Kim Kardashian Waxed North West’s Unibrow

December 17th, 2013 // 50 Comments
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R. Kelly may have been widely exposed as a serial statutory rapist, but the real story setting the Internet on fire is whether or not Kim Kardashian waxed North West‘s eyebrows which.. actually is some repugnant Farrah Abraham-type shit. I started this out all wrong. Via The Daily Mail:

While thousands were commenting on the six-month-old’s cheery and smiling demeanour, others pointed out the little girl’s perfect brows – with some even suggesting that Kim had groomed her child’s arches.
One fan, called Alexa Rebola, tweeted: ‘Kim K definitely waxed her baby’s unibrow.’
And another, Katie Keegan, added: ‘I swear the instagram pic Kim Kardashian just put up looks like her baby’s eyebrows are filled in and waxed idc.’

Kim has since denied to the Mail that she waxed North’s unibrow, so go ahead and file that one under “Definitely Fucking Happened.” In the meantime, here’s a photo from a few weeks ago that everyone’s using for reference while not even mentioning that North’s being kidnapped by a pedophile. You think that would stand out:

North West Unibrow

In Kim Kardashian’s defense, you don’t see a lot of women with facial hair in porn, and it’s never too early to start planning your child’s future. That’s just smart parenting.

Photos: Instagram / Fame/Flynet, INFphoto, Splash News


  1. joe

    This poor kid. Imagine the Truman Show, but instead of banging Laura Linney, Truman has to deal with the Kardashians.


  2. It looks more like the picture was simply airbrushed and cleaned up in photoship. If you look between her eyebrows, the patch of skin is a tiny bit grainy like someone patched over it.

    • that’s what I was going to say as well, that the area between the brows looks a different texture and blurred. I was going to say that, then I realized I was actually giving thought to a goddamn baby’s facial hair hygiene routine.

      WHY do I let this kind of shit suck me in? I couldn’t give a rat fuck if baby North were getting her first tramp stamp tattoo even as I type this.

      I hate them all so goddamn much…yes, North too. That is the baby I hate most in the world. Is this it? Is today the day I finally snap?

      • “That is the baby I hate most in the world,” might be my favorite sentence of 2013. I want it on a tee shirt, right under a picture of meticulously groomed baby eyebrows.

      • I know. I opened the photo up and stared at it carefully as though the baby’s eyebrows were a matter of national security and not the thick and bushy icing on the shit cake that is everything Kardashian.

        McFeely I’ve been mostly lurking for a long time and the only thing I can say is , I had no idea you hadn’t already snapped. I thought it was right around the Farrah Abraham video post that you officially lost it.

      • oh yeah^. I found myself defending her in my thoughts & almost picked up a hammer to knock myself out. except let’s all remember McSmackup’s review of that horror was one of my fave things of 2013. ;)

      • Miss_Moppet, I’ve got a ways to go to rock bottom. I have no doubt you’ll recognize it when you see it.

      • Cock Dr

        Yay McFeely! Tap into that solstice spirit!

    • BlinkyTheFish

      Yep – a lot of the comments of the tabloid sites seems to overwhelmingly be screaming photoshop or some filter to groom the brows and make the eyes bigger and add what appear to be the best set of lashes this side of a tranny’s dressing room. Man, I do feel bad for this kid. Just a baby, knows squat about the world, ready to learn and grow – and it’s got the Kardashians and Kanye West raising it. That’s pretty much a wasted life before it’s started.

  3. Whatever

    ….and added some extra eyelashes. Poor kid.

    Her blogg has 60 likes, the North-picture has a thousand something, but 3/4 of the comments are spam, and the rest is “photoshop?! WTF?”. Every nasty gossip-page (love you!) has tons of comments.

    The internet-fame has led to internet-shame!

  4. Team Blue Ivy

    She could use some lipo, too, that fat bitch.

  5. eh

    Come on, the kid’s Armenian. If the parents didn’t remove hair daily, the kid would just be a giant hairball covered in sweat and gold chains.

  6. dreamcrusher

    This poor kid has been genetically cursed. She will be hairy and dull and thick enough to play nose tackle in the NFL.

    The state should have not allowed her parents to pollute the gene pool. Hope she will get the therapy she will no doubt be needing.

  7. JC

    I’m assuming that neither of her parents ever touch her, but if they do, and the diaper accidentally leaks, do you think Kim gets turned on?

  8. cc

    The innocence face of a child that doesn’t realize he’s doomed.

  9. Hmmm…. waxed, no. Photoshopped? Definitely. Shameful, but who’s really all that shocked?.

  10. Robb7

    The obviously-haute couture blanket is thankfully covering most of the mustache which was inadvertently not Photoshopped out because of the hours of work necessary for the unibrow to be “softened.” Life used to be so simple before photo manipulation.

  11. Odbarc

    That kid is fucking ugly!

  12. Kim Kardashian Bra See Through Shirt Huge Butt Tight Jeans North West Kourtney Kardashian Penelope Disick
    Commented on this photo:

    She went from a lard-ass cunt to a plastic piece of shit!

  13. “Fire up the Cray XC30… we’ve got to get these baby photos print-ready, STAT!”

  14. Her? Sorry. Whatever, lol.

  15. Kim Kardashian Bra See Through Shirt Huge Butt Tight Jeans North West Kourtney Kardashian Penelope Disick
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:


  16. Hugh G. Rection

    Photoshop is the most logical and likely scenario. But somehow it is more fun to think she is vapid enough to something as ridiculous as waxing a baby’s unibrow.

  17. Photoshopped.

    Best part is, Kim K will go on Twitter or whatever and be like “You should all be ashamed! I can’t believe anyone would say I wax North’s eyebrows! What kind of parent would I be?”

    And the answer is, the type of parent that fucking puts a photoshopped picture of their infant on Instagram. And doesn’t airbrushing a photo kinda defeat the purpose of Instagram?

  18. Jenn

    I don’t think she waxed them. They look the same. Still feel sorry for that poor kid.

  19. Given her genetics and environment it’s hard to even conceive of what a fucking asshole this kid is gonna be when it grows up.

  20. wtf

    It like Kim’s projecting her own insecurities about her hairy body onto her baby. Poor kid…

  21. The kids going to be a healthy silver back when he gets older , he’ll have a nice hairy back like mom.

  22. Kim Kardashian Bra See Through Shirt Huge Butt Tight Jeans North West Kourtney Kardashian Penelope Disick
    Hugh G. Rection
    Commented on this photo:

    Come on, that ass HAS to be photoshopped.

  23. anonym

    there’s no kanye in North at all. I see no black.

  24. Anon

    Simmer down, it is photoshop people…clone tool gives a blur effect and only takes a few minutes.

  25. Aggie

    Say she did photoshop it rather than wax the kid, that’s still beyond messed up. Babies are repulsive and ugly, but their parents aren’t supposed to think so. Her mother should see her as pretty no matter how much of a little fur ball she is. Kim has proved once again she truly is an abhorrent human being (for like the 40th time this month).

  26. Steve

    She’s a Hobbit.

  27. D-chi

    tbh I think she’s super cute. but I shudder for the life of fame-slavery her family will undoubtedly subject her to. I’m actually sad for her. She didn’t know when she came into this world. SHE DIDN’T HAVE A CHANCE!

  28. Kris

    I don’t like either parent and think they are idiots but you all do know that most babies are born with hair on their bodies that fades or disappears as they grow don’t you?

  29. kid was some crow’s feet going on – needs some botox. Maybe some cheek implants to make those cheekbones really ‘pop’.

  30. Kim Kardashian Bra See Through Shirt Huge Butt Tight Jeans North West Kourtney Kardashian Penelope Disick
    Ginger Failed
    Commented on this photo:

    Her ass is a shape-shifter.

  31. Ginger Failed

    Her eyebrows?! What about her bikini line!

  32. me

    Ewwww, that’s gonna be one ugly chick! Never saw an ugly baby before! Kim will try to have it undergo numerous surgeries to look feminine and at least a tad attractive but since Kanye lost his mom dat way he goon put the breaks on that cray-cray idea Shamu had.

  33. Kim Kardashian Bra See Through Shirt Huge Butt Tight Jeans North West Kourtney Kardashian Penelope Disick
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like her implants fell out of place. Can you say the movie “Death Becomes Her.”?

  34. Kim Kardashian Bra See Through Shirt Huge Butt Tight Jeans North West Kourtney Kardashian Penelope Disick
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like those red ants that have to pull around that humongous ass around

  35. oopsmyassfeell

    All babies are cute and perfect. This one is ZERO years old and already Kim is manipulating it’s looks? Wow…I was such a cute baby my parents didn’t need photo shop to prove it. You can’[t hide what a hideous troll that thing you created with Beast is KK. Shamoo and the beast

  36. Kim Kardashian Bra See Through Shirt Huge Butt Tight Jeans North West Kourtney Kardashian Penelope Disick
    Commented on this photo:

    Side bras pudge…

  37. J

    Ugly child with horrid parents.

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