Kim Kardashian Spits Out a Salty White Liquid

Kim Kardashian appeared on James Corden’s Late Late Show last night and they did this truth or dare thing to try and get Kim to admit that she hates Kanye West or something. It didn’t really work because she mostly went with answering easy softball questions over eating bull penis, scorpion, old eggs, and other gross shit.

The highlight came when Corden asked her to address Kylie and Khloe’s pregnancy rumors. She didn’t answer the question, instead opting to take a fat swig of a frothy anchovy smoothie (which was easily the least nauseating option available). Skip to the 6 minute mark to watch her spit into a bucket, unless you’ve really got nothing to do and have time to watch James Corden eat a dead scorpion.

The fact that she refuses to address the rumors surrounding the publicity stunt of a triple Kardashian pregnancy says one of two things: A) For once in their life they’re trying to keep their privacy sacred, or, B) Kris got in way over her head by letting these rumors go on this long and they haven’t gotten the results of their market research case studies to find out how to properly back out and maximize profits.

Either way, watching Kim spit out white goop into a bucket is always fun times all around. Kind of like getting a free sandwich or your tax return early. The possibilities are truly endless with this gem of a gif.

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