Kim Kardashian Sideboob of the Day and More

It’s been a minute since we caught some classic Kim Kardashian sideboob, but luckily we caught this hunk of breast meat just in time for Thanksgiving. Perhaps she’s peacocking to try and attract a new live-in servant/personal assistant now that she fired her last one for telling some magazine that she was a huge pain in the ass to work for. Anyone know where I can send my rez? I’ve got lots of experience handling livestock…


This Weather Channel cameraman has the greatest reaction of all time to a bus blocking his shot. [TMZ]

A great write up on how Ben Affleck will always be his own worst enemy. [Pajiba]

Drake said something on stage about Meek Mill and everybody’s freaking out. [HHMW]

A woman on a first date clogged a toilet and decided to use her hands… obviously, it got worse. [WarpedSpeed]

Cool story about Bryan Cranston meeting Charles Manson as a kid. Manson finally died, by the way. [PageSix]

Ariel Winter looks different. [DrunkenStepfather]

Lucky for WB, Justice League did okay overseas but domestically everyone knew it sucked. [RottenTomatoes]

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