Kim Kardashian Has Leprosy

August 10th, 2011 // 193 Comments

Granted, I already know Kim Kardashian has psoriasis because she made it a point to announce it in a PR campaign, I think it’s important to make sure we come up with our own theories to muddy the waters of reality until no one knows what the truth is anymore. Sort of like how she copied Paris Hilton by selling her own sex tape to get famous and now pretends it was tragically leaked. So, on that note, I’m going to say this is leprosy because God forsakes liars, and then you guys can come up with your own like “leg herpes” or “traveling ass pimples.” This is how journalism works, I went to college.

UPDATE: Reader Mauro just floated an interesting theory: “Are those the side effects of her ‘diet pills?’” I don’t know see how we don’t treat that as fact.

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  1. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    To compare Psoriasis even remotely with Lep. is an outrage. Those of us who suffer with this incurable disease need the public to be educated not add additional fear due to our overproduction of skin cells.. Shame on you – and by the way if you want to make an outrageous statement come up with one of your own… this has been used numerous times – its old hat. AS are you.

  2. JN

    I would love to sink my teeth into that round juicy butt! OW!!!

  3. Erin

    It is rather sad and completely distasteful for you to joke about Psoriasis as leprosy / herpes etc… I have suffered with Psoriasis since I was 9 years old, and would never wish it on my worst enemy. And I’m one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have it very badly. It is an incurable disorder that is passed down your blood line. It is in NO way an STD. I hope for your sakes that none of you have a child with Psoriasis one day. If you do, you will definitely be eating your words.

  4. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder. Thanks for more negative publicity. I love having to explain that I’m not a leper the same way the superficial writers love having to explain their flaccid, undersized and utterly ineffective male genitalia.

  5. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Leprosy is caused by a bacteria and is contagious. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and is not contagious. Considering the emotional effects of psoriasis I salute Kim for having the confidence to be in the public eye without covering her legs like a lot of psoriasis sufferers do. There are millions of psoriasis sufferers but there are some celebrities that do. Among them are Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner as well as Art Garfunkel, John Updike, LeAnn Rimes, CariDee English, Stacy London, and “The Beaver” Jerry Mathers.

    Perpetuating a falsehood such as “The Superficial” has done does nothing for the progress of the human race. Someone said here “is it any wonder that seh is the premiere sex symbol of our times?’ I don’t know if it is any “wonder”…your question makes no sense and demonstrates your lack acceptance and certainly an inability to put two words together that make sense.

    Get a life, get a grip, and stop being so judgmental of others….it could be you one day that is diagnosed with psoriasis and all this could come back to haunt you. And to be truthful, I hope it doesn’t happen to you because I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone; we hope to find a cure.

    Please visit for more information. Get educated.

  6. The Pexican

    Those are called SPEED BUGS. This tank ass is obviously smoking meth. She should smoke more, because it isn’t helping her ogre body at all either.

  7. Alice

    You people should be ashamed. What if she had cancer or any other celeb would it be a laughing matter? Leoprosy, it’s not like psoriasis at all. It is a real condition that causes plagues on the skin due to an ill-working immune system. The plagues are itching, painful, and bleed and require medical condition in nearly all cases as over the counter treatment doesn’t work. Some people have them in isolated areas like the scalp and face are common, and some do all over their body and they are resistant to many treatments. I suggest you clear up your ignorance of a serious medical condition before making fun of it or making fun of someone with it. How old are you people? This isn’t elementary school and making fun of someone for a condition that they cannot control and that is NOT I repeat NOT contagious.

  8. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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  9. Caroline

    For those of us who have psoriasis, F**k you ignoramuses. I’m sure karma has blessed every one of you with ugliness, fatness, bad hair or baldness, or a disorder we can’t see like stupidity, diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer. Here’s to making fun of something genetic you have no control over!

  10. Chula

    Psoriasis is not leprosy, dumbasses….

  11. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    it’s psoriasis people!

  12. KanKan

    THAT’S the Psoriasis she’s embarrassed of? Oh please.

  13. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
    now now
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    More makeup. Please, more makeup

  14. Connie

    Wow. Psoriasis is neither contagious nor sexually transmitted, but genetic and painful enough both physically and socially/psychologically without a blogger deciding to use a medical condition as a tool to spear at Kim Kardashian with, injuring in the process up to 125 million psoriasis sufferers worldwide by presenting and perpetuating such tragic misinformation. To imply that psoriasis is a punishment from God, a side effect from diet pills, akin to “leg herpes,” etc.–not only incorrect but negative opinions about psoriasis can be formed because of this one sh*tty blogger who claims to have gone to college but clearly has failed at journalism. I hope that this article is not only retracted but that an apology is issued in which BuzzMedia clarifies that psoriasis is a hereditary skin condition that is neither contagious nor sexually transmitted, that millions of Americans and people across the world suffer from this condition that as of yet has no cure and could use ADVOCACY, not cast stones. And none of this has anything to do with Kim Kardashian—if the writer doesn’t like Kim Kardashian for specific reasons, he has a right to his opinion, but he doesn’t need to verbally assault millions of other people in the process. How about mentioning how Kim has done nothing to herself to be an advocate or help spread awareness about the condition other than using it as added drama for her scripted TV drama, instead of going after the condition itself which many other people (including good ? How about thinking of ways to do anything positive with your job whatsoever, instead of just spreading misinformation and spite?

  15. Connie

    OK not only is the blogger sh*tty but so is the website because it just posted my comment while I was still typing it and hadn’t even hit Enter yet :-P U get my point

  16. I genuinely feel sorry for you. It must be horrible living in your own body. Do you realize how hurtful you are? I’ve been living with psoriasis for over 20 years. I have had to “deal” with ignorant, misinformed people such as yourself for all of these years. I almost lost a job due to a horrible outbreak. It’s painful, uncomfortable and will never go away. At least you could become informed and apologize for saying such horrible things, whereas I will probably never have the opportunity to have clear skin that I don’t have to worry about it cracking and bleeding and having horrible things said about me, etc. Before you open your mouth again, PLEASE do some research.

  17. Danny Noonan

    This isn’t the site. We were looking at some photos of Kim’s legs and it is evident from the photos that she has lesions on her legs . Kim isn’t necessarily viewed with respect as she is apparently constantly desperate for public attention. When her “imperfections ” are brought out in photos , we find it noteworthy. Just because we make sport of her , that doesn’t me we condemn anyone with a skin condition

  18. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    All of you igonorant bitches need to stfu. psoriasis is a friggen disorder that has to do with the immune system. I should know cause my dad suffers from it. She can not help that it has been passed down by her mother and you stupid bitches making up all kinds of bullshit “she has leprosy” How much more ignorant and stupider can u get?? Im sure the reason you guys are talking all kinds of shit is cause you dislike her or perhaps jealousy? But psoriasis is a serious disease that shouldn’t be made fun of specially for a petty reason like disliking her. Many people suffer from psoriasis on a daily basis, so all you no lives figure out wtf your talking bout before you post. Thanks (:

  19. Booster68

    You went to school, huh? Then they would’ve taught you to check facts before making such gross, insensitive and boorish articles such as this one. Have you ever seen leprosy? Psoriasis, which is exactly what that looks like (NOT varicose veins, NOT cellulite as another ignorant person posted) does not make your flesh rot and your digits fall off. Leprosy does. It’s gross and disgusting. It’s also disfiguring and extremely embarrassing to anyone who’s had it. I would liken it more to MRSA gone bad than to psoriasis. You look like a real ass for having written this article. Surely your school taught you how to write a real article…or did you sleep through that course?

  20. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    dont you people go to school, its psoriasis…fucking morons

  21. jp

    look at the ladys face in the background. lol. grossed out or scared? pick one

  22. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    eewww,if that’s on her legs imagine what her private is leaking!!! Nasty b****!

  23. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Wow, get over it. Who cares if someone has a problem.. Sh’es still a beautiful women and last time I checked she has more success then both of you idiots. Grow up.

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