Kim Kardashian Will Exploit Anything

“Ohmygod, isn’t it so beautiful here in this cemetery where my dad’s buried? The camera shots are going to be perfect. I’m going to look just so beautifully depressed and forlorn and people are finally going to think I have a soul- Shit, are we rolling? – AWAHAHAHAHA! DADDY, NO! OH, GOD, FIGHT! COME BACK TO US! WE’RE LOST IN A WORLD OF DOUBT WITHOUT YOU AND YOUR LAWYER MONEY! (Edit that part out.) A BOO HOO HOO! Kris, hold me… – Got all that? Good, now I don’t have to eat your fucking face off. Now, quick, Khloe just had a miscarriage. If we hurry across town, she said we can get the afterbirth in a couple of shots. I love my family!”

Photo: Fame, INFdaily