1. first


  2. first

    wow hate to be a first person but just couldn’t help myself

  3. lazyfatboy

    Clearly a shadow, not a nipple.

  4. Dank

    Fail! WTF there is no nipple there. Bring back the real Fish. The funny one that actually knows when he sees nipple, not his 15 year old virgin cousin.

  5. Dank

    and FYO Kim’s ARE fake.

  6. Dank

    FYI* oops

  7. notanipple

    dude – that’s not a nipple. Spend more time dating and less time wanking

  8. killian

    Are you fucking kidding me, deleting my post? All I see are censored, starred pictures. If there’s some trick to see the original uncensored ones, you should probably make that clear, Fish.

    • waitingforcodot

      I don’t think it can be any clearer than a “View Full Size” button at the top left hand of the screen, just above the picture.

  9. Noelle

    That’s not nip… clear shadow and water beads. WTF?

    Killian, the arrow pointing to the right does wonders…. that is if you really are to see shadowy cleavage lol.

  10. Noelle

    Damnit… should have been care not are.

  11. tutugui

    dude, thats not a nipple.

  12. If that is her nipple, it’s migrating northeast.

  13. S.

    How the hell is that a nipple?

  14. sam

    What am I looking at here??

    You mean I had to click 13 times for this?

  15. definitely not nipple. fail.

  16. Lindsay's Dealer

    Um, yeah, that’s not a nipple. Maybe you should hire someone who actually has seen breasts before?

  17. oermens


  18. loki365

    Dude, I’m fairly certain that even the GW has seen enough tits to know that’s not a f-ing nipple. Lame.

  19. Schmeeky

    What kind of wonk tits are you looking at where a nipple is up by the sternum?

  20. ALTuna

    ::Headline fixed::

    ‘Bieber-Fever causes 3rd nipple growth on Bombshell-Beach-Bosom-Buddy’

  21. andy7171


  22. Looks more like a bad zit on the inside of her clevage than a nip

  23. PtC

    Um. Nipple?

    Seriously? I mean….


  24. Toma

    It’s a neck-nipple.

  25. jeremiah.nanderson

    Interesting to read out thoughts regarding the photo shoot of Kim.I think both are looks awesome in the middle of the water.
    m3 zero

  26. Senior Pepe

    Epic Nipple Fail

  27. Photoshop Police

    You gotta click on the link that says ‘view full size’. Also, someone needs to teach the new nipple-spotters about anatomy.

  28. mrsfiveday

    OMG..have you never seen a real nipple….since when do we have nipples on the sides of our boobs??? oh ya, you’ve been looking at too many Danielle Staub pics!!!!

  29. injekter

    oh wait, you r right, i see the other one on her ear!……

  30. Jed

    you guys are nipples! I think you are just obsessed with using that big red star.

  31. Dutch

    What is with the pink stars lately, I click on the nsfw image and I get no booby shots.

  32. Dutch

    Nevermind… “View full size” works. What a waste of my time – that is nowhere near a nipple. Justin Bieber wouldn’t know what to do even if he did see a nipple.

  33. Deacon Jones

    Click on “view full size” people, jesus.

    Kim looks like a fat gypsy.

  34. dsgfasdfg

    That not a nipple people please i can believe nobody is noticing this

  35. samechick

    Is it opposite day?

    no nipple to be found

  36. Skinn

    You fuckin’ asshat. Have you ever seen a tit before. The nipple is the pokey thing in the middle.

  37. joho777

    How typical. Kim goes wading at the beach wearing full warpaint makeup.

    What a poser. I can’t wait until she drops off her diet and her butt goes back to the size of Detroit.

  38. clown shoes

    survey says! … not a nipple

  39. Flip

    Is that his Mom?

  40. RaraAvis

    Wow, fish, they’re really beating you up over this one. I think she stuck a false nipple there to distract us from WTF is KK doing with Baby Bieber?? Talk about a random pairing. It is a bit pedo-like…

  41. anonymus

    those are fuckin wonk nipples. cross eyed nipples !!

  42. brilliant

    earring shadow people…no nip here

  43. Crystal

    That is OBVIOUSLY not her nipple; Look at the placement. If you look closely it looks like a big drop of water and there is light refecting off of it. Also, I don’t even think Kim is that much of an attention whore that she would go bra-less in a sheer top at the beach with JUSTIN BIEBER.

  44. Nik

    Either she has a third nipple, or you’re trolling. -_-

  45. Jose

    I see another nipple back there in the water! Put a star over it!!!

  46. def

    i’ve seen uncensored pic and there’s actually no nipple seen…. so thesuperficial has bullshited you again!!!

  47. not a nipple its a pimple under her skin that hasnt surfaced yet..or her implant rotated around and the tag is sticking out :P

  48. CB

    I heard in Hollywood that the kid is hung like a pimple. Shes just playing with him.

  49. Camellia

    yea, no nip. If it’s a nip, she needs to go back to her surgeon and smack him over the head for the Tara boob job!

  50. cutie

    hiiiii whats up people!!!

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