UPDATE: Kim Kardashian? Bikini? Showering?! WHOOPEE!

May 15th, 2008 // 186 Comments

Kim Kardashian recently updated her blog with bikini pics of herself and sister Kourtney. If I didn’t write this site, I’d say that makes Kim Kardashian’s blog the most goddamn awesome blog on the Internet*. I’m also not saying it because I’m baffled by Kim’s impromptu shower with a sarong around her waist. What kind of wicked secret is she hiding under that thing? Wait, I got it! LEGOs. Boom! Case closed. Now to solve the mystery of how drunk I’m going to get. (Hint: Lots.)

UPDATE: Added the seriously, like for real Kardashian sisters’ PSA for Burma after the jump. Nothing like the irony of Armenians making light of a national tragedy. HA! You can’t make that shit up. Anyway, enjoy the video before YouTube pulls it again.

*Not counting Bob Cesca’s Goddamn Awesome Blog which, with a title like that, I gotta ask: Where’re the boobs, Bob? Where – are the boobs?


  1. snarky

    Do you know how fat this chick is gonna be in 5 years; espc if she has kids? She will be forced to wear nothing but housecoats and tents. Fat & hairy, I tell ya.

  2. stizz

    Oh as IF she’s fat. She looks great, even if she is covering her ass up.

  3. Plastic Sturgeon

    I would have to agree with #35 having just found this photo:


    In any event, what is everyone on about? Kim has cellulite.


    She is still a beautiful girl.

    If you don’t fancy her, then don’t look at her.

    It’s not a big deal people.

  4. Sleepy


    lol! I think this is Kim Kardaskank since we can’t see a face. Kim gives all fat chicks hope that with a girdle, body shapers, and sarongs, and photoshop, men might think they are hot; that is creepy men.

  5. wilhelmina

    #45. You are the most ignorant person on earth. Please get an education.


    In case you are wondering I exercise daily and have had an 18 BMI my entire life.

  6. Gia

    @30 & @50

    I’ve never been overweight and I’ve been a pescatarian (A vegetarian who also eats fish or other seafood) since I was 14 years old and no cellulite. I get a natural high from exercising regularly too.

  7. Ted from LA

    Congratulations. I’m having burgers on the grill tonight. Ummmmmmmmm…… burgers………….

    Why are vegetarians always telling people they are vegetarians? I have never walked up to a stranger and told them, “I’m a meat eater.” As for this post, I can see why people pee on her.

  8. http://www.celebwood.com/pics/a/alicia_silverstone_0309/alicia_silverstone_15.html

    click my name or the 8th picture of Alicia in shorts in the above link.

    What’s up now??? All your so called evidence is crumling. I eat meat and I have NO cellulite and a WAY better body than chubby Alicia and little boy Natalie Portman or fatty Kim.

  9. Ted from LA

    By the way, she is not showering in these photos… she just has more people peeing on her than usual.

  10. http://www.celebwood.com/pics/a/alicia_

    click my name or the 8th picture of Alicia in shorts in the above link.

    What’s up now??? All your so called evidence is crumling. I eat meat and I have NO cellulite and a WAY better body than chubby Alicia and little boy Natalie Portman or fatty Kim.

  11. #57

    Enjoy your meat from the factory farm. Factory farms feed their animals fillers like cement dust, newspaper, and excrement laced with pesticides and growth hormones that promote crippling weight gain and they drug them up enough to survive the hellish conditions that would otherwise kill them.

  12. Hey guys I’m the vegan bitch on this site whose been spewing so much drivel. I’m sorry I’m so bitter, but I keep catching my boyfriend looking at Kim porn online and last night he called me Kim in bed. Click my name to see what I really look like and then you’ll understand why I’m such an angry skank. Anyone want to clean my rolls they get really mouldy in the summer.

  13. All I can say is WHAT A CONCEITED BITCH!!!! She has her own blog where she poses in bikinis and in the fucking SHOWER???

    Does she have any pics on her blog of the “golden shower” she received from JayJay or whatever the fuck his name is??

  14. TJ

    It’s too bad she smokes diseased African sausages. But, then again, looking at her face, she could pass.

  15. Kim is OK, but her sister is better

    Kim’s sister has a much better body. Less flabby, more toned, with much more natural-looking boobs. Kim’s face is better, but she must have a horrendous rear end to always cover it up the way she does. I’d definitely rather screw her sister.

    But they are both whores. Only in America can a dumb chick become famous and even be considered rspectable by strutting her stuff every day of the week. Kim’s disgusting and degrading sex video should have led to her banishment from the country. But then, our country has become disgusting and degrading.

    Thanks, liberal pieces of crap, for flushing our culture down the toilet.

  16. Click my name for the full pics check out the back of her legs in the shorts, picture #8. Major cellulite. Vegan’s don’t have cellulite my ass (whic is a perfect and cellulite free).

  17. KimsBox

    I want her to sit on my face and suffocate me with her perfect ass

  18. whoa nelly

    Do you have any idea how bad Iranians smell when they’re wet?

  19. Gwen

    Yaaayyy!!! Flame war!

    I love you, SuperFish! You always know just how to start the weekend; booze and boobs.

  20. yo

    i cant believe you guys are saying shes fat???!!
    Shes got a gorgous figure.
    Its called a womens body dickheads…
    ho fuck a ironing board.

  21. will

    @65-Rock on.

  22. The top her legs have significant cellulite.

  23. bitch

    I wish someone would shit on her face and get it video tapped, no sex.. just shit. But then I bet it would sell for millions and she’d get a shit ton of money so that she can get that surgery done where they make your shit smell just like Chanel No. 5

    shit shes sucks ass

  24. Click the name and see all the pics celbrities many of whome have been thin all their lives and still have cellulite, even skinny whores Paris Hilton and Eva Longoria who have been thin all their lives have cellulite.

    YUMMY COTTAGE CHEESE, eat up bitches and accept the reality that women of all sizes have cellulite. The vegan looser was just trying to convince people to be vegan by scare tactics; like telling boys they’ll die if they masturbate.

  25. bootlips

    Imagine what a sow she’ll be in 10 years.

  26. Elk

    Fuck yeah.

    Oh and keep trying craze chicks. If you keep saying she’s fat and ugly maybe us guys will change are minds about her (ok we won’t but your craze crap is fun to read).

  27. Racer X


  28. granada

    Cellulite is hereditary and also a result from a sedentary lifestyle. NEWSFLASH: If you survive on chips, chocolate, and soda, you are technically vegetarian because you aren’t consuming any animal products…however, that does not make you healthy, thin, or cellulite-free. Skinny people can have cellulite from lack of exercise; fat people may not have cellulite because it’s not in their genes.

  29. mrah

    Rag on her all you want, she’ll still have a hotter body/more money/more fame than you will ever have. So if it helps your self-esteem, call her fat and ugly, then go back to your double wide and fry some meat patties. Maybe someday McDonalds will actually call you back on that resume you dropped off when you quit school in the 8th grade.

  30. I eat meat, butter, lard, and smoke. But I work out heavily.

    I really have no cellulite.

    Everyone else is lying, esp the vegetarians dumbasses who don’t know anything about building muscle.

    Meat is how you build muscle, and protein from soy does not.

    I know exactly what a vegetarians body looks like, and it is ugly.

  31. Pink Ranger

    Kim has nice cheek bones. On the other hand, if all women had the cash to get the same work done on their nose, boobs, and collagen-infused lips…which brings me to another point, why can’t she afford a proper trainer and dietician?

  32. Erica

    80. You’re entitled to your opinion. Doesn’t mean it’s true though. I’m sure you’re just insecure about your own meat-eating ugly body.

    Vegetarians live longer. Meat is BAD for you. It is dusgusting. It may help you grow, and it has minerals and nutrients you need, but there are others ways of getting it! My legs are NOTHING but muscle. How did I get that muscle? NOT MEAT. I have been a vegetarian since i was 12. I am now 18. I am healthy. I started out overweight at 12. But now I am not. So suck it.

  33. Erica


    Ugh, I need my contacts..

  34. Everyone's opinion is worthless

    Everyone’s opinion is worthless. You’re all swine.

    Cellulite happens. Men get beer bellies and have hairy balls. Get over it.

  35. Wow. That Burma video was amazing. Do all dipshits speak in that high airheaded voice, or are they taking a stab a Paris Hilton? Thats cute how Kim pretends that she went to college. Exhibit number 6 on why I will never give my children a trust fund.

  36. lalalla

    @ 68-She’s Armenian, retard.
    I think she has a prettier face than her sister. And she covers her ass so that people don’t make fun of her ass hanging out, yet you superficial idiots do.

  37. lalalla

    @ 68-She’s Armenian, retard.
    I think she has a prettier face than her sister. And she covers her ass so that people don’t make fun of her ass hanging out, yet you superficial idiots do.

  38. Nick

    Haterz bettah rec-o-nize.

    Kim Kard is hot mcgott. I would bang her so quickly.

  39. Farm


    Remember Mac Danzig from the Ultimate Fighter show? He was a vegan. HE FUCKING WON.

    Clearly, you’re no nutritionist. Go take your lard-eating, cigarette smoking ass and GTFO.

  40. C Commander

    Tony Gonzalez – tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs is vegan too – but that’s not the point. Trans/Saturated fat is full of toxins and causes cellulite. Processed/junk food is also full of toxins – as are cigarettes

    Eating a balanced diet and exercising help prevent cellulite.

    Google ‘meat & cellulite’ or ‘smoking & cellulite’ – do the research yourself – will take 2 min

  41. mytwocents

    To the people saying the rest are jealous um they aren’t they are just calling her fat cuz she is that…fat and they aren’t jealous they are smart because they don’t want people with no talent being in the news in our country it makes the country look stupid to the rest of the world.

    Also I agree with one of the previous posts WHO on earth puts picks of them showering like that on their OWN website soooooooooo weird .

    The pic with her sister they look like they could be the same person except kim is twice her size….the other one could be just as famous but isn’t because she realizes she is not talented

  42. Elk

    “91. mytwocents”
    “Also I agree with one of the previous posts WHO on earth puts picks of them showering like that on their OWN website”

    Craze hot chicks that know tons of men want to see them. And if you find that wrong you probably shouldn’t be on a website called “The Superficial”.

  43. dee

    she’s definitly pretty. i think she normally looks great with her full-figured body. but i don’t think this swimsuit and these pictures are flattering.

  44. PAige

    holy crap. worst video ever. please tell me that is a joke….. wow fing wow

  45. Fatness

    @ Kim Lard-ass-ian : She may not seem fat to you but you are probably a hairy nigga Armenian Persian bitch too! lol Yes, Blacks guys probably think of her fat ass highly (because they are disgusting) and hairy camels might think she’s hot but overall, she is a fat hairy blob and resembles a whale.

  46. normal-lookin girl

    i’m not skinny nor am i fat. i have no cellulite anywhere. and yes, i’ve gone through puberty.

    fat women need to stop saying 80-90% of women are gross looking. that just allows them to think they are FINE when they are gross looking then go lie around naked. i’m from socal, and huntington beach gets kind of nasty in the summer. if you’re 150lbs, god does not want you in a bikini. laugh at kim all you want, but at least she has the decency to cover up the icky bits with a sarong. i wish you whales would do the same sometime.

    guys ought to think about this too though. we rag on fat women a lot, but overweight, pale guys with hairy chests? keep the tshirt on. forever. or hit the gym. kthx bye :]

  47. bosendorfer

    there’s a lot of MEAT here.

    her tits look like they were sprayed with moles.

    she has a great face. i doubt it’s natural, but it’s very nice.

  48. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    @35 – you are obviously a fat cellulite ridden meat eater who doesn’t wanna stop eating animals! FAT YANK FUCK! Hahaha

  49. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    @80 – what a dumbfuck! I’ve been veggie since aged 10 and used to swim for my country! so suck that up you pathetic uneducated inbreed, I dont believe that I could have swum for my country had I not had MUSCLES that would have YOUR eyes popping out their sockets yet was vegetarian the whole time.
    So you know what? you talk crap and are probably most likely a fat couch potato celullite lardass who has not walked more than 50 metres in the last 50 years. Fat fuck!

  50. Kea

    I just can’t believe that they’re making a complete joke over the situation in Burma. Really what the fuck?
    Honestly, I dont know how you guys put up with that shit in america. We have some pretty stupid celebs over here but i gotta say yours really take the biscuit. They just insult your intelligence with their ignorance. Jesus I hope I’m never foolish enough to click on a video of her again

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