Kim Kardashian’s Changed, You Guys

December 19th, 2011 // 112 Comments
Would Get Married Again
Kim Kardashian
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Not Pictured: World’s largest black microphone.

After experiencing a reasonable amount of backlash for immediately divorcing Kris Humphries once all the wedding checks cleared, the most obvious and transparent move Kim Kardashian could’ve made was to fly to Haiti and pretend she’s a selfless, humanitarian with nothing but the best interest of others in mind. Which is, of course, exactly what she did and even though Kim was there and back in time to catch a Jay-Z concert in LA, she’s now trying to tout it as a life-changing experience. E! News reports/posts the PR press release per Kris Jenner’s command:

“It was such a great journey, such a great experience to see, you know, what has gone on there since the earthquake and how much work really still needs to be done,” she said. “The pride of the people in Haiti is something that I don’t think you or I have ever seen before. And the country is a beautiful place.”

And just to show how charitable Kim Kardashian is, she not only didn’t donate all her wedding gifts to charity, she had them returned for store credit and bought her family Rolexes. She’s a giant-assed Mother Teresa. Via OK! Magazine:

“Kim had never had the gifts delivered,” an insider claims. “The store was still waiting for her to give them an address.”
So the week after she filed for divorce, claims the source, “She went in to the storeband told them that she didn’t want the stuff after all. She had them just give her store credit for everything.”
And with that, store insiders say, Kim, 31, bought a slew of luxe watches, including a pave diamond and shell dial Rolex for sister Kourtney.

In Kim’s defense, Kourtney did get pregnant to deflect from the divorce, so essentially scamming all of their friends and families was the least she could do. Granted, stealing jewelry from their grandmother is the customary gift in the Kardashian house, that’s becoming a little too much like work lately. Her bedroom is all the way upstairs.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News


  1. Kim Kardashian Kardashian Khaos Store Opening
    Commented on this photo:

    “I can make HOW MUCH from faking it!? I mean I’m a good actor haven’t you seen ‘Epic Movie’?”

  2. Any Guy

    ugly pig. she needs 20 pounds of make-up to cover the piss stains. DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE.

    • Burro

      It’s nice to see that she and the other things in her family employed a boat load of makeup artist, hair dressers, and photographers when they went there. At least they’re creating new jobs.

    • I hate the F%#$ Krapashians

      I hate the fucking bitch and the stupid people that support her and made her famous for just being a piss drinker porn fucking deserve to be deported whore

  3. Jayone

    Why do white men obsessively mock a woman who has a preference for black men?? How about all the Asian women with white guy preferences, where are all the jokes then?? Just another example of white supremacy…I’m mean because how dare Kim chose a black man when she’s hot enough to get a white guy, right?

    • Drew

      Oh shut the fuck up. Nobody cares.

    • Actually I don’t think it’s Kim’s preference, I just don’t think any white dudes want her.

    • @BlackManUSAontwitter

      (Clap clap clap

      BBut for the record she is annoying …….but hot

    • karlito

      only a black man would want to get anywhere near a big fat ass like that. most whites don’t like fat asses but blacks do because you become attracted to what you grow up seeing. if you’re surrounded by big butted women everywhere you go and are told by your peers that is what is attractive, then guess what… now with obsesity growing rapidly in the white community then in the next decade or so whitey will like fat asses as well. now about Asian women liking white men…well, we’re a little taller than most Asian men and we have bigger dicks. most of us don’t have big dicks like a lot of black guys but most women really don’t care for donkey dicks.

    • Dan

      That is not why we make fun of her Jayone. If she wasn’t a whore, it wouldn’t be brought up.

      • BE

        Somebody always has to play the “race” card.

        Yes Jayone, everyone is ignoring the fact that she’s a vapid tramp who cashed in on her wedding. All of that would be ignored if we weren’t “racist.”

        At this point, the least annoying thing about her is that she has a preference…

      • WhiteChick

        I happen to like medium size dicks, thank you. Save your “anaconda” for the whores

    • Brooke

      If you lived in Tokyo, you’d know the Yellow Cab joke… Trust me, Asian women get their fill.

    • Sliver

      I second that STFU.

    • I hate the F%#$ Krapashians

      Shut up!!

  4. mark m

    When, oh when, will she change into a dead person?

  5. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh is this an example of where photographers are starting to use CGI bodies because it costs less money than hiring actual models? Only people dumb enough to shop in that store would believe that’s Khloe’s body.

  6. “Like, oh my God – they come in different colors? And widths??”

  7. skunk

    i would love to stick my microphone in there

  8. Mr. Whipple

    Pictures of her always make me have to pee.

  9. Mitch

    Haiti is a beautiful place???? Did that fat assed imbecile even go to Haiti or was she on a back lot at Warner Brothers?

    Haiti is a perfect example of what happens when you let people with the maturity level of children run a country. It has been clear cut, is littered beyond belief and has zero infrastructure. Kim Kardashian is even less intelligent that I thought.

    • cc

      They got sick of flying and landed in West Palm…they knew she wouldn’t know the difference.

      • Jon and Kate plus Hate

        I can see her personal assistant running around calling every school-”yes, we need all your black children now, We’re creating Haiti right here in West Palm…..Yes, I’ll hold….”

  10. Someone please off her

    I guess my definition of what constitutes “helping with charitable causes” differs from hers. Normal people give money, volunteer their time, help raise funds, physically help the people in need. Dumbass attention whores like her & paris hilton sign autographs, have their picture taken with people & go to parties; they call that “charity” (remember whore hilton’s African charity/publicity tour where she didn’t even shake a persons hand, but simply had pictures taken & signed autographs?). In whoretrashian’s case, she probably viewed the poverty of the Haitian people from the back seat of a limo or a car with bulletproof glass & called it “meeing the people”…

  11. Kim Kardashian Kardashian Khaos Store Opening
    pretty vacant
    Commented on this photo:

    “omg how far can u pee with that?”

  12. What a whore

    Love that banner pic. “You mean if I suck that, I get a creamy surprise at the end?”

  13. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    Great mis-steps in product design #429,238: Your head on the head of a penis.

  14. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    Does anyone find it suspect that Khloe Kardashian can’t actually fit on the “life-size” Khloe Kardashian beach towel?

    • I’ve looked, and looked, and looked at this picture and I’m still not sure which one is supposed to be Khloe. Are we sure that’s not Kourtney on the left, Kim in the middle, and Selena Gomez on the right?

  15. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    They sell like hotcakes. People put them on and then punch each other in face.

  16. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s like Mount Rushmore for Armenian prostitutes.

  17. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    The funny thing about the “Kim” candle is that it’s designed to only burn for 15 minutes, but somehow it defies all logic and just keeps at it.

  18. I’m both honored, and ashamed.

  19. Okay, well, we can talk about pee and the size of her mouth and her sexual preferences all we want here, but let’s re-direct the Conversation back to the Topic at Hand. KK’s marriage was a bigass s.h.a.m. and all of you just keep watching their Shows and buying the family’s merchandise when, in reality, there’s clear evidence that Kim didn’t even have the decency to return the gifts; instead, Kristmas kame early this Year in the form of Rolexes.

    No white man (or woman, for that matter) would have her.

    • I hate the F%#$ Krapashians

      …..or hispanics (not from NEW YORK – BRONX) PER THAT MATTER.

      Sadly…….you are so fucking right!!!!

  20. Just like her to pick the black piano keys to have earrings made from.

  21. Bob Loblaw

    Must have been digital watches, because none of them are smart enuff to tell time.

  22. Clarence Beeks

    I am sure she did a TON of helping/building in her thigh high designer boots.

  23. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Jill Ess
    Commented on this photo:

    Kim the Kandle

  24. Dis.fucking.gusting.

  25. Venom

    I just wish this bitch and her whole family would die.

    • Help

      I like the idea of a plane crash somewhere in the mountains. I would say undersea plane crash, but I feel badly for the fish. They don’t deserve toxic waste being dumped in their home.

      • Ghost

        I understand your concern, Help. I was going to raise hell about dumping toxic waste in the sasquatch habitat, but realized her sister proves sasquatches are immune.

    • Clarence Beeks

      plane crash, with the pilot as only survivor works for me.

    • Sliver

      There’s probably a clause in their contract that says it would have to be filmed….we might be lucky enough…

  26. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    Anyone at all surprised the mother is there too?

  27. Frank Burns

    When asked why she bought Rolex watches instead of donating to Haiti, Kim responded “Why would I give watches to those Haitian kids? Its not like they have schools or jobs they can’t be late to.”

  28. Kim Kardashian Kardashian Khaos Store Opening
    Commented on this photo:

    Not pictured: Kris Humphries’s soul.

  29. Snarf

    lol pic looks like a real doll

  30. BE

    I strongly suspect Kim was scouting cheap child labor to produce articles for her slutty clothing line. It changed her all right – bigger dollar signs popped in her eyes…

  31. Bee Bee

    Somebody please run this whorebag over.

  32. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    Selling a physical representation of your “business”? Bold.


  33. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Name (required)
    Commented on this photo:

    it’s a slore store.

  34. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    who the hell would buy this shit?

  35. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    or a whore store.
    this shit is such a fucking joke.

  36. cc

    If pigeons had cocks she’d be a statue in Trafalgar Square.

  37. dotmatrix

    Haven’t the Haitians suffered enough already?

  38. Kim Kardashian Kardashian Khaos Store Opening
    Commented on this photo:

    You want to stuff that thing up my ASS? Are you kidding me… Oh, I’ll get $1Million, OK!

  39. Bob

    Kourtney didn’t “get pregnant to deflect from the divorce.” She PRETENDED to get pregnant to deflect from the divorce. Within a month she’ll “lose the baby,” at which point the Kardashian Klan will gather around to support her in her time of need, thereby “regaining” the public’s love.

  40. JungleRed

    Imagine her chagrin when she realized there were no rich black men in Haiti. Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

  41. Help

    I hate her fucking nose so much. It shrinks every time you look at.

  42. Brooke

    What a cunt. And I don’t use that word often… There is just so much in this post that makes me hate her.

  43. Kim Kardashian Kardashian Khaos Store Opening
    Commented on this photo:

    looks like my gf…beautiful

  44. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Famous Plastic
    Commented on this photo:

    WTF. I will never stay, gamble, or visit the Mirage hotel just for having such a ridiculously douchy store.

  45. Kim Kardashian Kardashian Khaos Store Opening
    Commented on this photo:

    it’s not just the tits and ass that gets her the guy….

  46. forrest gump

    without her sickmaking family like sis “Miss Piggy”-khloe, mother Pissy Krissy & Ass kisser rob kardashian she is still my no. 1.

  47. The Eyes

    She reminds me of the old joke: Knock knock. Who’s there? Whore.

  48. browny

    There’s going to be some happy Haitians sporting those lovely watches while they go about the business of survival. Kim K for the next Nobel Peace Prize.

  49. Kardashian Khaos Novelty Items
    Commented on this photo:

    Given the source of the candle wax, shouldn’t they say “kris” or “reggie”?

  50. pissskank

    the best laugh i had in days was the christmas card ..
    did ya’ll see how they ‘shopped some legs on that midget & try to make her over 4ft. 8 ???!!!
    laugh of the day ..
    are they desperate or WHAAAAAAAAT !!??? LMFAO

    photoslops workin’ overtime !
    short stumpy arms & TWISTED TINY legs ..
    worst of all stumpy fingers & hands ..
    the sign of a idiot ..
    track rows showing ..layers of makeup over pimply greasy piss smelling skin ..
    greed , narcissism , delusional ..
    if that don’t do it , the voice will …
    are ya’ll kiddin’ writing about this slut ?

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