Kim Kardashian Went to Dinner Without A Shirt Because It’s Hot Out

While the Kardashian family is in the throes of an embarrassing scandal involving their idiot brother and a stripper, Kim Kardashian is still sticking to her own business as usual. Her business, of course, is pulling her boobs out in public (click it. click it. click it.) and having her picture taken while she makes this face that says “oh, jeez the one day that I wear this they catch me – UGHH!”

It’s soothing to know that Kim’s boobs are still doing their thing as the world burns around her. Sometimes I wonder if I ran into her at a Dave n’ Buster’s if maybe I’d accept her challenge to a game of 4-player air hockey (her butt gives her a massive advantage, so we’d obviously spring for the bigger table). I’d let her win only if she agrees to let me watch how she poops… for science.