Kris Jenner Wanted Christina Aguilera To Play Kim’s Wedding For Free

Kim Kardashian’s wedding is now close to hauling in $17.9 million, so naturally Kris Jenner expected Jennifer Lopez or Christina Aguilera to perform for free because she’s a crazy person who actually believes her daughter is a legitimate celebrity with star power others can’t help but gravitate towards. Via Reality TV Magazine:

According to an insider close to Kris Jenner, Kris originally wanted a big name performer like Christina Aguilera or Jennifer Lopez to perform at the wedding, but there was one problem – she was not willing to pay! With private concerts by both of the singers costing around $1 million, Kris opted not to go with Christina Aguilera or Jennifer Lopez, as she told friends she refused to compensate that much for their time.
… Instead, the wedding guests were treated to a DJ and Earth, Wind and Fire.

And it gets better, but just keep reminding yourself $17.9 million as you read this. Via The Daily Mail:

With Kim and the Kardashian clan’s preference for first class – or private – travel, it was assumed that Kris Humphries’ parents and siblings would have been flown in style to the nuptials in California.
But when William and Debra Humphries and their daughter and bridesmaid Kaela flew out of LAX last night, they were holding economy class tickets.
They flew on budget airline Delta bound for their home in Minnesota.

Kris Humphries’ parents had to fly coach. $10 million wedding, but the groom’s parents can eat a dick. Fortunately, there are brief moments of justice in this world, and I like to believe this one reached out and asked for a tissue. TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned … roughly 2 MILLION people visited between Friday and Sunday night … a HUGE boost from the average weekend traffic.
In fact, the site only averages 300k unique visitors PER MONTH — so it seems all the fanfare from the wedding led to some serious handfare across the planet.

Despite the fact the majority of the traffic came from Ireland – “You can only get drunk and fuck a potato so many times, laddies,” I like to picture a leprechaun saying. – it’s reassuring to know that humanity is still being presented with objects and feeling compelled to seek out their origin. Their one, true, only-reason-for-being origin – and then masturbating to it. We’re gonna make it.

Photo: Splash News