Kim Kardashian’s Changed, You Guys

Not Pictured: World’s largest black microphone.

After experiencing a reasonable amount of backlash for immediately divorcing Kris Humphries once all the wedding checks cleared, the most obvious and transparent move Kim Kardashian could’ve made was to fly to Haiti and pretend she’s a selfless, humanitarian with nothing but the best interest of others in mind. Which is, of course, exactly what she did and even though Kim was there and back in time to catch a Jay-Z concert in LA, she’s now trying to tout it as a life-changing experience. E! News reports/posts the PR press release per Kris Jenner’s command:

“It was such a great journey, such a great experience to see, you know, what has gone on there since the earthquake and how much work really still needs to be done,” she said. “The pride of the people in Haiti is something that I don’t think you or I have ever seen before. And the country is a beautiful place.”

And just to show how charitable Kim Kardashian is, she not only didn’t donate all her wedding gifts to charity, she had them returned for store credit and bought her family Rolexes. She’s a giant-assed Mother Teresa. Via OK! Magazine:

“Kim had never had the gifts delivered,” an insider claims. “The store was still waiting for her to give them an address.”
So the week after she filed for divorce, claims the source, “She went in to the storeband told them that she didn’t want the stuff after all. She had them just give her store credit for everything.”
And with that, store insiders say, Kim, 31, bought a slew of luxe watches, including a pave diamond and shell dial Rolex for sister Kourtney.

In Kim’s defense, Kourtney did get pregnant to deflect from the divorce, so essentially scamming all of their friends and families was the least she could do. Granted, stealing jewelry from their grandmother is the customary gift in the Kardashian house, that’s becoming a little too much like work lately. Her bedroom is all the way upstairs.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News