Kim Kardashian’s Changed, You Guys

December 19th, 2011 // 112 Comments
Would Get Married Again
Kim Kardashian
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Not Pictured: World’s largest black microphone.

After experiencing a reasonable amount of backlash for immediately divorcing Kris Humphries once all the wedding checks cleared, the most obvious and transparent move Kim Kardashian could’ve made was to fly to Haiti and pretend she’s a selfless, humanitarian with nothing but the best interest of others in mind. Which is, of course, exactly what she did and even though Kim was there and back in time to catch a Jay-Z concert in LA, she’s now trying to tout it as a life-changing experience. E! News reports/posts the PR press release per Kris Jenner’s command:

“It was such a great journey, such a great experience to see, you know, what has gone on there since the earthquake and how much work really still needs to be done,” she said. “The pride of the people in Haiti is something that I don’t think you or I have ever seen before. And the country is a beautiful place.”

And just to show how charitable Kim Kardashian is, she not only didn’t donate all her wedding gifts to charity, she had them returned for store credit and bought her family Rolexes. She’s a giant-assed Mother Teresa. Via OK! Magazine:

“Kim had never had the gifts delivered,” an insider claims. “The store was still waiting for her to give them an address.”
So the week after she filed for divorce, claims the source, “She went in to the storeband told them that she didn’t want the stuff after all. She had them just give her store credit for everything.”
And with that, store insiders say, Kim, 31, bought a slew of luxe watches, including a pave diamond and shell dial Rolex for sister Kourtney.

In Kim’s defense, Kourtney did get pregnant to deflect from the divorce, so essentially scamming all of their friends and families was the least she could do. Granted, stealing jewelry from their grandmother is the customary gift in the Kardashian house, that’s becoming a little too much like work lately. Her bedroom is all the way upstairs.

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  1. pissskank

    above , ya’ll ‘hate’ her cause she aint even a good natured party slut with a good heart ..
    she’s a user , greedy & very unpleasant in the personality dept…
    SHE wants you to think you are jealous of her riches $& beauty ..
    her pimpmama tells her so she keeps ‘workin’ the public’ …
    but she finally has woken up to the fact she is hated for WHO she is …
    they should have quit while they were ahead ..
    take the ‘moohlah’ and run ..
    now they cannot keep the myth up anylonger…
    people are funny ..
    they don’t like to be made fools of ..the divorce had nothing to do with it ..
    people have gotten to know her better & they talk…
    she hasn’t a friend in the world except cheban ( can you imagine ? )
    they actually make me realize on a daily basis (no escape yet) that all the money in the world can’t buy friends ..
    can’t wash the stink of piss & greed away ..

  2. Been watching the show off & on for a couple years. Embarassed to say I do, but I’ll tell you what. After the crap Kim has pulled with KH, she doesn’t deserve to be given the time of day, by ANYBODY. Kourtney is just as bad. Stringing Scott along (although imperfect himself) it made me cringe when I saw how he ‘bowed down to the clan.’ Say what you want to about Khloe, but she’s the only one decent enough to act like a ‘wife’, KH was 100% correct when he said to Kim “After you get pregnant & have kids, nobody’s even going to care about you.” News flash hon, nobody cares about you now. Should have hooked up with a good man while you had the chance, cuz nobody’s gonna touch that with a 10 ft pole now. The only reason people watch your show is for the same reason we slow down & gawk at car wrecks. Truely pittiful.

  3. pissskank

    the nose is getting so ‘jacksoned out’ that she cant keep a pair of sunglasses on her face ..
    the whole lower jaw was redone ..raised the corners of the mouth ..
    her original mouth was downward with an almost sneering expression & large chin & jaw ..
    all shaved down along with the schnazz ..
    she’ll be going to shanghai for leg extension surgery i bet a mill’ ..
    she must be ‘shopped to hell or shot from the bottom up to disguise it .
    if you see her in person i guarantee you will have to use all your control not to bust yer gut laughing …
    they construe a bottle thrown at them as jealousy & a crowd in paris (in front of the museum) pointing & laughing as ‘fans’ …
    a desperate woman..
    doesn’t she know that confidence is what gives a woman beauty ..
    vanity , narcissism ain’t confidence ..

  4. pissskank

    very true rebele ..
    you can always catch clips on the net ..
    sign the petition !
    last time i checked it was over a 1/4 mill’ !!!!
    we are NOT alone !

  5. pissskank

    they had to pretend khloe is a giant to cover for her …LOL
    no wonder khloe is mad …
    ya ‘ gots to pretend to be an ugly giant so yer skanky sister can make the cash ..

  6. Kim Kardashian Kardashian Khaos Store Opening
    Commented on this photo:

    Her forehead is brown-orange…then gets lighter and lighter. Oh Kim, you’re so gross.

  7. pissskank

    of course the nose doesn’t function ..
    listen to that fuckin voice !

  8. Seriously folks, does ANYBODY wonder why Scott drinks? ROFLMAO. What dude wouldn’t have to get shit-faced to go home to that b*tch? Even though they have a ‘reality’ show, clearly none of the Kardashians have a grip on reality at ALL. They may have money, but none of them knows what being ‘rich” is. “Rich’ is what your life is when you have friends, family, and a spouse that really care about you. Yeah, you have bitchin shoes, hope they keep you warm, safe & secure at night. LOL.

  9. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    what total @ hole would buy anything in this store?????


    Check the kennel, bitch.

  11. cc

    That’s the same face she makes when toothpaste comes out the end of the tube ‘Whooooooa, that’s science!’

  12. Freebie

    Why, if the Kardashians are so hated, are they pulling in obscene amounts of $? Who are their “fans” and why do they watch their show and buy the products they plug? Out of morbid curiosity I watched a few minutes of one of the shows and was immediately turned off. It looked so scripted and their nasal voices are extremely irritating. Plus Kim looks like a blow up sex doll instead of a real live person.

  13. Jo

    How long did it take for us to finally get rid of Parisite Hilton? It will take that long until these pieces of shit fade into obscurity I’m afraid.

    Be patient folks the backlash over the fake wedding is nothing compared to what this hooker will be facing in the next year. No one will want to buy their tacky Sears Kollection or Trash ooops I mean Dash rags, watch their fake fuckery on E! etc. This franchise will dismantle itself before our very eyes. It will be sweet schadenfreude at its very best.

    • I hate the F%#$ Krapashians

      I am not someone that enjoys disliking or hating anyone, but when that day comes I hope they show it in slow motion on E while they show in the background her video doing animalistic things. I will get some pop corn ready. i hate the bitch and her family. So many americans struggling and this bitch and her family making a mockery of what used to be the american values. Deport the fucking gipsies

  14. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    They’ll put their names and images on anything to make a buck.

  15. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, so now everybody can fuck her mouth and urinate on her. Kim’s toilet face: it’s not just for black guys anymore!!

  16. 1-900-URINE-ADDICT

    Please, help send Kim to Peehab. She is addicted to getting pissed on, and this will not stop just because she is married. She will actively seek out black men to urinate all over her writhing naked body. Please get her the help she needs before it’s too late.

  17. Elf

    I’m very disappointed! When I heard on the news that Kim was dead, I thought it was the Kardashian!

  18. star

    I knew Kim kardashian would go the Angelina Jolie charity publicity route. This is exactly what Jolie did after two marriages. Next she’ll adopt a child.

  19. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah..OK…. so the Mirage seems to have gone low budget, but for the real excitement, just outside the Vegas city limit, where prostitutes are legal…you can stay at the luxurious Kardashian Kunts, with it’s wonderful theme rooms like “The Sex Tape”, “Wookie Wonderland”, “The Shameless Scam Wedding Suite”, and the “Big Ass Cum-Bucket”. What a GREAT Place!

  20. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    This looks about right…empty.

  21. bigalkie

    In related news. Kim Kardashian was caught in a hollywood drive by. Luckily, the 9MM slugs clipped her in the face and only cracked her three inch make up foundation.

  22. I hate the F%#$ Krapashians

    So many american families struggling to feed their children and this fucking dammed bitch whore and her family making a mockery of our society. Stupid the people that support her and I hope they go down the drain with them. Fuck you bitches, get our of our country

  23. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    How do i buy a item from your store on line?

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