Kim Kardash- Sweet Mother of Mammaries…

April 30th, 2008 // 154 Comments

Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe continued their Amazonian assault on fashion by stopping by the Jimmy Choo Launch Event today in Australia. Hopefully these photos will restore your eyesight after the Amy Winehouse post. My peepers healed so much I actually grew a third one. No, wait, that’s a zit. I really need to stop cleaning my face with a Whopper. Holy shit, I think it blinked. Somebody tell The Geekologie Writer to meet me in the bathroom. STAT! Oh, and also tell him I don’t need the Hooker Disintegration Ray this time. But keep it primed and set on “Whoops! Forgot you were in the trunk.”


  1. #93 Has Serious Issues Ha! Ha! Ha!


    You have some serious issues. I hope you lose your weight and get the mental help you need. By the language you used, you sound like a kid or an immature adult.

    Kim is still a fat worthless no talent media whore and she has to wear a girdle and body shapers ha! ha! No hot chick wears girdles and body shapers ha! ha! ha!

  2. #####95 Has Serious Issues Ha! Ha! Ha!

    #95 Has Serious Issues Ha! Ha! Ha!

    #95 Has Serious Issues Ha! Ha! Ha!

    OOOOps my bad! I meant my comment for #95

  3. hahaha

    Oh sweet Jesus, hater, you truly do need mental help. I feel really sorry for you. A fucking wall has more intelligence and common sense than you. You’re worse than a fucking insane jealous troll, you’re just a mental patient and you know it. What are you doing sitting on your chair in front of your computer all day hating and being jealous of stunning Kim Kardashian? You probably only have breaks to eat and to watch Kim Kardashian’s show on TV. You are a disgusting, pathetic individual with absolutely no dignity at all. You must truly hate yourself and be rejected by everyone everytime you try yo get outside, that’s why you live on the superficial and never get out of your house. Do you think anyone here thinks that your mental comments are posted by different people or by anyone different than you? geez, you’re beyond retarded, you’re just a pitiful, pathetic, jealous, worthless individual. You’re the scum of earth and everyone hates you because you’re worthless. I will never understand the mental issues you may have to take your insane jealousy to such a borderline, psychiatric hospital kind of extreme. What has Kim done to you for you to hate her more than hell? Being insanely hot? Did you hear your boyfriend say she was hot or you caught him masturbating to her pictures right? Jesus… well, anyway, he’s probably jerking off to her as you type your hate on here and make Kim even a hotter topic so Superfish posts sexy pictures of her everyday for your boyfriend and every male on the planet to find her even sexier and to jerk off to. Jesus… you have the mind of a fucking 4 year old, hell, even 4 year olds are more mature and have more common sense than you. YOU ARE INSANE AND RETARDED AND HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE AND KIM IS FUCKING HOT AND ALL GUYS LOVE HER, NO MATTER HOW MANY JEALOUS HATE COMMENTS YOU POST TRYING TO TRASH HER, YOU ONLY MAKE HER EVEN HOTTER HOTTER HOTTER HOTTER HOTTER HOTTER, ALL GUYS LOVE HER, SUCK IT SUCK IT SUCK IT SUCK IT SUCK IT SUCK IT SUCK IT SUCK IT AND KEEP HATING JEALOUS BITCH BECAUSE YOUR JEALOUSY AND HATE MAKES HER EVEN HOTTER AND MORE AWESOME.

  4. calm down...

    wow #102 and the rest of your posts, you know, the hater, I knew some women could be jealous and retarded but you’re taking it to an extreme that has crossed the line of normal long ago. your comments are on every Kim Kardashian post on this site, and they’re not 2 or 3, or even 10, they come by dozens and even by hundreds on each post. do you think anyone is gonna find Kim Kardashian any less hot because you post that? you truly seem really, deeply, astonishingly jealous of her to an extreme that is not normal. there’s no question that the girl is beautiful, really beautiful, and really hot, probably more than any woman anyone who posts on this site will see in their whole life, and that you post comments calling her stupid things won’t change that. just embrace it and get over it, there’s nothing you can do about it. try to focus on positive things that make you happy instead of on things that cause you rage, and maybe you’ll become a more likable, happy individual and you’ll be more accepted in real life. I guess your jealousy proves the extreme of hot Kim Kardashian is, you’re raging level of jealosy equals her raging level of hotness.

  5. To: Kim, Mandy, or Fat Chick


    You are pathetic and amusing at the same time ha! ha! ha! So having creeps jerk off to Kim is something I should be jealous about ha! ha! ha! Kim wears a girdle and body shapers and I do not so I should be jealous of her ha! ha! ha! I maintain a good weight and exercise regularly and Kim is fat and does not exercise and over eats and depends on girdles and body shapers to try to look decent and I should be jealous of her ha! ha! ha! I have a college degree and a great career and I should be jealous of Kim the no college education worthless no talent media whore that does bad porn and I should be jealous ha! ha! ha! You must be a kid or immature adult because of the language you use ha! ha! ha! The majority of people think Kim is a fat and worthless no talent media whore ha! ha! ha! I hope Kim redeems herself because most people find her disgusting ha! ha! ha!

  6. We Are Jealous of Kim Because:

    Yes we are all jealous of Kim because she is fat and has to wear a girdle and body shapers. We are jealous because Kim has to cover her huge loose butt when wearing a swim suit. We are jealous of Kim because she did bad porn. We are jealous of Kim because she puts on too much make up like a drag queen.

  7. Just Wondering

    I wonder if Kim’s girdles and body shapers leave huge red marks on her body from trying to keep all the fat tucked in.

  8. fake boobs

    I can give her a coffee enema that will take 30 pounds off her ass. That thing must be seriously backed up.

  9. agree

    She looks beautiful. She is my favorite. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. It is said she is dating young billionaire on that site.

  10. Thesaurus, a dinosaur with a large vocabulary

    Kim K fans the over use of “pathetic” is kind of pathetic. Here are a few synonyms to get back at the haters, in case you want to mix it up a bit.

    miserable, piteous, pitiable, pitiful, poor, rueful, sorry, wretched, deplorable, lamentable, regrettable; emotional, awful, horrible, terrible; distressing, disturbing, upsetting; grievous, sad, sorrowful, woeful

  11. unbelievable

    #105 wow… just, wow. thanks for proving my point once again. really, why are you so terribly jealous of her? please explain! tell us! I’m sure at this point everyone is wondering what could possibly cause so much hate and jealousy to a person. she’s a celebrity, but you take it so personal it’s just… pathetic. you reveal an extreme level of raging jealousy and hate with each one of your words. And you dare to say anyone’s in denial… oh-my-god. don’t be surprised if people tell you you need mental help.

    1st) You said “So having creeps jerk off to Kim is something I should be jealous about “: what do you consider ‘creeps’? every male on the world jerks off and that doesn’t make him a ‘creep’, it’s a natural thing you know, a man would be actually a ‘creep’ if he didn’t jerk off or if he wasn’t turned on by Kim Kardashian. I’m afraid 99% of males who jerk off to Kim are not ‘creeps’. They are just men, you know, normal men, who can’t resist the charm of a woman as appealing and jerk-off inducing as Kim Kardashian. I think you’re very jealous because she’s very attractive and jerk-off inducing to all men and you’re not at all. I think the fact that you say ‘only creeps jerk off to her’ is a way for you to try to make yourself feel a little less bad about yourself, trying to convince yourself that only ‘creeps’ and not all men find her very appealing. Here you got your first answer.

    2nd) You said: “Kim wears a girdle and body shapers and I do not so I should be jealous of her”. Hmmm, why do you think she wears a girlde with butt pads and body shapers? No one cares if you wear one or not, and I’m sure Kim’s body is A LOT nicer than yours with or without girlde. I think Kim does not wear any kind of girlde, like before, it’s an excuse you’re trying to make to convince yourself her body is not that beautiful to try to make yourself feel a little less bad about yourself. And, honestly, her body is BEAUTIFUL. I don’t think anyone cares if she wears a girlde or not because she’s really hot with or without it. I think you’re very jealous of her because she has such a beautiful body that men love which would be impossible for you to get for you no matter how hard you tried. Unlike you claim on your comments, she’s not fat, or if you consider that fat, alright, but she’s fat where it’s damn hot to be fat and she’s not fat where it’s damn hot to not be fat, personally, I don’t see any extra ounze of fat in the wrong place on her body, which is what makes one fat, so I don’t think she’s fat at all. Reason why you hate her. Here you got your 2nd answer.

    3rd) You said: “I maintain a good weight and exercise regularly and Kim is fat and does not exercise and over eats and depends on girdles and body shapers to try to look decent and I should be jealous of her”. Like I just explained, she’s not fat at all. Or if you wanna consider that fat, aight, but she’s fat where it’s damn hot to be fat and she’s not fat where it’s damn hot to not be fat. I really could care less if you exercise or not, and honestly, by what you reveal with your comments, I highly doubt you do and that you are any happy with your weight and your body. C’mon, how could you exercise when you spend your whole life sitting on a chair in front of your computer? I’m afraid your ass is the one that probably needs a girdle if you keep sitting on it all day. Why do you think Kim overeats and does not exercise? have you ever seen her eat? do you know what she eats at all? then why do you say she overeats? oh and, why do you say she doesn’t exercise? she works out everyday. I’ve seen her working out many times. Here you have a pic of Kim working out: She looks fine as hell, and I don’t think she depends on girdles to do so at all. All straight men in the world would agree that she’s really, really hot looking, not at all ‘decent’ looking like you say, and could care less if she wore girldes (which I doubt) or not. I think you’re really jealous once again, and just saying that she ‘looks decent and depends on girldes to do so’ shows everyone how once again you’re trying to convince yourself that she’s not all that hot to try to make yourself feel a little less bad about yourself. You seem really unhappy with yourself and very jealous of Kim, because if you were happy with yourself like you say and you thought Kim was not that hot, you wouldn’t hate her and be jealous of her like this and need to go insane hating her, hell, you wouldn’t dedicate your life to her and you wouldn’t be obsessed with her. What’s what is hurting you so much about her huh?

    4th) You said: “I have a college degree and a great career and I should be jealous of Kim the no college education worthless no talent media whore that does bad porn and I should be jealous”. You have a college degree? huh? no one would tell by the level of intelligence, culture and common sense you reveal on this site and by the fact that you spend your whole life on the internet hating Kim Kardashian. By the way, Kim does have a career and went to college. She’s a fashion stylist and went to college to become it. She’s very successfull at everything she does and she gets everything she wants. To me, it seems like you’re really jealous of her success and her great looks because you really do suck and you know she’s awesome. You probably feel underated and feel like you get no recognition when she does and you think she doesn’t deserve all that recognition and that it’s not fair, because you try so hard, and she got what she wanted so easily and you got nothing trying so hard and that makes you even more jealous of her and bitter about yourself. The fact that you keep telling lies all the time, like that Kim doesn’t have any education, is just another clear example of you trying to convince yourself that she’s not all that amazing to try to make yourself feel a little less bad about yourself.

    5th) You said: “You must be a kid or immature adult because of the language you use”. Wow, you dare to say that to anyone… have you looked at you? you post like 100 hate comments that sound like preschool kid commets on EVERY single Kim Kardashian post on this site repeating yourself and showing the world how much of a jealous, boring, no life, pathetic individual you are and you dare to call anyone immature. Jesus Christ, take a look in the mirror. Again, you prove that you hate Kim so badly and are soo jealous that you’re willing to attack anyone who doesn’t hate her like you do and that actually likes her. You want everyone to believe your jealous opinion like a dictator because you’re so jealous you can’t stand that anyone likes her and that you get so little recognition in your life. Oh and please, the “ha! ha! ha!” thing after your every sentence tops it off. Please, stop that. You sound like one of those nervous mental patients finishing all your sentences like that.

    6th) You said: “The majority of people think Kim is a fat and worthless no talent media whore”. Oh sweetie, the comments that you post are only posted by… YOU! No matter that you write different things where it says ‘name’, you’re only one person hon, you’re not different people and much less the majority of people! Don’t tell me you have a multiple personality now? Once again, you prove how you try to convince yourself that Kim is not liked by most people in an attempt to try to make yourself feel a little less bad about yourself. We all know all straight men on the planet think she’s an amazingly hot woman with a very hot body, and that a lot of women hate her. Get over it hon… you have gotten way too pathetic at this point.

    7th) You said: “hope Kim redeems herself because most people find her disgusting”. Wow, same as before. Trying to make yourself feel a little less bad about yourself. Sorry to break your world of fantasy, but all straight men in the world think she’s fucking hot. Only you and other jealous chicks find her disgusting. I’m sorry all men think she’s really hot and that actually, all men find you disgusting, but it’s the way it is! Look in the mirror! Jesus… She’s the hottest thing right now. She got famous only because of how hot she is. She even got a TV show just for the heck of it. She tops all the hottest women polls that are created by the votes of people. She sells like no one else sells. All men love her. She’s one of the most searched women on the internet. There’s no question she’s incredibly hot. What else could I say? but if it makes you feel a little less bad about yourself to think otherwise, alright, keep living in your bubble of fantasy, I mean, your basement, and being jealous of Kim.

  12. Grunion

    #111 you have way to much time on your hands. Time to find a fucking hobby.

    Seriously anyone who feels the need to write a thesis on why we are all jealous and should worship at the feet of this irrelevant urine bag has got some deep seeded mental problems. That post was fucking disturbing and I hope you get the help you need. Scary shit.

  13. BackFat

    Have another fucking donut Kim. Geez , no wonder there is a world food shortage.

  14. FCS

    Anyone who uses the word hater is a moron. period.

  15. Up Uranus

    #111. Talk about overkill. You’ve written any essay. You may, just may, want to consaider getting a bit of a life.

    FYI, by any conventional standard Kim is very over weight. You shouldnot be saying it is ok to be fat. Because it isn’t. It is the leading cause of diabetes in this country (where a staggering number of people are over weight and obese) and a leading cause of heart disease.

    Anorexic, wafer thin stereotypes are no better but we shouldn’t try and counteract this by reverting to the “big is beautiful” rubbish. Surely this talentless, cellulite muffin is unworthy of the extended and voracious defence you have putforward on her behalf.

  16. This Has to Be Kim Ha! Ha!


    You are very amusing ha! ha! Thanks for the chuckles!

    You must have spent a good hour typing this ha! ha! You are very upset and in denial you poor fat American that has to wear a girdle and body shapers like Kim or you could be Kim because who would get so upset over this but Kim or a fat chick like Kim. Your comment is so long and the amusement turned into boredom quickly so I only read a couple of sentences from number 1 thru 4 ha! ha! ha!

    1-All guys masturbate but creepy guys masturbate to Kim because creepy guys like dumb fat easy chicks that do bad porn ha! ha!

    2-Americans are in denial about being fat and so are you. Seriously Kim is at least 45 pounds overweight. Her body is nothing without her girdle and body shapers and this is why she covers her huge butt when wearing a swim suit. No hot chick covers her butt ha! ha!

    3-Again you must be a fat American in denial about Kim being fat ha! ha! ha!

    4-Beauty fades and dumb is forever and in Kim’s case; she’s going to get fatter and more loose ha! ha! -Get a degree people.

    Kim got famous for having a famous lawyer father help get OJ off for murder, having a gold digging mom, and doing bad porn ha! ha! ha! And Kim use to wear girdles with butt pads and the paps saw it as a freak show and encouraged Kim to let them take pictures of her freaky looking butt because she wears a girdle with butt pads ha! ha! ha!

    Yes I must be jealous of Kim because she is lazy, eats too much, wears too much make up like a drag queen, does not have a degree, has to wear a girdle and body shapers ha! ha! ha! And creepy guys masturbate to Kim ha!ha! ha! And Kim has to cover her huge butt when wearing a swim suit ha! ha! ha!

    This has to be Kim because Kim loves to google herself ha! ha! ha! Or you could be a fat chick and it hurts to know that you are fat like Kim ha! ha! ha!

    I suspect I’ll be hearing from you in an hour when you finish typing another long comment that reeks I’m In Denial ha! ha! ha!

  17. Spy vs. Spy

    Both of you posters are creepy.

  18. Tim

    Kim is fat like most American females. Kim should do her own body shaper and girdle line. Kim could show a before picture of her loose wide ass and then an after picture with her girdle on to help sell her girdles.

  19. SmellyEuros

    At least American females are familiar with hair removal techniques unlike the smelly, bushy Europeans.

  20. Kim's Twin

    Thin may be in but fat is where it is at! You go big size woman Kim! I am tired of people saying I should eat right and lose weight. Why? All I need to do is wear a girdle or body shaper like Kim!

  21. whatever

    @111 & 116 – Do you get paid to write such pointless drawn out comments? If so, where can I sign up for that? Sure beats actually working for a living.

    P.S. Kim’s fat rolls just jumped out of the computer screen and threatened to smother me to death. Ughhh.

  22. Former Stressed Out S/W Engineer


    Funny comment!

    Work for the US government if you don’t want to work a full 8 hours. I’ve done contract jobs for the government and the government workers have it easy because they only have to work 4 hours and get paid for 8. This is why they hire contract workers to do the difficult stuff.

  23. Hi Kim Kardaskank


    Hi Kim,

    Got nothing to do but write comments about yourself how all the men love you and women are jealous of you lol!

    Kim it is time for you to take a break and eat your fried oreos. You need to maintain your fatness so all the men will continue to jerk off to your hot fat body with big the loose butt and thunder thighs that rub together while you walk lol! And of course all the women are jealous of you because of your hot fatness and loose big butt lol!

  24. EuroNeckPain

    These are dresses for 55-year old tasteless Spanish women.

    I don’t know which one is worse. The leotard print, maybe.

  25. Hmmm

    I think #111 is Kim too because I saw a clip of her reality show and she went on a rant telling her sisters that they were jealous of her because she can afford a Bently. Comment #111 did some pathetic ranting!

  26. CC

    Was this a costume party because Kim looks ridiculous in her Spanish dress that exposes her fat rolls?

  27. Letty


    Funny you mention this. I do volunteer work at a senior citizen community center and the female senior citizens wear this type of dress for their Spanish dancing. Is Kim going to do some Spanish dancing to get rid of some of her fat rolls?

  28. Ned

    #111 you are so funny that you must be Kim Kardaskank.

    You posted a link to see Kim exercising but I only see her sitting on her huge wide loose butt.

    Kim went to beauty school and by no means is this considered college, more like a trade school for 2 months.

    Kim is not fat if you compare her to an obese person but if you compare her to a fit 5’3″ 115 pound female then Kim is really fat. Kim must weight 160 pounds.

    Poor overweight Kim found fame in an embarassing way.

  29. Blessed R the Educated


    All the lazy losers go to beauty school because they are too lazy to actually get a good education. Too bad Kim did not learn about proper eating and exercisng in school because she needs to lose a lot of weight. I can’t imagine being as fat as Kim and being short too.

  30. Peg

    All you chicks are jealous because Kim represents the average fat American. You chicks are also jealous that Kim can eat and get fat and wear a girdle and body shapers and look hot.

  31. Nightmare

    I had a nightmare that I was fat like Kim and she was fit and petite like me. In my dream Kim kept on teasing me about me having to wear a girdle, body shapers, and having to cover my huge butt when I wear a bikini. Then I woke up and was happy it was only a nightmare and I still have my petite and fit body and Kim is still fat.

  32. Sarah lee

    Total man face in the first pic

  33. Cathy

    The only reason the paps make a big deal about fat ass Kim is because she did porn. Other than that no paps care about fat chicks with big fat butts and thunder thighs.

  34. Joslin


    Very true and Kim is also a freak show for the paps when she wears her girdle with butt pads.

  35. VJ


    I’m sure all the paps have seen Kim’s porn with that ugly black guy that used her and dumped her. I wonder why Kim dates ugly black men. Perhaps it is because ugly black men think Kim is approachable because she has a big fat loose butt.

  36. Plastic Sturgeon

    Wow! Lot’s of hatred on this site today.

    Type whatever you want. Kim is a gorgeous woman. While I admit she does look fat in these photos, she usually looks good (borderline curvy).

    Her face is stunning and everyone here knows it (whether she is your type or not). Yes, her face is the byproduct of having spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, but she is very pretty none the less.

    To all you guys out there, who say these woman are on here hating, due to the fact their men drool over Kim:

    Please. You presume that these women actually have a man. Most of them probably don’t.

    She is a spoiled, insipid, girl. But, it is what it is.

    Stop hating. Go the the gym if you feel bad about yourself. No need to take it out on Kim.


  37. STeve

    It’s pretty sad when Kim K and her ugly sister get the most posts on superfish…………..this blogsite is deteriorating

  38. STeve

    It’s also sad when #111 takes this all so serious that he/she gets so emo about it and write a short novel in defense of a nobody

  39. Kristen

    Kim Kardashian is not overweight…yet.

    While I admire her curves, she would look a heck of a lot better if she lost about 15lbs. Time to hop on the treadmill and tone it up, girlfriend :P

  40. catfish

    did anyone actually READ #111??????? i’m sure people just skip it. It’s too fucking long

  41. Who gives a flying F about these Fatties?

    Neither one would make it though USN boot camp.

  42. Elk

    137. STeve
    “It’s pretty sad when Kim K and her ugly sister get the most posts on superfish…………..this blogsite is deteriorating”

    What you don’t like the craze?:)

  43. elaine

    lol!you ugly fat bitches, who say kim is an ugly fat bitch really amuse me!
    i mean c’mon……admit it…….ur just jelous, becoz shes famous and considered sexy despite the fact that she isn’t the thinest of girls….

  44. TK


    You sound like an immature fat little 10 year old that looks up to worthless no talent media whores like Kim Kardaskank. There is hope for you fatty because you can join Jenny Craig and lose weight now and feel good about yourself. Kim would be a great spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Imagine seeing Kim lose her extra 45 pounds while promoting Jenny Craig like Kirsty Alley. Kim would probably still have to wear a girdle and body shapers because of all the extra flab from losing the weight.

  45. Good Bye


    I think Paris Herpes use to get the most negative comments because she is also a no talent worthless media whore, but I’m so tired of her and I think a lot of people here feel the same, and this is why I do not even read the stories about Paris anymore. I’m starting to get tired of Kim too and this is my last post. Kim gets the most negative posts now because she is a worthless no talent fat media whore that got famous for doing porn and wearing girdles with butt pads that make her big huge loose butt look like a freak show. I think I’ve seen all the fat rolls and freaky butt pics of Kim that I’m sick of it now.

  46. I'd hit it, many times

    Her extrme hotness makes life worth living.

  47. Pete


    Thanks I needed a chuckle on this Friday afternoon at work.

    Can’t imagine doing a dumb fat chick but definitely a hot chick with a tight body!

  48. Bret

    She’s delicious. Yummy. Insanely sexy. Too hot for words. I’d fuck her until the sun came up again and again and again. Marry me Kim. She’s the finest woman I’ve ever seen.

  49. I'd fuck her until my dick fell off

    Wow, I’m amazed at the astonishing amount of jealousy this goddess of hotness causes. But just like any really hot woman I guess, the hotter she is the more hated and envied she is. Kim Kardashian and the comments on this site are a clear example of that. I mean, c’mon, there’s no question that she is one of the hottest and most beautiful women your eyes will witness in your whole life and that her body is amazing and to die for. She’s at least a million times hotter and a million times more beautiful than all the hotness and beauty of all the women posting on this site together. So keep hating ladies, if that’s the only way to make yourselves feel better after getting your ego lowered down below the level of the ground by this absolute hottie you know even in the best looking day of your life you couldn’t compete with at all or look better than a stinky turd next to=)

  50. Cougar Texas

    Maybe she’s eating alot because her heart is broken that the man-whore known as Ray-Jay who CLAIMS he’s fucked over 1,100 women. He recently commented that Britney Spears (the fat version) was his next conquest becaue he loves chunkier, thicker women. So what the fuck is he doing with WHITNEY HOUSTON? Yeah. He is.

    I think Kim looks hot. Thick is IN. Get over it skinny cows.

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