Kim Kardashian also has a butt – that you can have lunch with or possibly on! Hurray!

Kim Kardashian is auctioning off a chance to have lunch with her famous (possibly padded) ass. Her sisters Khloe and Kourtney will also stop by the lunch for some “girl talk.” NO WAY! Here’re the auction details loaded with tons of plugs for Kim’s store DASH. OH BOY!:

My sisters Khloe and Kourtney and I want to have lunch with you! We can talk about what it is like being in the public eye, having your own reality show, “girl talk”, and of course our favorite topic – fashion! Not sure where we will meet for lunch, but it will be somewhere nice not too far from our store DASH, about 45 minutes away from Beverly Hills and Hollywood. DASH is at 4774 Park Granada #5, Calabasas, CA 91302.
After lunch, lets all go back to DASH and do some shopping! We want to help you look your best and will give you a $500 gift certificate to start out with. We all have different styles and tastes so you can be sure to get some helpful advice.

Proceeds from the auction will benefit The Dream Foundation which means (30% of) your wanton butt lust will help a good cause. Then again it’s already up to eight grand, so you’re looking at some serious cheddar for lunch with Kim at TGI Fridays. On top of that, you’re stuck listening to her sisters talk about the pitfalls of hair removal for two hours. I dunno about this. They better throw in some potato skins or I won’t even bother bidding with the Geekologist’s credit card. I’ve got principles, dammit.

Special thanks to Brennan who better not outbid me or I’ll negative feedback his ass into next week. Ha ha, just kidding. I love my readers. Next week, son…