like a striped cow?

  41. Nitsua

    her & her buddy can’t balance on their boos

  42. isitin

    I wouldn’t fuck this hairy thing with your dick……………..

  43. Nitsua


  44. Pablo

    Mmm… I want to be friends with Kim’s ass!

  45. k

    #21, that’s Kloe and she is fucking hot!

  46. International House of Pancakes

    She’d be okay if she had a little more meat on that bony ass of hers.

  47. Amy

    OK…. but who’s the tranny she’s with….

  48. wow

    Im going to build a home on her ass and raise my children there…..they will have plenty of room to rome and play.

  49. ha.

    this girl looks like a bratz doll gone wrong.

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