Kim Kardashian allowed near milkshakes

August 31st, 2009 // 54 Comments

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian stopped by Millions of Milkshakes last night to create their own milkshakes for an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I love how Asszilla and a pregnant woman were allowed, yet Khloe wasn’t invited because she’s a Sasquatch and there’s only so much ice cream on the west coast. Although I hear they let her sit out in the parking lot and pick off a few customers. After they paid.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Albert Einstein

    How cute, she made a milkshake to match her outfit, what a great ensemble. I’d wished I’d thunk of matching my outfits to my food long ago, she’s a true genius.

  2. ssl

    oh wow, are pictures still being taken of these talentless whores?

  3. Christina

    The Kardashians…Next!

  4. kandi

    can these whores just go away please? they do absolutely nothing.


    Its time for her to go DJ AM

  6. sweet like salsa

    i was trying to think of something funny and witty to say…

    but then i realized that this family is too boring to even make fun of.

  7. Absolutely LOVE the guy’s expression in picture #7

  8. pb

    I think Khloe is the hottest one! The other two look like gypsies.

  9. Kim

    “mmm…nice…creamy…but it definitely needs more tarbaby urine”

  10. pip

    wow following in the footsteps of Lindsay Lohan, something to be proud of

  11. Coureageous

    Whoever knocked up Khloe is probably super happy he picked the hot one!

  12. ARE

    Wow, pregnancy is not flattering on Kourtney

  13. Norm

    We are having a heat wave in California and Kim wears boots! Perhaps her self tanning lotion messed up on her legs and she needs to cover them. I am glad she is not walking around in a tight dress with her obnoxious butt girdle! I hope nobody got hair in their milkshakes yikes!

  14. Terry

    You can tell Kim is not wearing her infamous butt girdle because her ass looks flat.

  15. FACE

    There is no girdle. I have seen the Ray J video and that is all ass. You dont get that many brothers without having some serious chunks. That and she is so beautiful – completely smokes her sisters.

  16. Pilatunes

    Pic 1 – the photog got her mouth just right in terms of being open and having her tongue protruding. Perfect for a gentle lick of my knob.

  17. Brad Pitt

    Where is this swanky joint? I need to know where all the rich and famous and stupid hang out, so I can kill them.

  18. Brad Pitt

    Where is this swanky joint? I need to know where all the rich and famous and stupid hang out, so I can kill them.

  19. wtf

    any guy who says this human dumpster is hot is a faggot, she looks like a tranny

  20. TheJoker07

    She’s looking tasty.

  21. christ

    What are these 2 idiots famous for again?

    Oh right, nothing. I actually feel sorry for the pathetic fools that idolize these people.

  22. this is kim

    hi, my name is kim kardashian and im famous for sex tape.

  23. lola

    Kourtney looks stressed out. The pregnancy must be getting to her

  24. Hi, my name is Kim Kardashian and I put goopy white stuff in my mouth to stay relevant.

  25. Nancy


    I saw a preview of the video and her ass looked big but I think she got too fat and now her ass is big, flat, and saggy without the butt girdle. She’s not wearing a butt girdle because her ass looks flat. I should know because I have to wear butt girdles like Kim when wearing tight outfits.

  26. Max Planck


  27. arealcad

    That’s no ordinary milkshake. That’s a dirtpipe milkshake.

  28. SOS

    Seriously, this girl is NOT BLONDE! I can’t stand how she keeps referring to her hair as blonde. She is a mid-toned to light-toned brunette. Get over it Kim!

  29. pasteve

    Kim, Kim, Kim – that bleach wasn’t for your hair, it was for your anus.

  30. Jamie's Uterus

    This entire family is just a nightmare. The only one that did something was Bruce Jenner, and that was 35 years ago.

    I just hate all of these useless talentless slutty fame whores. They are truly disgusting.

  31. Marf

    Aw, she wants to look like Beyonce.

  32. Ava

    Who has to die to get the Kardashians off the air?

  33. minx

    They really are worthless, but you gotta admit Kim is out of this world gorgeous. And I’m really not a fan of a huge ass either. She looks like she slimmed down, her legs look great, and the highlights are really flattering on her. Normally, if I have nothing mean to say I don’t say anything, but come on people… give her some credit.

  34. ds

    Whatever dude, she is not eating a milkshake. She is scraping my spoodge off of her tongue…
    Hmm, maybe its a miltshake?

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  37. 11:11

    These girls are shallow empty vessels. Vapid clowns.

  38. jacky

    you know what i love.. is that i live across the street from this place. ok, in LA our temp has been like 105 and the dam city is burning up with fires, and this dumbdumb is wearing thigh high leather boots. the sight of that makes me cringe. she must have fires going on between her toes.

  39. Even though Kim had a nose job, even without it, she is so much better looking than her other sister who is pregnant. The show ‘The Soup’ is right, they really do look like Gypsies. Are they? Do Armenians have a big Gypsy community?

  40. She is enjoying herself.

  41. Kim is white now. I liked her better when she was black.

  42. this is kim

    #34, minx: it’s called plastic surgery.
    sorry, but that deserves no credit whatsoever.

  43. stupidbitch

    why is she wearing boots in the summer heat? what an a$$!

  44. Pilatunes

    I wouldn’t mind seeing her in nothing but the boots. That being said, I hate this famewhores guts almost as much as I hate Heidi Montag. Have Kim and her sisters accomplished anything in life? At all?

    Ah yes, Kim let someone videotape her while they pissed on her head. That’s significant.

  45. Darth

    According to the color of the milkshake it could have been urine-taste?

  46. Galtacticus

    Fermented goat eyes with sheep tail taste.A local Armenian delicacy.

  47. big teeth

    who cares who cares who the fuck cares.. i hope everyone who made money off these photos has their closest loved one die in a fire.

  48. minx

    I wasn’t aware she had any plastic surgery… like what?
    But even if she did, so did Megan Fox and everyone’s busting a nut over how hot she is.

  49. Ari Ola

    Nice of her to remind us that good girls swallow!!!

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