There Is An Emoji War Between Kim Kardashian And Taylor Swift (Kill Me)

The fan feud between the butt-worshiping cult of Kardashian and the “I’ll kill my parents for a lock of hair” legions of Taylor Swift fans has escalated to an all-out emoji war. It all started when Kim Kardashian put Swift on blast for being a manipulative sociopath last year with the whole “you told my husband it was cool if he says he wants to bang you in a song” thing. Everyone knew about it, even old people, and it was one of the few times in history Kim Kardashian was on the right side of anything.

The bodycount for this particular war wasn’t measured in innocent children that were caught in the wrong hospital at the wrong time, no… this isn’t Syria, this is social media. This war’s ammunition of choice is the snake emoji… seriously. Taylor Swift fans bombard Kardashian feeds with snake emoji comments like pop culture jihadists, despite the fact that Taylor Swift was the one who made a big huff about the whole thing in the first place. Ugh. I hate the future.

Now Taylor Swift is pushing her new album and reclaiming the symbol that used to be associated with her slip with the illuminati’s PR team with these cryptic CGI snake gifs that she ripped off of a SyFy original movie or something.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian’s Twitter is being absolutely blasted with millions of snake emojis. Literally every post is followed by hundreds of comments containing only snakes. Molotov cocktails are being tossed in the streets of Venezuela, Nazis are a thing in America all of a sudden, and we’ve got millions of people bombarding Kim Kardashian with snake emojis on Twitter. Thanks for inviting me to your party, 2017, but I gotta get up early tomorrow so I think I’m just gonna Uber outta here…

***UPDATE: Kim Kardashian has blocked the snake emoji on her Instagram comments.