Kim Kardashian, bikini, why type more?

April 9th, 2008 // 481 Comments

These are shots of Kim Kardashian poolside at her house in a bikini/swimsuit while filming an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I’m starting to think the title of the show is a jab at Kim’s inability to keep up with her family when they’re out shopping. “Wait, up, guys. *huff* *huff *huff* Ooh, Cinnabon. Hey, c’mon, guys. *huff* I just sat on a little kid. *huff* I think he’s hurt. *huff* Mall security is shooting at me but the bullets just ricochet into the crowd. Not the pretzel guy! Jorge, NO! *huff* C’mon, guys! Stop laughing!”

NOTE: I’m kidding, of course. She’s a beautiful full-figured woman that I’d totally take out for a romantic dinner – at Bonanza.


  1. Yikes!

    Yikes she is getting fatter!

  2. Deva


  3. Deva

    I think she ate Paris Hilton. I mean really, why does Kim the Hutt get her own show when she’s famous for NOTHING…….

  4. Sammy

    I knew it was only a matter of time before she got fatter. I can see all the dimples on her legs and stomach. If she had such a tight hot ass, she would not be covering it up all the time. She’s just another fat chick that got lucky because she did porn.

  5. lls

    Plumpykins! And WTF is up with that K around her neck? Unbelievably lame.

  6. combustion8

    shes friggin sick… I puked up my lunch.

  7. reader

    Looks like the cottage cheese is just starting to curdle.

  8. Kat

    I don’t think anyone could say she’s not fat now…well, I guess they could say it, but they just wouldn’t be right. :D

  9. Kat

    @8, I think it looks the the cottage cheese started to curdle A LONG time ago. That shit is nasty.

  10. Mat


    Some people will still try to use like words like curvy and thick to describe Kim’s fatness lol!

  11. Pat

    I see it all the time in high school. Chicks will get popular because they have a big rack or big ass and then they get this false security that there fatness is awesome and gain more weight thinking fatness is good but then they end up just looking fatter lol!

  12. Kat


    Yes, that’s true…but we know that still translates to fat. Don’t get me wrong, there are some ‘curvy’ women out there that are just that, but they have to actually have toned body parts to not be considered fat (IMO) because she has too much jiggly-ness and cellulite to not be considered fat. Someone needs to hit the gym more.

  13. holy shit


  14. og bobby j

    I would dump greasy loads on those tig ol bitties tho….and trust me…she is not fat

  15. Old Gypsy joke.

    When Keem sits around the campfire, she sits AROUND the campfire..

  16. Clayton

    I’d still hit it.

  17. EatKimsPussyOnce


  18. Randal

    Let’s give this one a warm gRRRrowl of a RRRandal gRRReeting!

    Those are curves you can’t drive on unless you’ve got the right stick.

    Beep! Beep!


  19. eeeewww

    she looks like a can of biscuits when you pop the top.

  20. Gil

    Kim wears butt pads when wearing tight dresses and pants and covers up her huge ass and huge hips when wearing a swim suit. She is a fat joke. If she was so hot she would not be covering up her huge fat ass. lol!

  21. debagger

    She loves cake like I love punching fat kids.

  22. poop


  23. Sara

    wow, she became obese.

  24. monkeyfightclub

    she’s got some jiggles.

  25. YearsAgo

    I thought she was hot years ago, now – just a big Fucking Fat pig!

  26. I saw Kim at Kitson in the dressing room and when her complete walking offense of a mom untied her dress in back it quickly fell revealing unbelievable amounts of the most hideous cellulite I have ever seen!!! It was very disturbing and I feel sooo sorry for this chick…but not reary, ha ha, ha ha! Kim has a gunt and that ass and acts like she’s hot shit?

  27. Glen (949) 433-5552

    I love fat ass chicks because they are desperate and I love banging fat ass desperate chicks.

  28. El Scorcho

    She looks like a chubby Bollywood actress. What is it about her that makes one want to piss on her?

  29. Randal Z.

    Look how her fat thighs rub together when she walks!

  30. Reggie Bush

    I cant believe I tapped that. SHITTTTTTTTTTT

  31. nipolian

    These pics are proof positive that KK is a complete porker. I am sure that there are some dumb-fucks out there that are going to try to argue that it is nothing more than a poor camera angle. To you I say…..Throw her the rind of a corn cob and see what happens.

  32. please

    To all of you jealous females who don’t get it, her body is really beautiful because she has the ultimate hourglass figure. I bet if you all started eating donuts and cheetos you’d get fat like fucking cows, but not exactly in the way you say Kim is ‘fat’. You’d get a huge belly, fat arms and a huge ass and huge thighs like most North American woman, but not in the way Kim Kardashian’s ass and thighs are shaped, in the fucking disgusting way that most North American women’s bodies are shaped.
    Kim is hot because not only is she insanely beautiful and exotic, which you can’t deny, but because her body is just plain hot. Her ass is big and she may have cellulite but it’s an ass that is beautifully shaped. Her waist is small and her stomach is flat and there’s a big difference between the ratio of her waist and of her hips. She’s shaped like a real life coca-cola bottle, and that’s sexy. Her body looks like this: )( and that’s the ultimate sexy body. She’s not fat, she just has curves where it’s sexy to have them and lacks them where it’s sexy to lack them.
    I’m sorry but I don’t like curveless sticks with a waist as wide as the hips and a flat ass, which is the way most Hollywood women, if not all, are shaped.
    Girls with big asses and a sexy, curvy body don’t have to be fat, in fact, they’re not fat, because I fucking hate fat women, but I love curvy women with beautiful curves and nice asses. A big ass is not an ass full of fat, but an ass that is beautifully shaped, it’s more the shape of the muscle, not the fat it’s got inside. Nature gives it to some few lucky women, not cheetos. Cheetos give cellulite, not sexy asses and sexy bodies.
    I guess you jealous bitches try to make yourselves feel better about yourselves calling Kim fat and even trying to make yourselves believe she’s fat because:
    - wether you’re quite fat yourselves, but not exactly in the way you say Kim is ‘fat’, but in a very different, disgusting way like most North American women, or,
    - because you’re a fucking assless and curveless stick with no ass and a waist as big as your hips and you know that you will never have a beautiful, curvy body.

  33. TJ

    Wow… shout out to the fat girls. Guys love this chick.

    Bad news for me I guess!

  34. Bruce Jenner


  35. veggi

    It’s not just that she’s fat. It’s that she’s fat, fucks n i g g e r s, and likes them to urinate on her. If you’re a guy and all that turns you on, you need both therapy and mediation.


    One picture would have been too many. Are you getting that hard up ???

  37. TJ

    Good thing everyone doesn’t feel like Please or I would have been a lot more lonely when I was single.

    She is beautiful by the way. Just big. Her ass kind of scares me. That’s too much crack for my taste.

  38. RENEE

    For all those who didn’t believe it about the airbrushing; there ya go. She’s got it all; flab, fat, cellulite. And this isn’t all recent, she’s just been strapping it down; Cellulite doesn’t pop up overnight.

  39. jesse

    Alright, I’ve been defending her for a long time, but I just can’t do it anymore after these pictures. She’s got quite a bit of pudge going on there in the belly region.

    Not to say I wouldn’t hit it, of course. I love me a thick chick. But these pictures sure don’t say much for her other than she’s pretty and she has a great rack.

  40. Anonymous

    She’s such a piece of shit.

  41. Mike

    My dick just exploded.

  42. stumbler

    ew. that’s gross, man.

  43. Anonymous


    Did your mother ever have any kids that lived?

  44. poopinthepants

    Wow….dimples on the legs are bad enuff. But she’s got it on her arms too, gross! It won’t be long till she’s trading her tight slut-wear for some moo moos.

    ps. Moooooo!

  45. wow

    Oh shit. How can this woman be so insanely fucking hot? Oh lord. She’s too hot. Too much. The hottest woman you have ever posted about on your site Superfish. She’s just… DAMN!!!!

  46. BunnyButt

    30, you answered your own question.

    34, in case you haven’t noticed, a lot of negative comments about Kim come from men. What’s their excuse? And don’t play the gay card.

  47. Mississippi


  48. Ozzy


    I suspect you are Kim Kardaskank or a fat chick. Fat is fat no matter where it is at and Kim has gotten fatter. Her hips use to be a huge size 46 but now they are probably size 50. Size 40 and up anywhere on a females body is fat. Size 40 breasts are fat, size 40 waist is fat, size 40 hips are fat. I think you being dellusional that chicks are jealous of Kim is funny. Only 1 percent of the population are skinny and some can be seen as celebrities. Kim is just like 70 percent of the American population; 30 or more pounds overweight.

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