Kim Kardashian’s Gonna Be ‘Dead’ For a While

So, remember when Kim Kardashian announced she’s going to “die” by signing off of Twitter and Facebook (What? You think I’m going to link to hers?) until $1 million is raised for Keep a Child Alive? It’s, uh, it’s not going very well. Popeater reports:

Now that World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) is over, it looks like there’s a long way to go until we’ll be seeing any tweets or Facebook updates from Kim, Gaga, JT and other participating celebs like Ryan Seacrest, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Elijah Wood and Serena Williams — the donations stand at just over $160,000 as of Thursday morning. Reaching the $1 million mark could stretch deep into December.

Of course, that’s not even the sad part. The sad part is that the entire campaign has to raise $1 million, not each individual celebrity, which is total bullshit. Clearly, these people enjoy watching children die because I don’t know how else you justify not making this thing some sort of competition. I’m talking first person to a million gets to “come back to life” while the losers have to reinvent MySpace. That’s how you fight the AIDS out of kids. “Or with a gun and the King James,” says Sarah Palin, which I’m gonna allow provided it’s aimed at Khloe. Taste thy reckoning, Wendigo!

Photos: Splash News