Kim Kardash- Sweet Mother of Mammaries…

April 30th, 2008 // 154 Comments

Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe continued their Amazonian assault on fashion by stopping by the Jimmy Choo Launch Event today in Australia. Hopefully these photos will restore your eyesight after the Amy Winehouse post. My peepers healed so much I actually grew a third one. No, wait, that’s a zit. I really need to stop cleaning my face with a Whopper. Holy shit, I think it blinked. Somebody tell The Geekologie Writer to meet me in the bathroom. STAT! Oh, and also tell him I don’t need the Hooker Disintegration Ray this time. But keep it primed and set on “Whoops! Forgot you were in the trunk.”


  1. Will

    I saw Kim yesterday on the Kardashians Reality show and she is one fat short woman! The sisters were learning self defense and Kim was wearing her spandex and body shaper to hold her huge wide loose butt in but she is so wide and fat! I couldn’t imagine my girlfriend being as fat as Kim and she is the same height. She must be 50 pounds overweight! It is a good thing they make quality girdles and body shapers that hold everything in!

  2. No Thanks!

    No Thanks!

    You guys are gross to fantasize about doing fat ass Kim! Perhaps you all had great experiences with fat chicks and this is why you all like the fat stuff like Kim. Just the sight of Kim’s huge loose ass is a major turn off for me.

  3. TM

    150–Kim always ate a lot. Have you seen her fat mom and fat sisters. Kim eats a lot because it is learned behavior. Fat chicks eventually get fatter because they love to eat and have no boundries when it comes to food and eating too much. Kim is not bright at all to let an ugly guy use her for porn and then dump her. I bet Kim got several VD from Ray Jay. Thick is in for fat Americans that are lazy and don’t want to eat right and exercise, but not for the rest of the world.

  4. Storm

    She’s delicious. Yummy. Insanely sexy. Too hot for words. I’d fuck her until the sun came up again and again and again. Marry me Kim. She’s the finest woman I’ve ever seen

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