UPDATE: Kim Kardashian? Bikini? Showering?! WHOOPEE!

May 15th, 2008 // 186 Comments

Kim Kardashian recently updated her blog with bikini pics of herself and sister Kourtney. If I didn’t write this site, I’d say that makes Kim Kardashian’s blog the most goddamn awesome blog on the Internet*. I’m also not saying it because I’m baffled by Kim’s impromptu shower with a sarong around her waist. What kind of wicked secret is she hiding under that thing? Wait, I got it! LEGOs. Boom! Case closed. Now to solve the mystery of how drunk I’m going to get. (Hint: Lots.)

UPDATE: Added the seriously, like for real Kardashian sisters’ PSA for Burma after the jump. Nothing like the irony of Armenians making light of a national tragedy. HA! You can’t make that shit up. Anyway, enjoy the video before YouTube pulls it again.

*Not counting Bob Cesca’s Goddamn Awesome Blog which, with a title like that, I gotta ask: Where’re the boobs, Bob? Where – are the boobs?


  1. sweet hot asian ass

    #151. Wow you sound jealous and furious as hell you must be sitting on your lard covered ass trying to convince yourself that no one can be that slim and have a great figure. She said she isn’t afraid of cake so shut your pie hole about burgers which are really unhealthy and will lead to very high cholesterol.

    Ypu are ovbviously an ignorent sheltered fatty thinking that at 5’5″ you have to weigh 122 pounds. Bullshit! Ever heard of Asian women are you an ignorant racist? Heather Locklear is 5’5″ and weighs 105 pounds and has a C cup. Stop freaking out at every one who is slim because your so fat and since when is working out everday a bad thing all stats say people should get 1 hour of exercise a day AT LEAST.
    People like you are the reason the world is so fat, since when does Heather Locklear look like Clalista Flockheart??? Clalista flockheart weighs about 90 pounds moron. Get off your ass and go work out fatty.

  2. 152 is a dumbass

    #152 I probably have a way nicer body than you do, ignorant moron. Yes, according to doctors and the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (if you know what that is you ignorant fuck, you probably even don’t) the least a person who stands at 5’5” tall should weight in order to have a healthy weight is 122 lbs, anything under 122 lbs for a person who is 5’5” is UNDERWEIGHT, and not because I say so myself, because doctors and people who know stuff about human health and the world health organization say it you ignorant moron.
    A person who is underweight shouldn’t keep excersing and eating low calorie foods, in order to gain some weight and obtain a healthy weight and a nice, womanly figure, a person who is underweight should increase the number of calories they eat, and by working out you’re losing calories, and burgers give you calories and fat which are NECESSARY, especially if you have starved you body of those nutrients and you’re needy of them. Burgers are unhealthy for fat people, not for underweight people whose bodies are starved and needy of the nutrients they have, you ignorant moron. You probably are an assless asian chick whose body resembles a stick and you are pissed because no matter what you eat you’ll keep being a curvless stick and you’ll never have an ass, it’s not my fault that society doesn’t find assless curveless sticks like you attractive, oh and go call your mom a racist, not me, you ignorant assless dumb fuck. Oh and America is not the world, you moronic ignorant assless dumbfuck, it’s Americans who are fat, if you had ever gotten outside the country you’d have realized that in other countries people is skinny and that it’s only in America where people are so fat. People like you are the reason why there’s so many anorexic women in the world and so much ignorance. Being underweight leads to serious diseases like anemia and even leukemia and others and when you get old you’ll have many health problems and your bones will start breaking and being really weak and your body will suffer of many other diseases for having been underweight. Now google WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION and BODY MASS INDEX and gain some culture and don’t talk about what you have no idea about, you ignorant moronic assless dumbfuck.


  3. John

    Latin/Spanish women have the nicest asses and bodies. Latin/Spanish women are the hottest. Heck, Kim Kardashian is hot as hell and she may not be Latin/Spanish but she looks very Latin/Spanish to me.
    BTW, she’s stunning. Oh and what a bod, it’s nice to see a chick who manages to be thin and have a nice body without losing her ass and sexy curves.

  4. ---

    My dick just exploded.

  5. josh

    #153. I smell a fatty.

  6. Hella

    WoooooOOohoooooo Kimmmmmmmmmmys working in it again you go guuuuuuuurl, and her sister is just as hot woooow……..i wonder how kimmy has her twins look so in ur face like that……..r they implanted hmmmmmm….! YES and they are GREAAAT…..you gooooOOo KIMMY fake/natural/ we love you!!!!!!!!

  7. haha

    #156. you are retarded.

  8. haha

    #156. you are retarded.

  9. Kea

    totall agree with you, the whole situation us a joke. It’s wrong, life and death shouldnt be funny, and especially dumbed down by those women in that video. I feel sad that they obviously care more about promoting their “celebrity status” (which in itself is ridiculous) than people in a real situation who are dying due to lack of help from some of the richest nations.
    It just makes me angry, sad and disappointed.

  10. Paul

    She’s the hottest woman in the world man, just, wow.

  11. josh

    #158, #159 I smell a fatty with such huge butter fingers they hit the post button twice.

  12. loser?

    #162 I smell a fatty that never gets laid yet keeps calling people he knows nothing about over the internet fatties because he is that much of a complete no-life loser. Get out a little, maybe one day you’ll get lucky and be able to bang a chick, it will be a fatty like you probably, but she’ll be too much for you anyway, what did you expect?

  13. Sorry everybody I’m just cranky because I am actually the definiton of what I just described (except technically I am a woman). My life is so hard because physically I can’t leave the home without the aid of a fork lift and the jaws of life to crack open my double wide. Click my name to see how sexy all 600 pounds of me are. Anyone want to pop my watermelon?

  14. PostmortemG

    I’m a vegan. I also want to cut through Kim’s ass cheeks with a straight-razor. =D

  15. fierce

    she has a sexy body . meat is amazing .

  16. Jackson

    Kim originally had a pear shaped body (small on top and heavy on the bottom half.) She got implants to balance her body and to get attention. There is nothing special about Kim. She looks like your average cute fat American that relies on girdles to improve her body.

  17. ixz

    What is wrong with you people? She is not hot, she is just trash. No, I don’t think she is fat but her face is god damn awful, she looks like a man, and she wears wayyyyyy too much make-up. You people act like she’s the first curvy women you’ve ever seen. Hell yes she has a nice body, but her face is just no.


  18. mike

    She has nice full breast but that’s it. She is an ugly women and her legs are disgusting..don’t know why people drool over her. There are women who are way more attractive then this skank.

  19. Kim Has Fake Boobs and a Girdle Butt


    She has fake implants and she is so fat for being 5’3″. She must weight 155 pounds!

  20. Courtney

    Alright, I Really Could Care Less About Kim K And How She Looks In A Bikini, But It Really Surprises Me How Many People Call Her Fat. I’m 5’10 And Weigh 142lbs, Im Not Stick Skinny But Im In No Way Fat. BUTTTTT I Definetely Dont Think Kim’s Fat Either. When You Stack Those Boobs And That Ass (No Matter How Much Cellulite Is On It) On A 5’3 Frame Your Gonna Be Curvy. Shes Not SKINNY, She Never Could Be. I Honestly Think That The Reason So Many Young Girls Are Out Their Starving Themselves To The Point Of Being Grossly Unhealthy Is Because of The General Popultaions Views On Body Image. Could You Imagine Ever Saying These Things To A Womans Face?? If This Were Any Regular Woman On The Street Would You Feel Compelled To Tell Her You Thougth She Was Fat??? No! Its Really Easy To Sit In A Chair Sitting Infront Of A Computer Screen Calling Someone You’ll NEVER Meet A Fat Ass. Grow Up People, I Guarentee You She Looks 1000x Better Than Any Of The Females That Post On This Page. And For All You Males, Take A Good Long Look At Your Wife At Home…. Be Honest With Yourself, She Doesnt Look As Good As Kim. I Promise!!!! Give The Girl A Break, Shit, Shes Human!!!

  21. BigGyrl

    Nice sandals

  22. skankslapper

    Kim Kardashian is a stupid fat filthy STD ridden whore. I repeat; she’s a stupid fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat filthy STD ridden whore.


  23. Doc


    Most females in the US are 30 pounds or more overweight like Kim Kardaskank. Only 1 percent of the US females are underweight. More US females suffer from overweight problems such as high blodd pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes than being anorexic or bullimic. Most fat females have no problem telling fit females that they are skinny and need to gain weight.. You are 5’10 and weigh 142 pounds whereas Kim is 5’3 and weighs 155 pounds! Kim is very fat for her small frame and height. She got implants to balance her pear shaped body. She relies on photoshop, girdles, and body shapers to improve her figure. Kim is a big joke especially when she wears her butt girdles that make her huge wide saggy butt look freaky and weird. There is nothing impressive about a short fat chick that paid for implants and has a wide saggy butt. I would be impressed if she had a tight bubble butt but not a wide saggy butt.

  24. Samuel


    Kim paid for her implants and has fat induced curves. She is a short fat lazy chick and only creepy guys find her hot so enjoy creep! Her ass is not perky and it has cellulite and it’s wide saggy and gross. This is why Kim has to cover her big fat wide saggy ass when wearing a swim suit. Hot chicks do not cover their body. Kim relies on photoshop and girdles ha! ha! ha!

  25. Susanta Singha


  26. I love Kim Kardashian too much. She is hottest girl.

  27. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = d

    I LOVE THEIR SWIM SUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = d

    I LOVE THEIR SWIM SUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Sandy

    I love Kim because I am short and fat like her too and it makes me happy that people think a fat female can be hot and sexy. I got implants like Kim because I had a pear shaped body like Kim too and needed to improve my body without having to diet. I also have cellulite and wear girdles and body shapers like Kim too to improve my body. I just enrolled in a photoshop class so that I can improve my pictures using photoshop like Kim too.

  30. Vanessa

    Do you people who refer to Kim as fat, know what the fuck you are talking about? She isn’t fat but she is very curvy and thicker limbed. That doesn’t mean that she is fat. She has an hour glass figure reflective of a “real” woman. Due to her natural build she is not meant to be skinny and flat chested, flat assed with no waist like many of her celebrity counterparts.

    The thing that is most amusing is that many women are posting comments regarding their perception that Kim is fat but what many women fail to realize is that men respond to women who have curvaceous bodies like Kim. It’s curves like these that make men drool. Women often fail to see that what men see in women in terms of sex appeal, mainly because we as women are only looking at a woman to see if the woman in question is pretty but we are not visualizing what men are when they see a woman with a voluptous shape.

  31. drfed

    she is so sexy fukfuk her

  32. Paulina

    That video they posted is disgusting. How dare they poke fun at what the Armenians went through. Great job triple K, you’ve disgraced America and Armenia in one video.

  33. I,MYSELF,am an Armenian man,and,I do have to admit,BEAUTIFULL Armenian women are few and far between.I WILL point out that they are some of the women with the most beautifull souls.
    It could stem from the way Armenia has had to arise from the ashes.We were humbled back in the beginning of the 1900′s,and,Armenia STILL LIVES.
    Oh yeah,I would not just fuck KK,I would make LOVE to her,you fagot assholes.

  34. Iris

    I am Latin American and natural curve Woman. I know how curvy woman look like, and how it is like to have hugh hips and butt, I have it by my self. And they are nothing like this exxagerated hollywood sylicon experiment. If you want to look real woman with incredible curvy bodies, and hugh ass… go to Brazil. It is not possible to have thin legs and an exxagerated and out of proportion ass. I respect famous woman with curvy bodies like Shakira and Beyonce, and I admire her for respecting her body and creating a good image for a healthier and more curvy body. But this??? Have you seen her on her juicy pants?? Ugh! Grotesque… I dont think she is fat, but she should really have to learn how to dress for a grotesque and exxagerated body like hers… not wearing white tight dresses that only emphatyze her flaws and make her look like a ball tied in a rope.

  35. sud
    Commented on this photo:

    i want to suck her boobs

  36. sud
    Commented on this photo:

    i want to suck her boobs & pussy

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