Kim Kardashian attends stuff

April 11th, 2008 // 218 Comments

The people’s plus-sized champion Kim Kardashian gets invited to all kinds of high-class events. Like the premiere of the straight-to-video comedy National Lampoon’s One, Two, Many which surprisingly wasn’t in some guy’s basement. But I don’t want to take this special moment away from Kim. It’s the first time in forever a National Lampoon flick hasn’t starred her old friend turned arch-nemesis Paris Hilton. Now Kim is free to bask in her own undeserved fame without fear of herp-tribution.

NOTE: The blonde in these pics is Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane who apparently moonlights as Kim’s butt plankton. Neat.

Photos: Getty Images, Splash News

  1. Bigheadmike


  2. Ted Mosby

    Not pretty in the face.


    Damn KK – Whos the hot bleach blonde?

  4. janex

    Good Lord. That thing in the orange ?dress? is hideous.

  5. Auntie Kryst

    Hatari!! Pic 3 makes me think of the Baby Elephant walk song. I also think Armenian gypsies are whores and thieves.

  6. casey

    It is no talent self absorbed fat bottom Kim again!

    Her knees are fat too!

  7. Jaffo

    What she OUGHT to attend is a weightwatchers convention. Of course, then Reggie would probably dump her…

  8. Rich

    Nice double chin to match her fat ass, fat thighs, and fat knees!

  9. KANAN


  10. silverdollar

    i’m sorry….but she’s not fat.

  11. Ray Jay

    Damn my bitch be lookin’ like a damn hoggy woggy.

  12. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    random photos of fat gypsies doing nothing. that’s what makes this site so great.

  13. to me

    8, she clearly has one chin and a beautiful face,


    I ‘ll give you the rest.

  14. Dex


    lol! She would be a great spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Kim must be 55 pounds overweight!

    Her legs look weird!

  15. JESSE

    Scissor me timbers! Yarrr!

  16. Ric

    She is better off wearing a tight dress with her girdle and butt pads because people will focus on how strange her big ass looks and forget that she is obese!

  17. steve

    At this point, if Britney dyed her hair she’d be Kim’s twin.

  18. tapioca panty pudding

    that orange dress is hideous on kim’s tranny sister chloe. it makes her look like a circus peanut in heels.

  19. Guy


    Are you retarded or something?

  20. ..since when is a size 7 a plus size? She’s not even overweight. She’s just normal.

  21. Dick Bush

    Aubrey O’Day must doing the moonlighting as a pay for pay BFF, or running the lesbian senistivity circuit.

  22. Kweef

    It was very nice of Chloe to wear that freeway caution barrel. Gives me a at least a 5 minute head start on hiding my chicken wings.

  23. RENEE

    Reminds me of that commercial…Moo Moo Moo N’ Oink! Okay, so they’re not that chunk-o, but it’s coming their way for sure; just give Kim & her sis a couple more years. I bet Kim is real lazy and also genetically prone to pork out. Just you wait and see my pretty.

  24. Rut Roh

    “..since when is a size 7 a plus size? She’s not even overweight. She’s just normal. ”

    If you think that’s a size 7, then I’d like to see where the hell you shop. She’s an easy size 12-13. And don’t give me that shit that Marilyn was a 12. I could care less who wore what fatty fat fat size. The girl is chunk.

  25. Tammy


    Kim is no size 7 lol!

    Kim is 5’3″ and since she got fatter, she must have size 48 hips now.

    Size 48 hips are not a size 7 dear.

    Kim is a size 22 yikes!

    Here is the break down for sizes according to hip size:

    40=Size 14
    42=Size 16
    44=Size 18
    46=Size 20
    48=Size 22

  26. Com’n..lay off the Armenians. She gives us a bad name!

  27. Ned

    What the hell happened to Kim’s legs!

    And she is getter fatter!

  28. got melanocortin 1

    i feel bad for her boobs if she ever gets preggers

  29. Jen

    I saw Kim shopping at Lane Bryant-Clothing for Plus Size Women.

    She tried on some girdles.

    I’m fat like Kim so I show a lot of cleavage all the time and wear short skirts.

  30. hate you for no reason

    I don’t think a large silk print is the best fashion choice for her big fat ass at the moment. The blonde could use it as a bedsheet.

  31. Aubrey

    There are more pics of Kardashian at this event at TMZ.

  32. mf

    don’t understand why these celebrities don’t spend the money on eating healthy and exercising regularly. they have all the money in the world.

  33. Beware, the exit doesn’t serve as an entry

  34. Gia


    I agree. I have to look on the Internet and read books and plan my own work out program and healthy menus.

  35. Gia


    I agree. I have to look on the Internet and read books and plan my own work out program and healthy menus.

  36. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    @26 you, on the other hand, have single-handedly redeemed them.

  37. Sam

    Although she’s clearly overweight, I believe that some guys do find her attractive. Look at how many guys drink Bud and Miller.

  38. swain

    if she’d color her roots blond,
    inverse of that thing she’s palming,
    then I’d hit it.

  39. Reyes

    a size 7 in what Universe? I am not saying you have to be a stick. I am puerto rican, and i definitely have some curves, but they are all in the right places…meaning NO thunder thighs! This chick is like one cheeseburger away from obesity. Right now she is just REALLY fat. That is why she only dates black guys, because they are the only ones who will deal with fat chicks…trust me if a white guy would stop throwing up long enough, she would open her legs for him too (well, that’s not saying much). Also, what is up with her receding hair line? Rogaine for women…she could be the new spokeswhore!

  40. Mandy

    Anyone who calls Kim Kardashian hot is a complete idiot. She is only fat by the standard that the Cameron Diaz’s, the Gwyneth Paltrow’s, and the Kate Moss’ of the world have set their standard by. Sadly, to be considered “hot” these days you basically have to have the body of a twelve year old boy. Kim has cellulite, but guess what? So does Mischa Barton, and she’s built like a pre-pubescent child. So there goes that argument. Kim is really gorgeous, and her body is full of curves. Sure, I’ll admit she’s not as toned as she could be, but what’s sexy is that she doesn’t care what idiots that post here think. She’s hotter than any of you… and also, she gains weight in places where it’s HOT. Most of you would be carring it on the stomach, face and arms, while having a flat ass and disgusting chicken legs. I’d take a slightly overweight Kim Kardashian over you lot ANY time.

  41. Mandy

    I meant anyone who calls her FAT is a complete idiot. But there you bitches go.

  42. vnl

    doesn’t she just have steatopygia?

  43. Jack


    Mandy you did a Freudian Slip lol!

    You really think Kim is fat but you are fat like Kim so you are defending her lol!

  44. Frank

    40-Sure you pick some stick figures as examples lol!

    Kim is fat and only the media puts skinny chicks on their covers, but this is not the media and we speak our honest opinions; Kim is fat!

    Kim is cute but she is fat and on her way to being obese!

    Kim has size 48 inch hips and this is not sexy but fat.

  45. Mandy

    Hey Jack!

    Nice to meet you! Actually, I’ll have you know, here are my measurements: 34/29/39. Size: anywhere from a 7 to an 11, depending on where I shop. Weight? 140. Height? 5’6. So no. I’m not fat. I’ve got a hot body. Not that I have anything to prove to you. My weight is right in my appropriate BMI. So if you’re going to call me, OR KIM fat, think again. Cause some women deserve more respect than the bitches you must be used to.


  46. George

    I will tell you what is sexy. A male or female that exercise regularly, have toned bodies, and maintain a healthy weight, now that’s sexy!

    Kim has cellulite; it’s is obvious she does not exercise, she is soft, and fat. She looks like the typical fat American.

  47. Mandy

    Frank, I’ll give you that 48 inch hips aren’t exactly healthy, but I don’t know how trustworthy that statistic is, because she LOOKS perfectly proportioned. So I honestly don’t believe that!

  48. Terry


    She looks perfectly proportioned for a fat chick!

    I suspect Mandy is Kim Kardaskank lol!

    Actually perfectly proportioned requires a toned body. Go to the gym to see what a toned body looks like because you will not find a lot in public in America.

  49. Mandy

    Terry, that is another useless American stygma… that you have to go to the gym to stay in shape. There are a LOT of ways to stay in shape that most fat-ass Americans don’t even consider. It’s called walking where you need to go, taking part in a team or solo sport you enjoy, lots of shit.

    As for me, I walk to work on a regular basis, despite owning a 2007 Kia Sportage. If I don’t have time to walk to work, I go for a long walk at night. Or, I swim. I am also an avid snowboarder.

    So no, Kim doesn’t have to hit the gym. She has to do some exercises she enjoys and she will lose the weight and be even hotter, while stupid fat asses are groaning about not being able to pay for a gym membership.

    EAT IT!

  50. Vera


    I’m 5’4″ and weigh 140 pounds. I wear size 12-14 because I do not shop at expensive vanity shops that make size 12-14 females a size 7 lol!

    I’m fat and I know I’m fat and I am currently on the Jenny Craig program.

    Kim is fat too and needs to go to Jenny Craig too.

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