• Foxy Al

      Now is she popular just because she made a porn with Ray-J.
      Is that why her family is popular too?

  1. weebie

    She looks better without the Tammy Faye makeup kit on

  2. jacob

    I do hate her show,
    I do hate her personality
    I do hate that she is such a Fame Whor3

    But OMG that is so hot, her boobs are so huge, is like a little mountain,

  3. Richard Throbbin

    I want to choke on her norks.


  4. Jess

    she has some ugly ass hammer toes…ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

  5. Kaoi

    taena puputukan ko tlaga yan.

  6. jen

    Sorry boys, that’s the problem with real boobs – the areolae actually MOVE. It’s this wonderful phenomenon we ladies just invented called “gravity”.

  7. i would bang the hell out of her…

  8. jimisnatch

    Ive seen less corns on a cobb. Holy shit girl do something about those toes

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