Kim Kardashian airport theft is a publicity stunt


Kim Kardashian’s claim that somebody stole $50,000 worth of stuff from her bag at JFK airport is not flying with authorities, according to Page Six:

The sex tape vixen and reality TV star supposedly lost her diamonds, a Cartier watch, digital camera and her laptop on Nov. 8, but law enforcement officials suspect it’s a publicity stunt. Neither Port Authority cops, the NYPD nor the Queens district attorney has any report of a theft.

Well, who didn’t see that one coming? At least it gives me an excuse to post this picture of Kim Kardashian with two Playboy Bunnies. I guess you can say I have a real passion for the news. Despite being fired from the local TV station for having a real passion for the weathergirl. Apparently yelling “I’ve got a storm front in my pants!” during her on-air report is considered sexual harassment these days. Perhaps I should’ve stuck to asking her to “sprinkle a little sexy in my coffee.” You know, keep things professional.