Kim Kardashian, bikini, why type more?

These are shots of Kim Kardashian poolside at her house in a bikini/swimsuit while filming an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I’m starting to think the title of the show is a jab at Kim’s inability to keep up with her family when they’re out shopping. “Wait, up, guys. *huff* *huff *huff* Ooh, Cinnabon. Hey, c’mon, guys. *huff* I just sat on a little kid. *huff* I think he’s hurt. *huff* Mall security is shooting at me but the bullets just ricochet into the crowd. Not the pretzel guy! Jorge, NO! *huff* C’mon, guys! Stop laughing!”

NOTE: I’m kidding, of course. She’s a beautiful full-figured woman that I’d totally take out for a romantic dinner – at Bonanza.