Kim Kardashian’s Nipple Next to Justin Bieber’s Face

June 14th, 2010 // 203 Comments

If I was 16 years old with gold bars falling out of my acne, I’d probably buy myself a girlfriend willing to have sex on camera so kids on my bus won’t think I’m a liar. Which explains how Kim Kardashian ended up on this photo shoot with Justin Bieber in the Bahamas. On that note, keep in mind 185% of the breasts I see are fake/attached to strippers, but that really looks like a nipple sticking out of Kim’s shirt. In front of a minor. Now, I’m not saying that makes Kim a pedophile, but she should at least go door-to-door and let people know whenever she’s in a neighborhood. Starting with mine. *slathers self in black shoe polish* Okay, ready.

Photos: INFdaily


  1. Nick

    Yeah.. I don’t see a nipple..

  2. first
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  3. j

    to say there is no nip.

  4. first
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    wow hate to be a first person but just couldn’t help myself

  5. t

    That’s funny. However, if that is her nipple her breasts are wildly misshapen.

  6. lazyfatboy
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    Clearly a shadow, not a nipple.

  7. killian
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    Dude, seriously, why can’t I see the uncensored photo? All I get is the starred pic. It’s like web design 101. Can you fix this shit already?

  8. m

    there is no nipple there…that is just a shadow from her top…

  9. Dank
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    Fail! WTF there is no nipple there. Bring back the real Fish. The funny one that actually knows when he sees nipple, not his 15 year old virgin cousin.

  10. anoon
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  11. anoon
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    what i meant was, the star’s not needed. no nip slip

  12. Dank
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    and FYO Kim’s ARE fake.

  13. Dank
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    FYI* oops

  14. notanipple
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    dude – that’s not a nipple. Spend more time dating and less time wanking

  15. killian
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    Are you fucking kidding me, deleting my post? All I see are censored, starred pictures. If there’s some trick to see the original uncensored ones, you should probably make that clear, Fish.

    • waitingforcodot

      I don’t think it can be any clearer than a “View Full Size” button at the top left hand of the screen, just above the picture.

  16. Beastman AIDS

    Did you know that not just people have nipples? It’s true – so do badgers horses and dolphins and Bobcat Goldthwait. If you think about it that’s an awful lot of nipples.

  17. fugnut
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    she should nevah take dem shoes off ..
    her legs is so short she should just use her azz as a float..
    azz is only a few inches off the flo’.!!! ..
    she look like a hairy miss piggy ..
    ew lawwwwd!
    the world is comin to an end ..

  18. keijo
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    yea you have click like million times before the uncensored version opens.
    slightly gay.

  19. Commented on this photo:

    That isn’t a nipple. Nipples aren’t on the top part of the boob facing the other boob.

  20. Noelle
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    That’s not nip… clear shadow and water beads. WTF?

    Killian, the arrow pointing to the right does wonders…. that is if you really are to see shadowy cleavage lol.

  21. That doesn’t even begin to look like the position of a nipple on a human. Not even in the censored pic.

  22. Noelle
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    Damnit… should have been care not are.

  23. That actually could very well be a zit… o_O

  24. Janice
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    Andrea is right. It’s the shadowing of her top, if you compare it to other photos. -_-

  25. thunderstud
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    I agree with the others. It’s almost impossible to find the NSFW version of the pic. Can this made easier (like the old site was)?

  26. tutugui
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    dude, thats not a nipple.

  27. Ross
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    That’s a tit zit covered over with makeup. Dumbass. I EXPECT REPARATIONS FOR UNFULFILLED HOPE OF NIPPLEAGE. Like, you know, Megan Fox boobies. Mmmmmm. Giggity.

  28. less_stupid_than_the_rest
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    A) You guys are retarded. There’s a link at the top of the page that says “View full size”.

    B) This is not a nipple slip since breasts don’t face inwards like that. It’s just a shadow through the translucent part of the top.

  29. sh@dy
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    the girl really sucks!
    Justine what R U looking 4.
    she aint the only 1 in the world

  30. zoomzoom
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    dude, you’re getting desperate if you think that’s a nipple. ITS IN THE CENTRE OF HER FRIK’N CHEST!

  31. BUSH
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  32. Commented on this photo:

    If that is her nipple, it’s migrating northeast.

  33. S.
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    How the hell is that a nipple?

  34. sam
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    What am I looking at here??

    You mean I had to click 13 times for this?

  35. turd da third
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    You know some has gotta say, whale on the beach……….

  36. captain america

    ……………breast feeding the boy?

  37. Commented on this photo:

    definitely not nipple. fail.

  38. darwinpolice

    Incorrect. Acne doesn’t hit till puberty.

  39. Lindsay's Dealer
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    Um, yeah, that’s not a nipple. Maybe you should hire someone who actually has seen breasts before?

  40. JINX
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    all you have to do is click the button that says “View Full Size” and the star is gone lol

  41. angela
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    yeah seriously… not a nipple just weird shading… i had to stare at this for a full minute before i realized what you were even talking about because I was looking where the nipple would logically be.

    anyway… for those that can’t figure out how to view full size, you’re retarded.

  42. oermens
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  43. oermens
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  44. Annie Loves Anal

    I didn’t know Kim was bisexual.

  45. Rico
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    Is anyone else noticing that this site has been posting false or misleading stories lately?

    • cherrycheri

      Yeah, ever since they redesigned they’re posting fake news stories or just inaccurate ones. And a lot of the stories too they have so you have to click on them to see the full story. I think the superficial sold out.

  46. loki365
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    Dude, I’m fairly certain that even the GW has seen enough tits to know that’s not a f-ing nipple. Lame.

  47. Dallasun
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    You could tell there would be no nipple even when the star was there. Too high up.

    Cheap tactics.

  48. Commented on this photo:

    does anybody knows what a nipple is?

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