Kim Kardashian Tackled In Paris By That Dude Who Punched Brad Pitt

While leaving a Fashion Week event in Paris, Kim Kardashian was reportedly tackled in the legs (link includes video) by Ukrainian comedian Vitalii Sediuk who’s apparently evolved from punching Brad Pitt in the face to doing God’s work and taking out the garbage. A one-man army cleansed with the blood of righteousness as he rains justice down upon those who would turn this world into a decadent cesspool. Provided the paparazzi don’t protect their most sacred cow, of course. TMZ reports:

He wasn’t arrested on the scene — but our Kardashian sources say the paparazzi actually turned on Sediuk and held him down while Kim was whisked away.

Wait a minute. Didn’t somebody just say the paparazzi are rapists? I could’ve sworn I heard that somewhere. Who could it be…

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Photos: Vantagenews/AKM-GSI