Kim Kardashian Wishes She Would Have Eloped

Posted by Photo Boy

Self-proclaimed tranny and world-renowned fame whore Kim Kardashian recently told Ellen Degeneres that she wishes she would have eloped. No, really. The smut-peddlers at E! Online have the story:

Before getting a chance to renew their vows “in private,” Kim shares that if she could do one thing differently about her wedding, she’d elope. Ellen, however, would vote for a longer afterparty, which causes the starlet to admit just how hectic the whole event was, “I would say longer afterparty, but I was so crazy for an entire month…I literally I went crazy. It was so stressful.”

I’m going to start by admitting that I’ve never understood anyone’s obsession with Kim, especially women. Not only has she helped to glorify homemade porn, but now, with this bullshit statment of the century, she’s also calling you a moron. If you for one second don’t believe that in her mind, her wedding was the most important event in human history, then you deserve to have your brain eaten away on a weekly basis by this family. And I don’t mean that figuratively. I believe that the Kardashians crack open the skulls of the lowly poor people who watch their shows and buy their perfume and awful animal-print clothing and consume their brain matter in a sacrifice to whatever ungodly, evil being unleashed them upon this Earth. It was Oprah, wasn’t it? I’m going with Oprah.

Photo: Flynet, Splash News