Kim Kardashian’s Lawyer Says Her Marriage Wasn’t A Sham. Well, That Changes Everything.

Because someone who’s paid to protect Kim Kardashian’s interest is a reliable source, her lawyer Laura Wasser claims Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries wasn’t a sham because their pre-nup dealt with future assets. Phew, for a minute there, I thought she’d cite something that means absolutely nothing. TMZ reports:

Wasser — who is notorious for not speaking publicly about her cases — tells us the negotiations were “prolonged” and dealt with financial issues “that go well into the future” — markers that would not be present if someone intended a short marriage from the get go.
Sources connected with Kim tell us … the prenup covered Kim’s long-range career plans … as one source put it, “Why on earth would they [Kim, Kris and their lawyers] create a document which looks far into the future if they planned a marriage that would only last a few months.”

Let me field that last question:


(Will that ever get old? Probably not.)

You’re talking about a group of whores who planned an entire wedding, sold every single publishing rights to it possible, invited actual guests, kept the presents and then gave up even trying to pretend it was real after two months. But, no, they’d never sit there and hash out a legal document under false pretenses. These Kardashians are quiet, simple people. Amish practically.

Photos: Getty, Splash News