Kim Kardashian’s Showing Her Boobs Again

January 19th, 2011 // 60 Comments

Because posting them on Twitter wasn’t enough, Kim Kardashian brought her Armenian sweater cows to Letterman last night where she wore a revealing mesh top to promote her and Kourtney’s new show which, according to what I assume is viral marketing, involves them squeezing breast milk out of each other while riding in planes. Or at least that’s how I’m going to picture it in my mind while I’m never watching it.

COWORKER: Did you see Kourtney and Kim last night?
ME: That food’s supposed to be for the baby! *runs away crying*

That’s just good television.

NOTE: Added pics I missed of Kim at the Critics’ Choice Awards, and also they fit with the theme of the post. It’s “motif” if you will.

Photos: Getty, Splash News, WENN


  1. Of course she is. What else is this famewhore known for?

  2. Hugh Gentry

    mmmm…she is so damn sexy.

  3. Steve Ross Is My Bitch

    Every black man in America and possibly the world has seen those, so what else is new?

  4. I’m bored with her boobs…whoa…that felt strange to type.

  5. Kim Kardashian Critics Choice Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Jesus christ honey your eyelashes do not need to come all the way up to your eyebrows…

  6. Satan's bitch

    Next show title: Famewhores and Funbags

  7. kk

    wow, her face looks so plastic. i wonder if it feels as hard and stone-like as it looks.

  8. mike

    what else would kim whoredashian do for attention besides show skin? nothing, because she has no talent.

  9. atheistgirl

    Thanks! Now all I can think about is them on a plane.
    And worse still, I’m getting slightly turned on by it.

  10. Kim Kardashian Critics Choice Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Did you know, Jamie Fox and T pain’s big hit was originally be “Blame it on the tush”? instead of goose? It’s true.

  11. II don’t care what anyone says I would have sexual intercourse with her in a heartbeat

  12. The boobs look nice, but I would prefer a pic of the ass. That is one hell of a body.

    • abe vigoda's eyebrows

      I think her ass and logs are gross. From the hips up, great. But stumpy legs and a lumpy fat ass? Pass.

      • mel

        her logs are definitely gross. and massive too. i’ve heard that she has hired a painter to redo her bathroom walls after each of her log cuttings.

      • abe vigoda's eyebrows

        yes, I saw my typo, but decided to leave it. :)

  13. Facebook me

    Dressed like that, with her milkshakes out in the yard, she wonders why she is 30, single, never been married and childless…

    I would fuck her though, double bagging it first.

  14. Kim Kardashian
    slappy magoo
    Commented on this photo:

    Don’t you mean “mootif?”

  15. just do porn alrea…oh wait…

  16. silverduece

    This family is so dense.
    The casting couch can get you far in America!

  17. Kim Kardashian Critics Choice Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Not a big Kardashian fan by any stretch of the imagination, but she looks great in that picture.

  18. JRS

    Why is she or her sisters famous?

    • Martin Lawrence Is My Bitch

      Well..Kim is famous for having had more black men run thru her then the underground railroad.

      Her sisters are famous for being “hanger-ons” OF Kim’s whoredom fame..

  19. abe vigoda's eyebrows

    who the hell wants to hear this plastic woman speak in her dumb baby voice? whoever has her on their talk show should be shot.

  20. What a stupid caption. Kim is wearing black again, o0o post it!

  21. Lady Blah Blah

    Nero fiddles as Rome burns.

  22. Wm. Norwood

    Will Kourtney be joining her in her next sex & pee video?

  23. 00O

    ugh plastic face goooo away! we hate you!

  24. Don’t you mean “still”?

  25. Is it bad that I want her to go the fuck away? Like another astral plane.

  26. Icu

    Give this chick a bag of dicks and send her home

  27. CRF

    She kinda looks like Raquel Welch here. A young Raquel Welch from the neck up; 70 year old Raquel Welch from the neck down.

    • 12345

      A 70 year old, are you serious?

      I really can not imagine what 70 year olds you are gazing at to have come to that conclusion.

  28. Jennyjenjen

    Nice ripples from her breast implants..

  29. RICHI

    her face looks more plastic every time i see her.

  30. BigDaddy

    This bitch is so ugly.Her face looks like it’s about to crack.Her tits are sagging inplants.Her legs are like toothpicks and her ass looks like the moon with all of its bumps.

  31. t

    who let kim’s wax figure out the museum?

    oh wait i see a pimple ……. SHES MELTING!!!!!!!!!

  32. t

    WOA . were pretty mean on here people……. but less make up is beautiful because your face makes up for it ( =D)

  33. Johnny Cage

    I’d love to tittyf**k her.

  34. nancy sandoval

    She is really pretty. Her hair is beautiful, her teeth are perfect, she has long eyelashes she has big boobs… If I looked like that I would want to show it off too…Good for her. (I’ve never said this before) You Go Girl…

    • Martin Lawrence Is My Bitch

      If you looked like THAT you’d have to shield yourself from 100 degree heat because you’d MELT in the sunlight. That bitch is faker then a stack of tupperware geletan bowls..

    • RICHI

      LOL – all of the “assets” you just mentioned are completely fake. do you get that?
      hair: extensions
      teeth: veneers
      eyelashes: seriously, do u not know that she wears fake lashes??
      big boobs: implants and lifts

      you’re not so bright are you honey?

      • 12345

        I’d say your not.

        She never actually commented on whether or not she was fake just that she thought she looked good, whether that comes from surgery or not, she didn’t specify.

        Stupid much?

      • Johnny Cage

        He’s right you guys don’t need to gang up on someone just because they think Kim is pretty. I think Kim is hot looking too, but it’s just her actions that make me cringe about her.

  35. shilla

    let’s see: fake boobs (we can clearly see that on these pics), she can’t move her face…and she’s only 30. pathetic.

  36. over it

    yuk!!!!! she looks like michael jackson in his final year

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